The military doctors are resentful of the fact that they can’t find any old wounds after physical examination. Facing Chu Yun, a beautiful woman with tears all over her face, they look forward to and then are disappointed. All the military doctors have an impulse to dig a hole and get in.

Other generals often surround Ruo’s body and frown. Except for responsibility, it seems that Ruo’s life and death are safe purely from emotional feelings.
Xu Mo couldn’t sleep for several days. Every day, he came to see haggard and lost his mind. He looked at Chu Yun with tears in his face and was heartbroken. He couldn’t let go of his frown when he thought of his heavy burden.
It’s a great achievement to capture the emperor of Chu personally. Even if the other party refuses to admit it, no one can deny his achievements in bringing people into the hands of the king of Qin.
Who knows that if the team sent back to Beijing hasn’t come to call, it will be half dead with one breath left.
He must also face Chu Yun’s expectation every day and ask General Xu if he ever found a good doctor with despair.
Xu Mo-tian feels resentful and wronged in his heart, which is several times more than Chu Yun.
Where can there be any good doctors in the frontier fortress? Military doctors all treat knife wounds, arrow wounds and bruises, and everyone can’t do anything about this inexplicable disease.
He has a splitting headache, but Chu Yun still owes her hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, and she complains and looks at him with hatred.
My heart is stuffy and angry. Xu Mo’s face is heavy and he snorted heavily. It’s good to be courageous, courageous and decisive.
What does General Chu Yun Zheng mean by looking at him?
Xu Mo sneered at one man and one man and saved Chen Yifei and was in danger, but we didn’t deliberately hide the poison. Now the Chu army has been put back to him and I will take him back to Beijing to secretly poison him.
Chu Yun exclaimed that you are talking nonsense.
What nonsense? He was not injured, and he was not sick, so he died for no reason. If it is not poisoning, who can believe Xu Mo’s cold way?
Even if he is poisoned, it is by no means self-poisoning. Chu Yun angrily said, you only measure others by your own heart, his mind and his thoughts. You are not white. He has never been afraid to see the king of Qin. Even in adversity, you can’t benefit him, and he won’t leave me alone
Raise my hand and wipe away the tears on my face. Chu Yun’s face is gaunt and pale. If he really wants poison, he will die in his lips. Poison will suffer from this kind of crime.
Xu Mo, as a heavenly heart, has always suspected that if he is poisoned in Dingyuan city, he will deliberately try to talk.
Chu Yun made it, and whether or not he dared to face up to the fact that the king of Qin didn’t care about being held by Qin Jun, but the two of them really didn’t give up their love. If they were poisoned, it was really impossible for them to be alive and suffer.
A slight relaxation in his mind has already sighed, and a deep gift from Chu Yun is my pardon for being too anxious and losing my mind.
Chu Yun’s heart is angry and inexplicable, but she still has to rely on Xu Motian at this time. After all, she can rely on others to fight back her anger and hate. It is good to ask the general not to misunderstand him again. But he is in such a bad situation now, although he is temporarily hindered, life and death are always saved by a general and many famous doctors.
Xu Mo-tian smiled bitterly at one side of the city, where did the famous doctors get more injuries besides the military doctors visiting the border? It is very effective to say that the doctors here have some remedies and strange methods to treat the injuries, but there is no other way to treat this strange poison except for the diagnosis that it may be poisoning. If it is the acute poison, you can also try to pour rhubarb to induce vomiting, but at present, it is not the public poison that can’t be the lady’s poison, and no one in Dingyuan City will be poisoned. If the Chu army refuses to let us benefit the public and sends Wang Rong or Zhang Tieshi, they are afraid that they won’t have the courage to
See chu rhyme’re nai eye Xu Mo day tone sank unless.
Unless what Chu Yun asked urgently.
Unless we take the business away to Beijing right now, maybe we can save it.
Chu Yun’s face changed. What do you mean, you’re afraid that once he dies, you’ll lose your great contribution. You’re anxious to take him to Beijing, aren’t you? He’s so sick now, where can he stand the bumpy journey and be afraid that he’s still halfway there? Who are you going to take credit for?
Xu Mo dark wry smile.
To be fair, he is really worried that if he dies, he will make great contributions and be eager to send him to Beijing. But at this time, if Chu Yun wants to be so afraid of this woman, it will not make people move.
Even if I don’t move my husband and stay in Dingyuan city, it’s just a matter of waiting for a long time. If you want to diagnose and treat the necessary famous doctors and strange medicines or strange people, but wait here in the city, won’t a fairy fall from the sky and come to Beijing? It’s a country with a lot of famous doctors and strange medicines, and many imperial doctors and strange doctors in the palace are effective in sending him to Beijing to hope to cure the public disease, and the road to Beijing will be more prosperous. Many famous doctors and strange people will hide in the people, and we are also full of vitality. It seems that it is difficult to wait here all the way, but we will try our best to make the business comfortable and not suffer too much, whether to go, stay or take it or give it up.
Chu Yun heard a painful heart, although he knew that Xu Motian’s main purpose was to send Ruojing to get the credit. Alas, this is indeed the only life.
Her heart ached and tears in her eyes only sighed. Everything was arranged by the general.
Xu Mo-tian ordered 3,000 soldiers to escort him to Beijing without hesitation.
Li Liangchen once advised that if the Lord leaves the border lightly, what should he do if the Chu army attacks?
Xu Motian said lightly that we should be careful not to let the Chu army spy on the information in the city. The Chu army doesn’t know where the man was taken away by us and dares to attack them. We must always think about who dares to throw a stone and shoot an arrow if an army comes to attack us and tie the man to the tower. Besides, at this time, the Chu army Lord knows that the rescuer is desperate and probably has a confused heart. Who will return to Chu to attack us with the main army?
People’s hearts are no longer blocked.
The next morning, Li Liangchen went to the capital day and night alone. He was ordered by Xu Motian to hurry and report to the king of Qin what had happened here. The king of Qin immediately sent the best doctor in the palace to come to the rescue with the big secret medicine.
And Xu Motian also took three thousand fighters to protect if the couple left the city soon.
3,000 chosen men are brave warriors who are brave and good at fighting, and they are not afraid of death and injury. Plus, Xu Mo’s pro-bring up the rear is an expert, and it is impossible to save people from 3,000 warriors unless they are attacked by heavy troops.