Here, Kay and Ivan made another hard move. After this move, Ivan added blood to himself, which was a little bit different from Ivan’s green mud.

"Little tenderness and blood, little beauty and blood, little light of life, beautiful and beautiful, little rippling little fairy, blessing little witch, blessing little sacred love, little sacred herbs, beautiful and beautiful light of life!" Nami Xiaorui Core Horse added blood to Kay and added protection. At this time, Nami Xiaorui Core added blood to Kay, but it was hate and anger. When the little girl saw the biochemical weirdo in front of her eyes, she actually turned her brother Kay into this kind. She was a little angry and a little angry. The little girl’s tender little hands hurtled and quickly added blood to Kay.
Kay is also seriously injured at this moment. His life and blood volume are not as recklessly as Ivan’s. He was seriously injured first, but fortunately, there is a small core and blood in Nami. Kay is arrogant, but he also knows that if he and Ivan hit himself one-on-one today, he will even die here.
As soon as Kang Barton fought with a pair of daggers, he attacked and killed the king of bacteria. The bear flew on a big toad and chased the king of bacteria, which was about to eat it. The king of bacteria made several claws in the middle, and caught the bear, but he wanted to eat the bear and toad.
"Wow!" The ice and fire toad was startled.
At this time, I saw that the bear spat out a magical wine fire with one mouth, and then bit off his bust with one mouth. The bear slapped the king of bacteria to freeze, but the king of bacteria ate it with a big mouth.
Here, Kay and Ivan are opposite to each other for several moves. In Nami, the small core helps Kay to get wind gradually. At this moment, Kay suddenly sends out a dark wind knife to blow Ivan up in the middle of the class, but Ivan has no ability to send out biochemical giant hands again. Kay raises her hands and puts up the extinct Tu Longdao to focus the thunder on the extinct Tu Longdao. At that time, it was black and transparent, and the red thunder in the city was like an unknown one.
Kay rushed past a recruit monty thunder split to Ivan. At this moment, Ivan was seriously injured by this recruit monty thunder. Kay gave a shock all over again, and his eyes suddenly burst into purple aurora of the magic emperor. A small trick even struck Ivan. Kay bent down and took a hellfire in his right hand. Ivan was in the middle of the class but was taken to the ground by Kay’s hellfire.
Ivan spat out the strange green blood at this moment, and Kay knew that he couldn’t give him some. When Kay kicked Ivan to extinction, Tu Longdao stabbed him in Ivan’s stomach. As a result, Ivan saw the dark green brilliance in Ivan’s eyes. This man suddenly flew out.
It turned out that Ivan wanted to escape with his last life energy, but in his panic, he just bumped into the vicinity of Combattion. At this time, Combattion had finished cleaning up those bacteria with the bear. Alva Wang Barton made it out with one stroke of Combattion, and Ivan seriously injured him. At this time, Combattion killed the weirdo with one stroke of Combattion.
But I saw a green strange heart in Ivan’s body jump out and plunged into Combattion’s body. This strange heart entered Combattion’s body without leaving a little gap.
"Kang Barton!" Kay was surprised.
"It’s okay. I feel very good. I need to communicate with the horrible heart of this life god." Kang Barton flashed his one-eyed smile.
Creation is really like 211.
Kang Barton’s eyes are slightly closed there, which seems to be absorbing the power of life god’s terror. Kay and Nami Xiaoxin also guess that this life god’s terror is just like Fengshen’s devil’s eye, but it is a treasure. This treasure was just sensed that Ivan’s life has died, so he put it into Kang Barton’s body. I think it will be much stronger if Kang Barton gets the life god’s terror.
"Ho …!" That stupid bear looked at that dark god statue with a big appetite. Nami Xiaoxin scolded it and said, "Bear, bear, are you going to have a fight with the idol?"
"Ho …!" The bear didn’t recognize Nami Xiaoxin scolding it, but he still proudly shouted to the effect that he would hit me as soon as he hit me. The super idiot bear Lord was afraid of it.
