After learning that Gao Jun’s football talent was amazing, the director of the public security bureau was also very happy. First, he was also a football fan. Second, he was finally able to get rid of this trouble. He was in a good mood. He even organized a fundraising in the station to help Gao Jun raise two or three thousand dollars to live. In addition, he asked the police officer Lin to send Gao Jun to the lofty army and repeatedly turned him down. However, he finally accepted the police’s kindness and thought of stepping on the pitch again. His heart was filled with joy and excitement, and even his pain that he might never see his parents, wife and children again did not fade away.

The fourth chapter if the father.
At this time, Chong Football Base charges students 6 yuan room and board every month, but the actual expenses far exceed this number. On average, Xu Genbao has to put in about 20,000 yuan every year on each student’s body, so as to increase the income of the base as much as possible to make up for the loss. Xu’s guidance had to put on a shelf and greet every visiting guest with a smile and meet their trivial requirements such as signing a photo, so Gao Jun easily met Xu Genbao.
"Master is as old as I remember ten years later. It’s really bitter for him in the past two years." Gao Jun looked at his kindness as heavy as a mountain. The old master couldn’t help but feel sad. For Gao Hong, Xu Genbao is not only a mentor who has the ability to teach in a timely manner, but also a father.
At that time, Gao Hong was born in a poor worker’s family, but the athlete’s body consumption was high and the nutrition demand was high. At that time, Xu Genbao, the coach of amateur sports school, who was also not rich, cherished his talent. He kept Gao Hong at home for a long time to reduce his family’s economic burden and tried to save money from his meager salary to buy beef for his thin body. Although it didn’t play much role because he didn’t know the congenital lung function at that time, the two generations of Gao Hong would not forget that kindness.
Although Gao Hong was later reported to the country for a long time because the head coach of the national team Gao Fengwen and Xu Genbao were sworn enemies at that time, Gao Hong never hated Xu’s guidance. Without Xu’s guidance, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been able to persist in playing football in his youth team, how can he talk about entering the national team?
Seeing Gao Jun saying nothing and eager to recommend talents, the police surnamed Lin took the initiative to give instructions to Xu Genbao on his behalf, describing his amazing skills, but Xu’s instructions were not as exciting as he was, because in layman’s eyes, the superb skills might not be really great, but the experience of Gao Jun made him feel pity and made up his mind that the boy’s talent was not so bad that he didn’t become a professional player at all, so I hope to keep him as much as possible.
After the physical test, Gao Jun’s ultra-trot frequency made Xu Genbao shine at the moment. However, because a short hand measured the 100-meter speed for 13 seconds, the two-hand timing was not bad, and Xu Genbao had never seen Gao Jun’s parents predict his current height, so he didn’t expect too much from Gao Jun’s speed, and his skinny physical strength test results were naturally terrible.
Even if the children of the same age in Chongji are poor in height and strength in China, compared with Gao Jun, they are also the last to bounce, and there is a medium level, which really makes it difficult for Xu Genbao to place too much expectation on him. It was not until after the technical test that Xu Zhi suddenly felt that "some professional players in first-class teams are not necessarily a good seedling."
"The basic skills are really good, even if you have received basic training before, it is very rare at this age, but you still have to see his performance in the competition." Director Xu immediately arranged Gao Jun directly into the second phase of the students with great expectation, allowing him to participate in a training match of the 9-year-old group. The main reason for Gao Jun’s "overage" participation is that he was just rescued a few days ago, and his physical condition is still very bad. It is certainly better than other children to take care of him a little.
Because of his excellent skills, Gao Jun was arranged by Xu Genbao to be the main front waist of the 9-year-old group, but Xu’s face was ugly after only a short game. "Why don’t you run?" A lazy person’s talent is no matter how good it is! "
However, during this period, Gao Jun has been observing the characteristics of teammates and opponents. In just a few minutes, he found a fatal weakness in the 9-age group. Although the chubby one of their two central defenders is tall and strong, he is slow to move and turns very slowly. This is very good.
After knowing fairly well, Gao Jun asked his teammates for the ball for the first time. Although the children in the 9-year-old group were not familiar with him before, Gao Jun was the head coach of the national team after all. It was enough to scare the teenagers less when he spoke, and if he added the position of the front waist, he could not get around it. Soon the ball flew to Gao Jun’s foot, but Xiao Pang immediately jumped hard and was directly divided by Gao Jun.
