Dark red blood is scattered on the stage, and the faint scent of blood is mixed with gas, which stimulates people’s noses as if the hot sunshine has become a little chilly. It is said that this kind of property is generally a point-to-point fight. However, from the hands of the gray boy, they have seen this bloody scene more than once. The referee’s face is blue, but he dare not yell at the gray boy and quickly call someone to carry the injured out for treatment.

So did Arlo in the distance. He grinned so hard at his relatives. It seemed that the guy who was hostile to him was terrible.
At the end of this round of competition, there were only the last four participants in the field, except for Ai Luo and Lin Long, the boy in gray, who each held one seat. The other person was also a brother with outstanding strength. Obviously, this result made everyone feel quite novel. The last four winners, er, the powerful players’ families actually occupied half of them, which had never happened before.
The stout old man who has been sitting on the first platform finally glanced at the muddy old eyes at random, and then smiled. "I didn’t expect the Qin Wangfu to have such an outstanding genius, and the younger generation was long-term."
"Ha ha, I’m flattered by the elders. It’s just like being worthy of praise from the elders. It’s a genius or a nephew of Qin Zexian." Sitting there, Qin Yuntian hurriedly answered with a smile. I’m afraid no one would have thought that it would come from the famous Qin Wangfu.
Seems to be quite satisfied with Qin Yuntian’s answer. The stout old man nodded with a weak smile and immediately closed his eyes again, while the white and elegant face of the young man standing behind him still maintained a modest and polite smile. Only in the depths of his eyes, he crossed a deep and proud color. He looked down at the four figures that were almost the focus of the scene, but his gentle eyes were filled with thick disdain, like an eagle watching in an attempt to learn to fly ants.
The square was already hot, and the atmosphere was almost hot. Obviously, it reached a peak at this time. Although it is now the end of the whole family, everyone knows that the really wonderful confrontation has just looked at this man’s bubbling scene. Ai Luo took a deep breath and slowly pressed it to speed up his heartbeat. He once again cast a glance at Qin Mo and clenched his fist slowly.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Challenges
After waiting for a long time, a burly black referee finally lifted the sign and left the ring. When his figure just appeared, his eyes were turned away. This lottery is likely to affect the final winner. Naturally, no one will not pay attention.
Lin Long, beside Elo, smiled at each other. However, when they were just about to step forward, a dim gray shadow flashed like a ghost on the stage and grabbed the wooden sign from the referee’s hand and then directly squeezed it into fine powder.
"Huh?" The square was suddenly in an uproar. They found that the gray shadow turned out to be the tough and ruthless gray boy.
The sudden situation made Arlo one leng, but then his eyebrows suddenly picked up because the gray boy seemed to have no emotional fluctuations and his eyes were firmly locked in him.
"I’m surprised that you can persist here. It’s a pity that every time I draw an opponent, it’s not your kind of chat game. I don’t want to play it. Now I, Qin Yun, formally challenge you. If you win the race, the champion will be yours. If you dare not answer it, you will automatically quit the competition and get out of here!"
Indifferent voice with harsh ugly hoarse milli-wave tone gives a unspeakable Yin crime makes my heart involuntarily flush with a chill. The noisy square seems to be suddenly quiet, and the people are not looking at this accident in amazement, and their eyes are constantly hovering between the two people.
"What does this bastard Qin Yun want to do!" Seeing that the boy in gray didn’t follow the rules, he went directly to Ai Luo’s distant seat. Qin Mo’s beautiful eyes suddenly poured out with a touch of ice. If she had gone out to stop it in normal times, now her identity is inconvenient in this public occasion.
