As a result, Gao Jun’s eyes lit up after seeing a training that Corgnet participated in. Although Corgnet is only 16 years old now, his body is quite tall and strong (according to the level of China League). The interception and tackle are fierce and accurate. In the confrontation, most of his adult teammates are not cheap at all, and when his teammates are exhausted after training, Corgnet still looks as usual, which shows how excellent his physical strength is, but this is not the most rare thing. Corgnet’s outstanding consciousness and broad vision are also rare among players of his age.

In addition, Corgnet’s skills are also quite good. On the other hand, both offensive and defensive skills are quite solid, and the ball and dribbling are still very imaginative. In Gao Jun’s memory, China’s football history may be able to attack and defend well, which Zheng Zhi can match at the peak, but Corgnet never drags the ball, but Zheng Zhi often hesitates.
If Corgnet is a nearly perfect midfielder by the standards of the Chinese Super League, and he is only 16 years old now, he is still a pure amateur who trains once a week and plays once. Who can be called a genius if it is not a genius?
However, such outstanding talents have been buried in history for a long time. It was not until the age of 23 that they unexpectedly got the opportunity to play professional football. In the end, although they were once the best in French, it was difficult to make greater progress. Gao Jun couldn’t help but feel that "the sentence’ There are always swift horses but not always bole’ is not only suitable for China football!"
However, Corgnet’s lack of talent is a good thing for the Oriental team, and he didn’t realize that his strength was already strong enough, so Gao Jun was able to sign him at a low salary for a time, but he soon found that it was not as easy as he thought.
Corgnet’s father is an engineer, and his mother is a midwife nurse. His parents always hoped that he would become an excellent doctor. At the age of 11, Corgnet refused the call from Lyon youth team to study, even the French youth training camp, not to mention letting Corgnet drop out of school and go to distant China.
Gao Jun is not a quitter, especially when he learned that Corgnet people love football and want to become professional players. After in-depth understanding, Gao Jun found that Corgnet’s parents hoped that Corgnet would become a doctor in the future because of his high salary, which made him wonder, "If he can become a Lyon player, isn’t his income much higher than that of a doctor?"
"As a professional player where there is so easy? One of the children in the youth training camp may not be able to succeed. Why can Jay do it? Moreover, although professional players seem to have a high income, they are a youthful meal, and there are risks of injuries. It is better to study hard and be a good doctor in the future. The income is high and stable, "Corgnet’s father replied.
"Lawyers earn more. What do you want him to be a doctor?" Gao Jun asked curiously.
"Lawyers lie to me, but I don’t want my son to be a doctor in this field in the future, so he can help others regardless of his income," replied Corgnet’s mother
After listening to this, Gao Jun couldn’t help but respect Corgnet’s parents. His impressions have changed a lot, but he is still determined to try hard to say that after some communication, Gao Jun finally grasped a key point. Although Corgnet worked hard, his academic performance was not excellent, but western medical universities were all very difficult to take the exam.
Chapter 42 Waiting for orders
After listening to Gao Jun, Corgnet’s parents finally realized that even if Corgnet continues to study, they can’t say that it is risky, but even so, the couple still don’t want their son to play football, because even if he doesn’t reach the expected height, there are some places, and if he can’t walk on the road of professional football, he will probably become a cripple, especially Corgnet, who is only 16 years old and has not even finished high school. It is too risky to drop out of school to play professional football at this time. The couple, like Corgnet, have not realized that his strength has reached such a level.
"In the final analysis, everything will be fine if the money is high enough, but the problem is that Reagan can’t give them the expected salary now!" Gao Jun couldn’t help but have a headache. In the end, he had to come up with a special way, that is, let the Oriental team sign a "5+" and "chain" contract with Corgnet, that is, Corgnet will sign a short-term contract with a lower weekly salary for half a year. After half a year, if the Oriental team rushes to the Super League, the annual salary and bonus of the long-term contract will be greatly increased, but if the Oriental team fails to overtake, everything will stop.
In the eyes of Corgnet’s parents, if they are suspended from school for half a year, their homework will not drop too much, or they may come back. In terms of salary and bonus, there are tens of thousands of euros to take, and the price is not too great; If Chongchao succeeds in earning a high income, it is not impossible for this professional player. For Gao Jun, Corgnet’s parents unexpectedly chose a five-year long contract with a relatively low annual salary, that is, the annual salary of 10,000 euros in the first year will increase by 25% every year. Even if Corgnet is injured or other changes lead to the inability to play, the club must pay an extra amount.
Such a contract is naturally risky. Once Corgnet is seriously injured or can’t play football for other reasons, the Oriental Club will still have to pay him a large sum of money. However, Gao Jun believes that Corgnet’s potential and ability will not stay in the Oriental Team for too long, as long as there are no major problems before his transfer. Therefore, the risk is actually not that great. The fact that Corgnet has strengthened the strength of the Oriental Team is completely worthy of his salary.