After Xiao Pang, Gao Jun took a step forward and swung his right foot. The goalkeeper immediately moved to the left to prepare for the save, but he didn’t expect Gao Jun to suddenly change his outer instep and gently push the ball at the moment of touching the ball. Suddenly, the ball slowly rolled into the net against the right goalpost, but the goalkeeper could watch it because of inertia, but he couldn’t stop it until the ball entered, when he finally turned around.
"Beautiful, beautiful!" Even Xu, who has always been strict, unconsciously clapped his hands at this moment and thought that he had discovered Gao Jun, a wizard named Lin, and even held his head high.
After this wonderful goal, Gao Jun appeared to be more convinced by his teammates. Two minutes later, the right-back of the 9-year-old group actively assisted to the frontcourt. Instead, he moved directly at 45 degrees. Gao Jun suddenly jumped forward and grabbed the ball before the little fat jumped up. He drew a high parabola to the ball, bypassed the bad goalkeeper’s head and rolled into the net. This unexpected goal shocked everyone. You know that little fat is a head taller than Gao Jun! Is Gao Jun’s bouncing so good?
I have just seen the results of Gao Jun’s physical test. Director Xu naturally knows that this is not the case. The data of Gao Jun’s in-situ take-off is very general. The reason why he was able to get ahead of Xiao Pang Cai Huikang just now is that he took the lead by taking advantage of the fast forward inertia and judging the ball’s landing point first.
Note 1: Due to financial constraints, the scale of this Shichong base is much smaller than that in history, so there are only a dozen people in an age group who can’t be divided into "Brazil team" and "Argentina team" as in history, and they can be directly grouped according to their age. In many cases, it is necessary to join teams to participate in the competition.
Chapter 5 Change your position
However, it also says that Gao Jun’s physical coordination is excellent. Perhaps his physical fitness is not as bad as the test data shows, and his ability to predict is a necessary quality for excellent players. After Xu Genbao noticed these details, he unconsciously raised his evaluation of Gao Jun to a higher level. "If it develops well, it can reach the level of Qi Hong."
However, Gao Jun’s surprise is not over yet. One minute later, Wang Jiayu, the midfielder and captain of the 9-year-old group, made a strong long-range shot at the edge of the restricted area. Sun Yue, the goalkeeper of the 9-year-old group, suddenly appeared in the restricted area like a civet. Gao Jun stretched his foot and gently poked it to see the ball roll into the net.
This goal fully shows Gao Jun’s excellent sense of smell in front of the door. When Xu Genbao saw that he didn’t know how to adjust his position in other fields for so many years, the coach was in vain. However, after Gao Jun returned to his best striker position, the advanced goal was three goals behind the 9-year-old group, which just arrived at the base not long ago. Peng suddenly shot a sniper’s shot 25 meters away from the goal. The goalkeeper of the 9-year-old group could not see the ball into the net.
However, Gao Jun immediately returned the favor. Five minutes later, he received a beautiful straight plug from captain Wang Jiayu and succeeded in offside. A light volley bypassed the attacking goalkeeper’s head and fell into the net. The 9-year-old group pulled the score gap again, and he was so angry that he was very competitive. * * Peng was flushed.
The youth team competition can be so exciting that the fans watching the game on the sidelines are excited. However, several old coaches in Xu Genbao base are professionals who have seen it much more thoroughly. "In fact, the overall strength is better than that of the 9-year-old group. Up to now, they have created more scoring opportunities, but the 9-year-old group has only four scoring opportunities, and the efficiency gap has been grasped, which determines the result of the game."