"Arrow Brothers" Lin Long was also slightly changed. He didn’t expect this to happen. It seems that the two men have long had any grudges. He hesitated for a moment and then carefully moved his body toward Arrow as if he was afraid of being touched by the eyes of the gray teenager. He even dared not turn his head. He woke up with his lips slightly. "Don’t promise him that this Qin Yun is the strongest of all the straight brothers, and it is said that there is also a jade breath layer! Moreover, this person has always been ruthless and merciless. He has no interest in changing the rules of ethnography. He broke the rules first. You don’t have to pay attention to him! "
"Jade breath layer!" Ai Luo finally knew the name of the boy in gray, and his heart was quite shaken. Although he knew that this guy was quite strong, he didn’t expect it to be so strong. According to a usual standard, it is a genius in a hundred that ordinary people can reach the jade resting place at this age, but this guy has already cultivated to a level almost close to the peak of jade resting place, which is much higher than other brothers. I don’t know how many people will despair because of this talent. I’m afraid it’s not inferior to Qin Mo.
Perhaps intuitively, he felt that this Qin Yun was more than a jade-bearing stratum, because even a jade-bearing stratum of the strong also gave him this special dangerous atmosphere.
"It’s really interesting ….." A few eyes around him focused on Elo, and suddenly he vomited a sigh slightly, and then his face raised a bright smile like sunshine. "I accept."
The gentle sound was like a stone thrown into a calm lake and stirred up a wave in the square. Lin Long couldn’t help but change his face. He didn’t expect himself to persuade him like that. Instead, Elo agreed. He just wanted to talk again, but he saw Elo’s fear and even faintly burning with a fighting spirit. Finally, there was a dark sigh. In his view, Elo responded to each other’s provocation with such a hot head because of his previous winning streak or his impatience. But this opponent is far from being able to compete with the former ones.
"How can this little guy be so reckless!" Qin Moqiao’s face is also a bit hard to hide. The anxious jade finger can’t help but hold it slowly. Obviously, Lin Long is also worried about her understanding of that Qin Yun. Her nature is much deeper than that of a family brother like Lin Long. How can she not worry when she sees that Elo is so impatient?
"Mad slave lady, see how you die!" Other people are worried or dismayed. At the moment, Qin Yu, who is in the other direction of the square, is beaming with joy. Her eyes are more vicious than staring at the slowly walking ring. Elo seems to have seen the latter seriously injured and vomiting blood, and she is in a miserable state. Generally, she was directly eliminated by Lin Long in the first race of the race test and lost to an attached brother, which naturally made her feel ashamed, while the guy who hated her guts plunged all the way. Not only did she try, but she also won two consecutive victories, which made her jealous.
But now she has no anger and jealousy in her heart. This arrogant slave has finally suffered retribution. Although she has to admit that this guy who can defeat Qin Po with one move does have some strength, it is impossible for her to believe that he can compete with the eldest brother who is the strongest in talent or strength.
With the slow movement of Arlo’s footsteps, the wide ring was silent and hot, like a volcano that could spew out flames at any time, which made many people breathe involuntarily and slowed down. The referee also looked at the elders’ seat at a loss. When he saw an old man with white hair and purple robes nodded slightly in the seat, he suddenly relieved and hurried back from the ring.
"No matter how little strength you have, this courage surprises me." Qin Yun seems to have long expected that Elo would take up his challenge. It is as gray as stagnant water. Looking at the opposite face, Elo’s face is still a wave of indifference, as if it had been such an expression since birth.
"Your courage to challenge me is also quite admirable." Elo smiled lightly and kicked back the words intact, but with a calm tone, he was even more arrogant and heard the people around him not stare.
"Ha ha" Qin Yun gave an ugly laugh for the first time. However, the corners of his mouth raised a stiff arc, but people couldn’t find any smile. He stared at Arlo, who was calm, and slowly hissed, "I don’t remember having an Ai family in the palace. I investigated your identity, but it’s not important. Although this is a clan test, I will take your life if you are defeated in my hands."
Elo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyebrows were wrinkled. He was sure that it was the first time he saw this Qin Yun, but the other party seemed to have a great hatred for him.