Xu Genbao was a little angry that Gao Jun took the initiative to negotiate the contract directly with foreign aid, and such a big contract didn’t take effect until he signed it himself. Xu Genbao immediately flew to France (Ribery signed the contract at this time). As a result, after watching an amateur competition in Corgnet, his mood was completely different.
After Xu Genbao, the boss, made the final decision, Corgnet signed the contract. Because his team is the lowest amateur team, he doesn’t have to pay half a cent for the transfer. Although the salary of the Eastern Club team is high by standards, it is definitely worth the money compared with his super ability!
After signing two foreign AIDS in a row, the Oriental team lost its main right winger Hao Junmin, but its overall strength has increased or decreased. Moreover, there is another advantage after having the ability to super foreign aid. Even if the main players of countries such as Gao Jun are recruited by the national name in large numbers, it will not be as difficult as before to fight in the Chinese League.
Because Bayern’s Eastern Club and players need personal negotiations, Hao Junmin also played two more games for the Eastern Team before the official transfer, helping the team to win two big victories and regain the top position in the Chinese League standings.
After completing the formal transfer formalities, Hao Junmin did not go to Germany to participate in Bayern’s pre-season training, because the 24-year Asian Cup will be held in the month, and both of them were selected for the last training of the national football team before the game, and they must arrive in Chongqing on June 3.
The two of them were also selected for the national football training list at different times and did well in the warm-up match, but Gao Jun failed to make the list of 25 people, and was asked to be prepared to play for other players in the Asian Cup when the national team needed it.
It is false for Gao Jun to say that he is not disappointed with this result. However, in those years, similar things were experienced too much, but he did not react too violently. Gao Jun never thought that he had never been such a person. Secondly, the Alihan people are still very principled (note 1). Although the leaders of the Football Association have received money to help others to qualify for the international team, he dare not be hard-headed, but it is very difficult for such players to enter the training list and want to participate in the competition unless they are in warm-up matches or garbage with little value. Later, the national brand qualification was once priced, which is much better than the situation; Third, even if Gao Jun is willing to send leaders, he may not dare to go against the wind now that the anti-gambling and black-sweeping storm has passed.
And if we look at Gao Jun’s losing the national team from another angle, it may not be a bad thing. Shaodong team doesn’t have to lose his offensive core in the next game.
On July 3rd, Orient Team played against the weak Hunan Xiang Army Gao Junmei twice to help the team win a complete victory, which once again proved its value, while Corgnet’s appearance greatly enhanced the interception ability of Orient Team in midfield and made up for the weakness of the defense line to a great extent.
On July 7th, the FA Cup quarterfinal, Dongfang Team will play Shenzhen Jianlibao, the strongest team in the Super League, in the home and away elimination matches, and decide a place for the FA Cup semi-finals. At present, the strength of Dongfang Team will be very difficult, but now Yi Lee, Zheng Zhi and Li Datou, the core of Shenzhen Jianlibao Team, are all participating in the national team training, so the gap between the two teams has been greatly narrowed. Even so, not many people are optimistic about the newly promoted Ma Dongfang Team in League A even before the game.
Note 1: The leaders have been collecting money for a long time, while the coaches have been collecting money from Milu. Ali Han is fairly decent (there were many words at that time, but it was only after the anti-gambling and black storm that everyone realized that it was the leaders who collected money), but by the end of the next few coaches, they were in cahoots, but the "international" was worthless when Gao Jun took over the national football team, and he might not be able to resist the leadership pressure and promote rejuvenation. After all, even Gao Jun himself had to admit that the local coach was not as good as the foreign teacher in resisting the interference of the Football Association.
Chapter 43 Emergency Call
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Not long after the game, the score seems to support this view. Yang Chen, a striker of Shenzhen Jianlibao team who played in Bundesliga, seized a quick counterattack opportunity to break the goal of Dongfang team and help the team lead by one goal.
However, only three minutes later, the Oriental team went out to the right wing, and Ribery was able to get rid of two Jianlibao players in a row, but the angle was too high for the goalkeeper to save. However, when the home fans sighed, two Jianlibao players should have defended Gao Jun. I don’t know when they had gone deep into the penalty area to see him bouncing the ball, but the score was tied to 11.
In the 27th minute of halftime, Corgnet, the midfielder, unexpectedly took the ball forward and even passed two people. After that, he took a long-range shot at the edge of the restricted area and the ball flew into the net like a shell, which expanded the score by 21. The Oriental team successfully reversed! And Corgnet’s wonderful goal also caused high applause from the fans in the stands
Eleven minutes later, Corgnet sent a subtle straight shot. Gao Jun got rid of the entanglement of two Jianlibao players by high-speed start, and quickly advanced to form a single knife and easily pushed the goal. Dongfang expanded the score by 31!
In the 17th minute of halftime, Ribery was preparing to cross the middle of the road to seek a shot, but he heard Gao Jun ask him for the ball in French. After a little hesitation, he crossed the ball to the door, but after such a slight delay, the opposing defender posted Gao Jun, but he didn’t expect Gao Jun to turn away from himself directly and then knock the ball into the net with his left heel. The score became 41! In the face of the super league overlord Shenzhen Jianlibao team, the young Gao Jun miraculously performed a hat trick!
