The magic door is not easy to deal with, which is mainly reflected in their martial arts, the magical cave, and its lightness skill. Even ordinary brothers are often much faster than other sects, while the martial arts of the magical cave is mainly reflected in the increase in strength, and the younger brother’s physical fitness is also more than other sects. water curtain cave’s advantage is that the comprehensive level is higher, which is somewhat similar to the noble and decent sects, and the comprehensive level is the highest in the Ten Magic Caves.

It is these three sects that Chou-heung League wants to eliminate in Jiangxia City. Because these three sects are not in Jingzhou, their strength is relatively weak, so it is relatively easy to deal with them.
It is a big trouble for players in Enchanted Cave to move fast. The first goal is to get rid of them. Autumn fairy tales divide the big army into three groups and surround the headquarters of Enchanted Cave Players’ Guild.
The vanguard troops broke through the gate and rushed into their guild headquarters, but unexpectedly, they didn’t meet the sniper. There was no one inside, and the opponent had obviously withdrawn.
A dish, autumn fairy tales and others entered the compound one after another.
It seems strange to enter the hall. "Where are you? Where are they all hidden? " Ke Linger laughed. "I guess they know we’re coming and we’ve all fled!"
A Cai sat in a chair in the hall and said with a smile, "They gave up their headquarters. Let’s look around and see if there is anything left to smash their reborn stone statue."
Chou-heung’s brother immediately searched the autumn fairy tales and wondered, "Eldest brother, did they just withdraw from Jiangxia City?" It feels like something is wrong. "
"There is something wrong, but they are not necessarily going to give up Jiangxia City, even if they are plotting something, but what does it matter?" Without a stable resurrection point, they have no foothold here. The public resurrection points in Jiangxia City are all under our control. If they are resurrected there, they are purely dying. We don’t worry, they are. "
Just then, a loud bang startled Alai and turned to look at it. It turned out that dozens of female players joined forces to push the statue in the lobby to the ground, and then they smashed the statue with heavy weapons such as hammers and clubs.
Looking at their hard work, I felt a cold sweat, and soon I searched all the people and reported that a person who had won the enchanted cave had indeed given up his headquarters by himself.
After the idol was smashed, A Cai got up and said, "It’s better for them to leave automatically, so we can do it now. Let’s go to the player headquarters of Niumo Cave." Autumn fairy tale nodded and left with the troops.
The troops surrounded the headquarters of the players in Niumo Cave, and Cai himself kicked the door and walked in. Everyone else followed.
"Fuck, no one is dead?"
A Cai went straight into the hall of the headquarters, and there was a statue hanging alone in the altar. A Cai had a bad feeling in his heart that the total number of people in the enchanted cave and the magical cave would reach six, which would be a considerable force.
A Cai drew his sword and chopped it. A statue split in two and collapsed. He turned his head with a sneer in his heart and said to the surprised people lightly, "It seems that our opponents are going to fight with us. Guess what they want to do?"
"China’s strength to deal with us?"
"or guerrilla warfare"
Behind the crowd at the door, the Nangong Eagle suddenly said the word "kind".
I didn’t expect the Nangong Eagle to be good at this game of wits. I thought of this greatest possibility as soon as I got there. The Nangong Eagle said yes, it is very likely that they got up and dealt with the species.
A Cai turned his head and said, "In autumn, immediately lead the troops and the soldiers to avoid divide-and-conquer."
Autumn fairy tales quickly joined forces to run to Nancheng District to meet the family army.
Little love asked anxiously, "Come to support them?"
A Cai ran and said, "They may not be attacked, but I think even if they are attacked, they can cope. I have confidence in them."
The troops moved south quickly, but their road was not calm. The enemy suddenly appeared to harass them.
These enemies haunt the large troops in small groups of ten, carrying out all kinds of harassment, stabbing arrows in the back and throwing stones in order to cause chaos in the large troops, attract attention and slow them down.
Now that we know that they will not pay too much attention to this kind of harassment, the March is still rapid, and the damage degree of this kind of harassment is limited after all, and the enemy will disappear automatically after knowing that it has no effect
The first large-scale interception came from a road near the southern district, where Chou heung Meng’s large troops were crossing, and suddenly they were attacked by nearly 1000 archers who were ambushed in houses on both sides of the street.
A bow and arrow came to Chou-heung League, killing nearly 100 people and injuring as many as 500 or 600 people. Fortunately, this height room is by no means a problem for Wudang players. An archer can easily fly to the roof if he doesn’t send the second arrow, and he will be killed and defeated by the brothers of Chou-heung League, throwing hundreds of bodies and fleeing hastily.
After learning the lesson, the autumn fairy tale arranged more than 100 first-class female players with flying skills to do reconnaissance on the roof of the marching roadside and prepare for being attacked by cold arrows again.
After crossing several avenues, the troops finally heard shouting and killing, not far from the place where the family army fought.
However, it is not easy to join forces. A silent army stands in front, with a mace and a heavy hardwood shield.
It was dark, and it stretched backwards and filled the street for more than a mile.
At the front of Chou-heung League are Choi, Autumn Fairy Tales, Nangong Eagle and others. When Choi raised her hand and waved the flag behind her, she immediately stopped the troops from advancing.
A Cai Jian came out, and Lang laughed. "But in front of him, the brothers from Niumo Cave came out to talk to a cow."
"Spicy elder brother who are brothers with you? Old me, I am the younger brother of Niu Mowang, the Iron Cave of Niu Mo-Little Niu Mowang, also known as the first cow in the world? Sign up quickly to come to the old and not kill celebrities. "
A big, burly man came out. He wore a horn helmet and a pair of thick armor. He growled with a mace and shook three times when he hit it in the earthquake.