Wei Yun twisted his eyebrows and listened to Yuheng’s remarks. The more he heard his eyebrows stretch behind him, the more his heart was secretly shocked at the fact that he was so cautious that he would see things so thoroughly in such a grade.

"The temple said it was reasonable that I thought it was too superficial and didn’t think it was deeper and more thorough."
He leaned over and made a bow to Yu Heng.
Although he regarded Yu Heng as the master before, he still felt from the bottom of his heart that he was young and immature, and he still felt that he was not very responsible. But after just now, Wei Yun felt that Yu Heng was the real master from his heart.
If the former is duty, then today is awe.
Wei Yun’s minor changes did not escape Yu Heng’s eyes. Sitting in a high position, he almost saw through Yu Heng’s idea at a glance, and the corners of his eyes were cold.
But before Wei Yun looked up, he lowered his eyes and pressed his emotions.
He got up from his seat.
"Resettlement of refugees will be started when the Emperor sends someone here. Please accompany me to a place today. Remember to find a team of people to guard this tent tonight so as not to be washed away by those refugees."
At the same time, at the same time, Fu Cuige, the Lord protector.
In the four-legged incense burner of the house, the faint fragrance wafts through the carving and floats to a half, but then disappears in a blink of an eye. The faint sandalwood fills the whole room, and the Gu Zhuo furniture sets off the warmth and comfort of the whole room.
But at this moment, the atmosphere in the warm room is unusually tense.
Eucalyptus in danger is placed in the lower abdomen with his head down and his hands crossed, staring at his toes, while another person in the big room is sitting on the beauty couch and looking at it with a word, completely ignoring Eucalyptus in danger
Although this person is so snubbed, eucalyptus at the age of danger is now afraid to complain at all.
Apart from that, she was raised by Zhao Yi, and today, it’s a guilty conscience to be unreasonable, because Zhao Yisheng is so dangerous, and now he can’t expect too much.
Can follow Zhao Yi’s mind, punish Zhao Yi first, let Zhao Yi digest it first, and then beg for mercy. What is the positive solution?
Although I think so, I want to do the same, but the ideal is full, but the reality is really broken into a slag.
She walked all afternoon today because she wanted to go shopping and didn’t want to be disturbed. She didn’t even take a carriage, and even walked back to the government for lunch. Now she won’t be long.
After a while, I felt that my legs were sore and weak, and the two wars trembled a little, and I stood still for a long time. The foot of eucalyptus was sore and I wanted to move a position.
But I don’t dare to show it too much, just move it a little bit.
Be careful enough, but in fact, she has been in the eyes of Zhao Xiuxiu for a while.
When she saw eucalyptus in danger, her heart was soft and she couldn’t bear it, but on second thought, eucalyptus in danger and that person had another heart.
No, we can’t let her go so easily without telling them to do such a thing, or … That child has been too used to her for years, and today she will definitely not be soft-hearted, so she must suffer some hardships.
Danger-year-old eucalyptus is still quietly moving her feet. Suddenly, she came right in front of her and "pa" scared her. Then she looked up with a sad face and her angry face fell into her eyes.
"… Zhao Yi"
Danger eucalyptus bitter face shan shan road was rejected by Zhao Xiuxiu.
"Don’t call me Zhao Yi. I’m not your aunt. I can’t control you."
Every word is full of sarcasm and hatred. It is very harsh to fall into the ears of Yu Sui An. What others say about her is much worse than these.
But she just can’t stand being told by Zhao Yi in her heart that the conversation hasn’t started yet. As soon as this sentence comes out, it crawls all over the corner of eucalyptus in danger.
There was a mist in my eyes.
"… Zhao Yi"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus is like mumbling to call Zhao Xiuxiu’s name, and then adding her red eyes instantly makes Zhao Xiuxiu’s heart turn into a pool of warm water. She really can’t bear to criticize Yu-year-old eucalyptus.
Before she got up, she grabbed the eucalyptus wrist and pulled her to the bed and pressed it to collapse.
"What’s the matter? I haven’t said anything about you, you and the Nine Emperors. You’ve been wronged first?"
Zhao Xiuxiu some chagrin his softhearted some teeth said these words.
"It’s not that I say you are old, eucalyptus. If you are with people, it’s just that you know Zhao Yi and your dad will not object to who you like. Of course, we all support you. Look, even before you liked it too much, we didn’t say what it was to support you silently."
Zhao Xiuxiu said this at a side, and eucalyptus climbed her waist and buried her head in her chest, silently listening to Zhao Xiuxiu’s scolding.
"But who do you like is not good? You just like that, what, what, what, nine emperors." Speaking of which, Zhao Xiuxiu is angry. "You know his background, right?"
Zhao Xiuxiu knows the past and asks.
In fact, the origin of Yu Heng is not only known to her, but also to the whole government and the whole capital. Almost everyone knows it.
"My mother died suddenly within a few days after I was born in the cold palace, and then the emperor was seriously ill. Later, when Master Qingdeng traveled here to see the emperor, he asserted that the nine emperors were seven evil spirits, and their lives were too hard to kill their loved ones. Don’t you know these things?"
Danger eucalyptus buried his head and continued not to talk. It was his arms that made Zhao Xiuxiu’s waist ring deeper and tighter.
Seeing her like this, Zhao Xiuxiu knew that she heard it and knew everything. She looked at Yu Nian eucalyptus with a silent look and sighed.
"Alas … you this child you"
"You just like it, but …" Zhao Xiuxiu’s eyebrows stand on end. "But you are too hasty to wear a Yu Pei in front of the gate today. Am I right? Is that a relic left by your mother?"
"Is left to you after the door to the future husband, how old are you now? Give something so important to that person? Precious even I haven’t seen a few things so big grins hanging around someone else’s waist don’t you … Don’t … "
Zhao Xiuxiu thought of the possibility of one middle school, which surprised her in a cold sweat as soon as it came out.