Xu Genbao was planning to replace Gao Jun and let him be cheered by the fans alone, but at this moment, the Oriental team once again got a good opportunity to fight back. After receiving the ball from Corgnet, Gao Jun sent a just-right straight plug to Ribery in front to help him form a single stroke and score 51!
The morale of the Shenzhen Jianlibao team has been completely destroyed. After getting the ball behind so many goals, the Super League overlord actually kept kicking his feet in the backcourt, hoping to kill the last point. When their head coach Zhu Guang turned blue with anger, he still sat and sighed and looked at the boy who was cheering at the field.
In this game, Corgnet’s personal performance shocked the scene, but the real defeat of Jianlibao team was mainly due to the sharp counterattack of the Oriental team, Hao Junmin. The original main right winger left the Eastern team, and the strength of attacking on the side was greatly weakened. However, Ribery’s 11-second 100-meter speed combined with his dribbling ability far beyond the China League level was much better than Hao Junmin in counterattack, and the other party did not know that he had many defects at this time, but he had to press the attack. As a result, it was not surprising that the Oriental team fought back one after another and the quasi-Jianlibao team suffered a
However, if Gao Jun is not good at grasping the opportunity, the Oriental team will definitely not win so much. If you look at the data, the Jianlibao team can’t actually say that they played badly in this game. Their possession rate reached 55% and the number of shots was 40% more than that of the Oriental team. However, the Oriental team scored five goals in just 12 shots, of which Gao Jun shot four, which can be said that Jianlibao team was almost defeated by him alone.
There is not much suspense in the second round after the first round. In the away game, although the Eastern team did not score so many goals in the other team’s defense, the result was still more than 6%. The possession rate was enough to say that this was a complete victory, and many people in the other team kept an eye on it (this is also a double-edged sword, which caused the attack power of Shenzhen Jianlibao team to be greatly reduced). One shot and one high army were once again rated as the best player in this game, and the high army unexpectedly knocked on the door of the national team in these two games.
It turns out that although the national football coach Ali Han didn’t call Gao Jun into the training list, he has been paying attention to this little guy who made him love and hate. After seeing Gao Jun’s dreamy performance in the FA Cup quarter-final, he finally decided to give up the 21-year-old young striker Zhang Shuo to make room for the younger Gao Jun to be called into the national team urgently.
At this time, there are only a few days left before the Asian Cup, but Gao Jun is still doing well in the short-term training. Of course, this is also because he is on the bench and everyone wants to perform well and win the main position. The phenomenon of crowding out new players is not serious. Otherwise, if he enters the main team, how many people are willing to give him the ball? It’s hard to say if others don’t say that the three core players of Shenzhen Jianlibao team are always blowing their eyes. Isn’t it a bloody slaughter of Jianlibao team while you are away?
Seeing Gao Jun running a little more than before in training (note 1) Ali Han nodded secretly, but the running distance per game was less than 3 meters, which still could not satisfy him. It was too short for Gao Jun to train with the team. Although Gao Jun helped the substitute team beat the main team many times in training, Ali Han still pressed him to the bench in the first game against Bahrain.
At halftime, 41 minutes, Bahrain No.3 huber received a long shot from his teammate in the frontcourt running, and then hit the ball into Bahrain. The opponent won the lead at halftime. In 12 minutes, China got a penalty opportunity. Zheng Zhi scored the ball and equalized the score at halftime. 11 minutes later, Shao Jiayi skillfully handed the ball to Zhou Zhou Boat, who sent a straight plug to Dayu Foot. Dayu left foot pushed the ball and bounced into the goal post. China successfully reversed.
At this time, Ali Han saw that the China team was ahead of the game and completely controlled the situation. He believed that the general trend was set. It was convenient for Sun Jihai to change Shao Jiayi at half-time. This was because Shao Jiayi was now in the recovery stage. Ali Han let Shao Jiayi play for more than 4 minutes for the purpose of protecting the players, but the problem was that this was the last substitution in the game, which means that Gao Junfa played in this game.
Note 1: the main reason is that the continuous improvement of physical fitness makes Gao Jun now be able to grab the opportunity before, so he needs to run more naturally. In addition, the gradual change of kicking method makes Gao Jun’s requirement for shooting opportunities gradually decrease, which is also an important reason. In addition, with the increase of team attack points, Gao Jun gives more and more attacks to his teammates.
Chapter 44 Hat trick
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If the game can be won by this score, it would be so-called. However, after Shao Jia, China lost control of the midfield, Bahrain took the opportunity to make a big counterattack and finally caught a very low-level defensive mistake by China when injury time approached. Ali equalized the score shortly after the game change, and China lost a good game!
Gao Jun can sit on the bench and watch the game. Don’t be so upset, but he finally restrained himself from being dissatisfied with the passer-by. He knows Ali Han’s personality quite well. This guy is not as easy as Liu Chunming. Once there is a contradiction with him, he will definitely not want to join the national team unless Ali Han teaches himself.