"I don’t have any grudges, but you still dare to make moves on her when you know Qin Yu’s identity. I must get Qin Yu back. It’s really not a good thing, but after all, she is a straight person. It’s not your turn to teach me how to endure this kind of thing, and you must pay the price for it." Qin Yun still said lightly, although she is a young face, what she said in her mouth is full of age and indifference.
Ai Luowen said that it suddenly turned out that this guy was looking for Qin Yu, the woman. No wonder he was always targeting him … His lips slowly drew a radian. He looked straight at Qin Yun’s frightening eyes, but he didn’t let me do it for you. "Since you don’t want to teach that woman to be a man, it’s because of her identity that I slapped her face, otherwise it wouldn’t be so simple."
"You don’t have the qualification to say this in front of me." Qin Yun’s eyelids have been slightly drooping, and his face has finally appeared the first wisp of subtle mood swings, which is called murder
Arlo smiled, and the sharp strength before stepping on the soles of his feet rose and twisted out of his palm. "This sentence is for you."
Two strands of the stone platform slowly rise, and the breath is like a sad breath, and it spreads in circles. A kind of pressure that has taken shape has made the slabs of two people’s feet expand and crack, and the people around the square are staring at the undercurrent at the moment. Even the golden platform, including many elders of the ancient parents, the old Muwangfu, has cast a slightly dignified view.
Diffuse strength slightly blows up Qin Yun’s broad robe, but his figure is still motionless, like a stone sculpture, secretly guarding Elo. Compared with him, he doesn’t seem to attack or defend himself. His intention is to look up slightly and suddenly rush Elo to reveal a strange smile.
Eyes staring at the opposite Qin Yun almost unblinkingly, Arlo’s eye pupil is narrowed, and every muscle is in a state of tension at any time. The blade of the sword is like a sword mans slowly vomiting and shrinking in the palm of his hand. Almost at a breathing moment, he looked at the figure that was still motionless for a long time, but suddenly it was a fiercely and his body suddenly flew out.
"Sniff!" Almost at the same time, Arrow flew out and curled up like an eagle’s claw. The palm of his hand also suddenly leaned out from behind and grabbed it where he was a second ago. The sharp claw strength penetrated the air into a slender crack. Qin Yun was still in his original place, and his figure was dissipated, but his real body had appeared in Arrow’s original place
The sudden outbreak of the offensive made the surrounding area suddenly exclaim. Some sharp-eyed people even looked at each other with horror because they found that Qin Yun was attacking at the right time. That is to say, if Qin Yun was fighting against them, I’m afraid it had been taken.
Lin Long also stared at the Qin Yun with a pale face, and there was a hidden fear in his eyes. He knew that if he were himself, it would be impossible to escape this foot and take his life. He was one of the best geniuses in the clan, but the strongest of his brothers was like a fragile sheep.
Qin Moyu clenched her silver teeth and clenched her teeth. She didn’t hesitate to get up directly and swept away in the direction of the elders’ seat.
Chapter one hundred and six atrix Qin Yun
"The speed is good, but you can avoid my blow." Seeing that Elo actually evaded unscathed, Qin Yun seemed a little surprised. With a wave of his hand, Elo reflexively threw a blade of air to easily scatter the cold mountain in the depths of gray eyes, but it became more and more rich.
Ai Luoshan swept to the other side of the ring, and his look became completely dignified. This was the first opponent he met who was as fast as his own. Even at the beginning, the strong Sirius mercenary group who reached the peak of jade interest in the Mountain of Warcraft did not have it. If he had not been alert and leaned against wind walk’s mystery, I am afraid it would be difficult to be traumatized.
"Really difficult" Arlo heart whispering a look is more sharp left leg slightly curved flurry figure turned out to be the initiative to bounce out of the sole of your foot will be severely crushed from the bottom slab body like shells jumped high in his hand holding the blade with double attack growth straight towards Qin Yun pledge chopping! A simple blow is enough to kill a jade expert.