Kay and Nami Xiaoruixin also came to the statue and saw that it was made of black crystal. The builder didn’t seem to have carefully portrayed it. A dark god couldn’t see his brow clearly. On the whole, this statue of the dark god gave people a feeling like a man wearing a black robe. Note that it is not a man wearing a black robe, but a man wearing a black robe. Because of the black robe, people feel far better than the dark god.
"So it is the dark god?" Nami Xiao Rui Xin Dao
"Just now, V Lian, they said that this is a god of darkness, and they also said that they would kill us in front of this god of darkness. So this god of darkness should be the god of darkness," Kay said.
"It seems that the dark idol likes mystery as much as the contract god. You can’t see it in a black robe. Maybe this is darkness!" Nami Xiao Rui Xin Dao
"The dark god is a what kind of god? We have never heard of this god before! We know that there are five creation gods, and of course there are chaos gods. Where did the dark gods come from? " Kaidao
"This …..! I don’t know, but there seems to be words on the surface! " Nami Xiaoruixin Daokai took a closer look at this idol’s foot, and it was indeed a word. It was also a perfect black word. It didn’t show up at all in the black crystal. If it wasn’t for Nami Xiaoruixin’s careful girl, the two of them couldn’t see that there were words here.
"What does this word say?" Kaidao
"This word says that there are dark gods and chaotic gods."
"Chaos God?"
"It’s chaos. Do you remember the story of chaos? In front of us, the dark god has a great relationship with the chaotic god. "
"Oh, of course I remember."
"Then you recite the story of Chaos God again! See if Kay’s brother is a good boy. "Nami smiled with a bad smile.
Kay is really an obedient boy in front of Nami Xiaoxin. The hero recited the story of Chaos God just like a primary school student.
"The creator of all things in the universe is a chaotic god. He hatched from the golden egg floating in the universe flood. The chaotic god is an old man with pink skin and four heads and four arms. He wears a white robe and his four faces face to the southeast and northwest, symbolizing the four major races in the world, that is, Terran, Orc, Immortal and Night Race. The four arms are divided into prayer beads, water jugs filled with rivers, wars, bows and arrows. Among them, the prayer beads are used to remember when Tianhe water is derived from everything. He usually sits in the world flowers and sometimes rides swans or takes a chariot drawn by seven swans for
It is said that the chaotic god originally had five heads, and later he created the beautiful goddess of wisdom, the elf god, which should be regarded as his daughter, but the chaotic god married the elf god, which was against ethics, so one of his heads was finally cut off by Raytheon.
Chaos God is the personification of the universal spirit "world will". This chaotic god is the highest soul. The so-called highest soul is not only a great creator god, but also a creator and a creator.
The process of creating the world in the highest soul is probably like this: first, the mind that is both real and unreal is created, and the nature is transformed from the heart, and then the wind is born, and then the wind is born, that is, the fire is born after the wind, that is, the luster is the color, then the water is the taste, and finally the earth is the fragrance, and then these five elements constitute everything. After the first integration of the five elements in the creation process of the sub-world, there are five creations. God forces everything to be born from chaotic gods, and when it is destroyed, it is chaotic days. "
Kay, the hero, recited this article seriously in front of Nami Xiaoxin like a primary school student.
"oh! Kay is not bad! We know that Chaos God symbolizes the four major races on all sides, but in fact, Chaos God can also symbolize the four major races on all sides, "said Nami Xiaoruixin."
"Big Four?"
"What is the four chaos god is pink skin? Because pink is the primary color of creation, black, red and white are all extreme colors, and pink is the positive color, while the four sides of chaos god are all manifestations of an extreme will of chaos god. For example, we now see that this dark god is the extreme embodiment of chaos god’s dark will. The text means that the dark god does not die because it comes from the side of chaos god, which is the part of chaos god. It will be brought by chaos god’s will forever in this world, and four major parts of it will die with chaos god.