It’s not a great spell to be immortal, but it’s not a great thing to divide yourself into several parts. But in front of me, how can these two jade elements be divided into magic weapons that don’t surprise Di Jiang? Di Jiang didn’t never doubt that this is the incarnation of jade elements, but the horse overthrew himself, inferring that there is a great difference between good and evil, and cutting them out will not be as different as it is now.

Just as Di Jiang didn’t know when he heard a lot of water, wind and fire on his head, he appeared in the past and surrounded Di Jiang, and there was a real jade again.
When Di Jiang saw this, he looked up and made a sound for a long time. He scattered the surrounding water, wind and fire far away, and his wings trembled repeatedly. The fluctuation of mana was rising, and the whole chaotic world didn’t help shivering. There were faint signs of breaking.
Three real jade elements become three talents, and the mana is connected into one, so as to stabilize the whole chaotic world and prevent Di Jiang from having the slightest chance to escape. "The ancient capital can’t stand the power of heaven and earth, and you are tired of hanging up. Who is Di Jiang?" The real jade element in the front scolded and then worked harder to pacify the chaotic world.
Di Jiang is not Pangu, he is less than 10% of Pangu’s blood, but the chaotic world is also not what HarmonyOS wants. Di Jiang is enough for one person. "Nine days and ten places are vertical and horizontal." With the emperor Jiang Dahe, his mana fluctuation has more than doubled, and the chaotic world has rushed to a gap, and Di Jiang has lost its shape.
"Come, don’t want to go to chaos and virtual fragmentation." It’s hard to trap Di Jiang in. If you let him go, it’s hard to get trapped. Three real people, one person and one mouthful JingXie, spit out the whole chaotic world and cried it into a paste. A few days later, the devil rushed out and vowed to leave Di Jiang, Nai and Di Jiang, determined to go for nine days and ten places, and his face moved instantaneously to the limit.
"Boom-boom-boom" Di Jiang finally rushed out. It was a real mess to open his mouth and spit out two pieces of blood. His outfit was also tattered. He left two and a half wings without taking blood.
"Ship" Jade element reality also shows a figure. Dressed up, it’s not much better than Di Jiang. It’s a cassock to wear. Now there are barely a few steps left. My hands are shaking, my head is messy and my eyes are closed. It’s really scary to take blood out.
"Jade element come back soon this is even" Meng hurriedly shouted.
"Ping hum, why is it so cheap? My chaotic world is so ruined. Even if it can be repaired, it will be less powerful than before. I’m going to kill him." Yusu’s face is hung with a trace of sorrow.
"Di Jiang, come back and wait for the injury. It’s not too late to take revenge." Di Jiang got along with the extravagant corpse and flicker.
"Old luxury asked me to tear him alive today. If he is a brother, let him." Di Jiang’s face was grinning.
Chapter 19 Both sides are a diversion
"Brother is ready to move" Sword Array "at any time. If the real jade element shows a trace of defeat, it will move immediately." Looking at the front, there is a face of resolute jade element. Di Jiang’s tone is quite nai. "I’ll leave it to you, teacher younger brother." The East Emperor looks resolute
Di Jiang licked his mouth, his hands and blood left two wings, and a "bang" jade element flew backwards and appeared. No one saw how Di Jiang made a move to continue, but the sound of "bang, bang, bang" was lost, and chaos bead jade element couldn’t keep up with Di Jiang completely.
"Brother, do you want to move the sword array?" The East Emperor looked at the one-sided situation quite a bit unbearable. "If you don’t have a jade element, you will lose, and he will not be mixed up in the three realms."
Jade element reality repeatedly avoid Di Jiang but hot pursuit unconsciously two people have turned a circle around Wan Li.
Di Jiang hit the excitement and punched the real Yusu. "Bang" and "Bang" Yusu blocked Di Jiang and kicked him out with one punch. This is the first time that Yusu has fought back from just now.
"Suddenly," Di Jiang’s attack again was incredibly slow by a hundred times, so that Yusu could not sell a flaw with Di Jiang and jump out of the war circle. It was only then that he noticed that people around him were full of little stars, but their feelings were suppressed very slowly.
"It’s Yin Ling Tianhe Star Sand" Draco explained with a face of curiosity.
"Di Jiang, today you die endlessly." Being chased and beaten by Di Jiang has long suppressed a lot of fire and jade, and it was released to leave Di Jiang with lofty words.
"It depends on whether you have it. Even if the degree is a hundred times slower, I can wipe you out." Di Jiang licked the wound again
Jade element real person didn’t speak again, but his hands were frozen to reveal a knife, a knife and a sword. When this thing came out, the whole picture of the country was full of fierce gas, and the four swords were covered with the gods. After this thing appeared, it was actually faint and trembling, which made Meng look at the jade element real person’s hand.
"Is it the heavenly sword?" It’s very uncertain.
"It should be that there won’t be another sword with this kind of fierce gas except the heavenly sword." Nu Wa affirmed the speculation.