In * * Pengda’s encouragement, the 9-year-old group quickly rekindled its fighting spirit. Cao Yunding took the ball and drove straight into the profits. After his personal skills broke through three players in the 9-year-old group, he hit the door and succeeded in attracting a goal on the sidelines. After that, he stretched out an index finger towards Gao Jun in the distance to tick off the challenge. Gao Jun naturally wouldn’t lower himself, so the child was quarrelsome, but he soon expanded the score again in the 9-year-old group. He turned around in Xiao Pang Cai Huikang’s personal defense and successfully received the left foot
Director Xu can’t help but move again when he sees this. "He Cai Huikang has lost so much height and weight, but he can finish shooting and hit accurately in his close personal defense, which shows how excellent his technical body balance ability is and he is still a left foot, which is even more rare. There are not many archers left and right! It seems that I still underestimated this kid. He will definitely become the best striker in China’s history! "
As the game continued, Gao Jun became more and more familiar with his new body, and because he didn’t need to control it consciously as he did at the beginning of the game, some of his playing habits in the past also became more and more obvious. After receiving the ball again, Gao Jun, including Xiao Pang, the two opposing defenders, did not choose to force one pass and two passes, but unexpectedly took the ball horizontally and pulled out the shooting angle, and then his calf swung the ball and went straight to the corner to break the net.
This way of getting rid of the opponent’s goal, but only getting the shot or the angle of the ball, is not popular in today’s football. It will not be imitated by players all over the world until the little man named Messi becomes famous in the future. Therefore, several coaches on the sidelines, such as Xu Genbao, were somewhat surprised to see this scene, but they were even more surprised that the child actually hit the target six times. This is incredible. If it is said that three shots and three hits may be lucky, it is enough to prove his strength. Even Xu, who rarely praises others, can’t help but exclaim, "This child!
Because I want to see everything, I have seen it. I don’t want to see Gao Jun destroy the confidence of the 9-year-old group. Xu Genbao decisively stopped the game, only to find that the atmosphere seemed to be wrong. I quickly walked forward to see Cao Yunding angrily accusing Xiaopang Cai Huikang. "You are a fat pig. If you hadn’t been beaten so many times, we wouldn’t have lost!"
Cai Huikang’s temper is not as big as his. After being scolded by Cao Yunding, he was a person who shrank aside and cried but didn’t talk back. He was kind-hearted. Peng was going to comfort Fat before he saw the culprit, but he came over and recognized Cai Huikang now. He said, "Your body is too inflexible to play the central defender."
"What do you mean?" * * Peng immediately stared at Gao Jun after hearing it.
Gao Jun thought that he was still too young to avoid being regarded as a demon. It’s hard to say too much. He can simply explain a few words. The midfielder who developed well later was directly ruined by his performance today. "The full-back needs more flexibility, but he can change to a defensive midfielder position, which can not only give full play to his strong body and intercept fierce strengths, but also has less serious consequences than when he played the defender. If you arrange a wide range of activities and be flexible and defensive, then you can make the best use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses."
"You’re right. Your loss this time is mainly due to my unreasonable position arrangement and omissions in tactics." When Xu Genbao came to the crowd, he took the initiative to take responsibility.
Seeing Xu Genbao admit his mistake frankly, Gao Jun couldn’t help but pay more respect to him, but later he learned that in the early days of the establishment of the base, due to financial difficulties, Xu’s guidance spent most of his time running for money. At present, the tactical arrangement of players in all age groups is not too big for other coaches. Before Gao Jun took over the Oriental team, the base had been established for 11 years, and Xu Genbao didn’t like complaining in front of his brother. Gao Jun didn’t know this.
Today, Gao Jun shows his talent and strength, and worships the football base. It’s natural to say that it’s not necessary to leave him to learn anything. Considering that he now relies on Xu Genbao’s personal connections to help him find a successful person with money, social status and integrity, such as michel platini or his grandfather, to take care of him so that he can grow up better. At present, there are several children from poor families in the base, and he has taken this measure to make them feel at ease to stay at the base and learn to play football. Now Gao Jun must also have a guardian.
But although Gao Jun was famous for his good temper, he was an extremely proud man. He didn’t want to recognize a stranger as a father for a little money. Even michel platini immediately replied, "I can help work in the base to subsidize the family. If you really have to have a guardian, it can be your lifelong father who guides a day teacher."
"How small and ambitious" Xu Genbao praised the first sentence, but he couldn’t help smiling when he heard the latter sentence. However, although he was very happy in his heart, Xu guided him to prevent the high army from being spoiled and arrogant, and soon he said with a straight face, "Gao, you should know that Xu Genbao, as your guardian, will not give you preferential treatment in the base. I will be more strict with you. Don’t scold the little guy at most if he makes a mistake, but I will slap you."
Chapter VI Hurdler King