But this Jiang Yuxiu …

No rebirth, and no, she doesn’t look like she’s fifteen years old. She doesn’t look like she’s just weak, and she’s more mature and steady than she looked in the original.
Is it because she came at the wrong time or because the whole story moved back?
Yan Re slowly stepped aside and Zhu wanted to say something, "Miss Zhu, the imperial concubine, is really beautiful."
Beads looked at YanRe some want to their "know where you came from before need such disguised kua your miss"
Then she took a look at Jiang Yuxiu. "Good-looking is good-looking, but it just doesn’t please our prince."
As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Shouwang calling her in the past, and she didn’t take a reason Yan Re again.
Yan Re took note of her words and said that Jiang Yuxiu was a lady of her family. Before Tang Xiaorou, she was indeed from Yushifu.
So I’m afraid she is not Jiang Yuxiu but Tang Xiaorou …
She felt it necessary for her to approach Jiang Yuxiu to inquire about some news.
There are many people at this banquet, but it is not good for her to deliberately approach Jiang Yuxiu. After all, she is from Shouwangfu now, and no one except Zhu and Shouwang knows that she used to be a servant girl in Yushifu.
If she rashly approaches Jiang Yuxiu, it will cause some unnecessary troubles.
Chapter 73 Chapter 73
Yan Re returned to the banquet and communicated with Tong to discuss Jiang Yu embroidery.
Yan Ruotong, do you have the original appearance data of Jiang Yuxiu and Tang Xiaorou?
Miss Yanruo, it’s not convenient to project 7 here. Let’s throw it out in your mind.
Suddenly, Yan Re’s eyes seemed to flash when the camera pressed the shutter. She still kept her eyes open, but in front of her eyes, she returned to consciousness, and two figures were projected from the white room.
Next to the two figures were written "Jiang Yuxiu" and "Tang Xiaorou"
The figure that says’ Jiang Yuxiu’ is just that Yan Re saw a beauty and the figure that says’ Tang Xiaorou’ on the other side is a strange face. She has never seen a beautiful appearance.
These two faces have their own characteristics, and they are totally different.
Judging from this appearance data, one thing has been confirmed: Yan Re’s identity is not Jiang Yuxiu but Tang Xiaorou, and she can be sure that she has never seen such a face until now.
Didn’t you say she was bound to the hostess? Then how can Jiang Yuxiu still appear in her conversation?
Yan Ruotong explained the current situation
Miss Yan Re, I have checked this time. There is no problem in wearing the soul. It is indeed that Miss Yan Re was sent to the body.
Yan Re raises eyebrows. You mean … Is this Jiang Yu embroidery fake?
And she’s the kind of fake daughter that everyone takes seriously?
I don’t know if I dare to talk nonsense.
Yan Re thought for a while and asked if you could bring out the original soul of this body.
If possible, this is the fastest and best way to solve all doubts. There are too many things nowadays, Yan Ruofa explained.
In fact, she already knows that she is Tang Xiaorou, but there are still many things, such as what Tang Xiaorou wants to tell Jiang Yuxiu that she is not sincere in treating her. How did she know about it?
She has not found a reasonable explanation for all this.
If we can bring this pair of body and soul out and let her talk to the original owner herself, I think she can get the answer she wants.
But I can’t, but I can’t, but I can ask my colleagues in the administration for help. I just checked. There is also a place near here where Miss Yan Ruo works. There should be a way to bring out the original owner’s soul.
So the system and Yan Re said that it projected a map in consciousness. Yan Re looked at it as if it were a map of Beijing, and the place that was marked was an arch bridge in the middle of Beijing.
This is …
Yan Re looked at the place marked by little red dot and asked the river uncertainly.
This colleague should be in the river.
Why are you in the river again?
When she thinks of the river, she thinks of a world. Meng Ran, this colleague is not a river god again, is he?
Yan ruo, can you get this colleague?
Tong 7 can try what Miss Yan Ruo wants to say?
Yan Re said that I would go there as soon as possible and let this colleague pay attention to it.
The situation has been sorted out and sent out.
At present, there was a flash of white light, and Yan Re went back to the flower viewing banquet. Now the banquet hasn’t started until the last person is seated, so it’s only then that he opens his mouth to "wine".
Wen Taifu’s maids squatted down with a pot of wine. Before they left, there were two pots at each table. Some people didn’t care. Didn’t they already have wine at the table just now? So this is …
Before I figured it out, I opened my mouth to explain that "today is a flower viewing banquet, and you specially prepared Taifu’s own brewing of hanging flowers and peach blossoms."
He picked up the golden hip flask "This is osmanthus wine" and another silver hip flask "This is peach wine. Please come and see me more. If you don’t drink enough, there are still many that you can take home and taste slowly."
Too that a cold face with a silver hip flask in his left hand and a gold hip flask in his right hand really made Yan Re feel a little disobedient.
Not only disobey her, but also think of the river god …
Excuse me, did you drop this gold hip flask or this silver hip flask?
Sure enough, it’s a little too much to think so …
Soon Yan Re’s ear came, and many people praised the osmanthus wine and peach blossom wine, saying that it was very rare that the wine was rich and sweet.
Several adults jokingly asked Taitai if she could visit the government all the year round.
This can’t help but make Yan Re, a person who doesn’t drink much, curious about the taste of these two kinds of wine. Then she saw Shouwangdian pour a cup of osmanthus wine and gulp it down.