The ancestors of the Three Realms are notoriously tough. There are several magic weapons that can hurt you except the four swords of Zhu Xian and Pangu Fan, but the Mongols and others know that this heavenly sword is definitely one.
When Hongjun set up a treasure cliff and divided it into treasures, Meng and others went to sweep it, but they saw a sword in the end. This sword made Meng sigh at that time. Just when Meng wanted to accept it, this sword was actually divided into treasures, but it was regrettable for a long time.
To say that this sword has a special function besides being a killing weapon, that is, it doesn’t cause and effect. For example, it seems that Di Jiang was killed by this sword today, and it is known that there are eleven ancestors of the witch clan, just like Di Jiang has never appeared. It is really a treasure.
When this sword appeared, not only Di Jiang’s face changed, but also the faces of nine ancestors and witches on one side changed wildly. People here were ready to rescue at any time.
"With a broken sword, you want to leave me dreaming to stop." Di Jiang’s body mana fluctuation suddenly surged more than twice as strong as in chaos bead
"Virtual Zhang Shi" Jade element real person simply wields a sword to know that heaven and earth are bright, and all the light is covered by this sword. Really, there is a posture that God prevents the Buddha from killing the Buddha.
Di Jiang is different from everyone who wants to dodge like that. He actually chooses to touch his head and sigh with his hands, creating a mysterious trajectory as if he were out of the world.
There was no shocking noise. Everything was extinguished. Yusu’s sword penetrated Di Jiang’s body, but Yusu’s injury was even heavier. Half of his body was gone.
Almost at the same time, they both fell from the sky, and I don’t know if they are alive or dead.
"Di Jiang" and "Yusu" hurriedly rushed out to catch their companion Meng, grabbed Yusu, took out a bottle of gourd Dan medicine and put it in his mouth without looking at what it was.
And catch Di Jiang’s extravagant corpse and stroke his wrist with a trace of JingXie falling into the emperor’s mouth.
"The news from the old luxury walking clan was attacked by the demon clan on a large scale." Candle Jiuyin took the luxury corpse and threw it away.
"Today, no one wants to go to the fire and water incarnation of the whole fairy sword array." Throw the jade element in your hand to Tianlong reality and rush out of the two ancestors to stop the other ten ancestors from going in the way, and even more, you can shake your hand and get stuck in the four swords to show the whole fairy sword array.
Immediately rolling firm but gentle toward ten ancestors witch to luxury resin turned into a loose resin fog wrapped in haven’t wake up Di Jiang rushed outward.
"Ann can let you escape." A waterspout mixed with poverty and ferocity forced the corpse to go back. It was greeted by a mist of firm but gentle resin, which was transformed into a vortex and swallowed it clean. But I knew he was definitely having a hard time by listening to the stuffy hum of the corpse.
I sneer at a pair of palms, rub four swords and thunder, and attack the ancestors. Nowadays, the extravagant corpse is wrapped in Di Jiang’s dead land in Zhuxian Que, Xuan Ming’s dead land in Juexian Que, Ru Shou’s Ju Mang’s strong character in the trapped Xianque, and finally it’s a candle, nine cloudy days and Wu Hezi.
In the face of rolling in the sky, the thunder kills the fairy que, and the extravagant corpse is the most embarrassing. I have to protect Di Jiang by myself. However, it is the ancestral witch who is extravagant than the corpse. The power of the thunder is still holding up for the time being.
It’s easy to be in Xuan Ming’s last resort. There are not only two ancestors who don’t protect people, but when the thunder falls, it is scattered by Xuan Ming. But it’s almost exhausted that he can support Takuya in the end. However, there is still a last resort behind him, and it’s very easy for two people to cooperate.
Trapped in Xianque, Ru Shou, Ju Mang, Jinshan, a giant wooden root is not strong enough to make a good shot
Slaughter fairy que candle nine Yin cross legs and sit I don’t know what’s going on. The day before Reagan couldn’t reach his front, he was scattered by Tianwu Hezi. "I said what happened in Candle dragon’s home? Many demon tribes attacked our tribe and many should resist." Hezi asked to disperse a ray.
"Do you know who the belt is? Led by the Emperor of the East, we were calculated by them for a good diversion. Now we are being held back by the tribe, and the roots of the tribe can’t withstand the attack of the Emperor of the East. Then there will be ten of us left in the witch tribe, and there will be some bitterness in the "Candle Nine Yinyin".
Chapter 20 Calculate the legacy, it’s half a raise.
"What should we do now? Don’t wait for the East Emperor to destroy our witch clan and then turn around to deal with us?" Tianwu’s tone was quite reproachful, so he didn’t support coming, but he was pulled by them. How can he not be angry now in this situation?
"Wait for reinforcements" Candle Nine Yin tone is indifferent again "We have no reinforcements" We wake up Candle Nine "I said that if there is, there will be our witch family destroyed, but many people don’t want to see that they have no reason not to make moves" Candle Nine Yin face reveals an inscrutable smile.
My hands are repeatedly rubbed at the place where I am covered with the fairy tales. Every time I rub, there are rolling days, and the thunder is really exhausted.