Although the course of the game is hard to satisfy, it is not totally unacceptable if the result is the only one. Therefore, Dresden fans continued to firmly support "one of their own" Kearse Teng after the game, but perhaps the failed substitution left a psychological shadow in Kearse Teng’s heart, or perhaps his mental quality was not good enough. The old problem finally emerged. In the two Bundesliga games that Dynamo Dresden received, Kearse Teng made a series of substitution mistakes, and the team achieved a bad result of one draw and one loss. The media and fans in Dresden were not greatly disappointed. It is really unacceptable that Dynamo Dresden scored 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in four games in that "Devil’s Race" and scored 7 points, but the opponents in these two rounds were not strong but scored 1 point.

However, Dresden people are still very tolerant of Kearse Teng. Although the results of leading the team are not ideal, no one has called out to call him to class, but everyone knows that the patience of the club is limited after all. If the performance continues to be low for a long time, Kearse Teng will lose his position sooner or later.
Because of the team’s poor performance, Gao Jun can’t play well. Although the statistics of two games are not bad, his strength is far from being able to play the best level. Although the Dresden media and fans didn’t accuse him of it, Gao Jun himself took the blame for the team’s recent situation. "Since the team’s tactics are our center now, it is my responsibility not to lead the team to victory."
Since then, Gao Jun has trained harder to drive around the city once a week, and he has cancelled his training. Even Kearse Teng, who trained very hard in that year, has some trouble seeing it. He has repeatedly advised him to relax properly and just said, "It is inhuman for you to practice more like this."
It may be that the hard work has paid off, or the team’s bad luck has temporarily passed. In the 16th round of Bundesliga away game against Wolfsburg, Gao Jun broke out again and contributed an assist to help the team win a big victory away from home with a score of 3, but you are keenly aware that Dynamo Dresden is increasingly dependent on Gao Jun in the attack. What if Gao Jun is prevented from dying?
In the last round of the Bundesliga this season, some fans’ fears were confirmed. The visiting Hamburg team desperately adopted an extreme defensive strategy. Dynamo Dresden team leader Gao Jun failed to get even one shot in the opponent’s "2+1+1" targeted tactics, while other players got as many as 19 shots in total, but failed to break the opponent’s goal due to psychological reasons. In the end, Hamburg scored a goal and took away three points from Heinze Steyr Stadium by virtue of the half-court set-piece opportunity.
In this way, the 26/27 season saw the end of the Bundesliga. Dynamo Dresden scored 7 wins, 4 draws, 6 losses and 22 points. The goal difference was 1 goal, 3 goals and 2 newly promoted horses. This result was very surprising, but everyone knew that Dynamo Dresden was not an ordinary newly promoted horse. The score of 22 points was 14 points lower than that of Werder Bremen, and 11 points lower than that of the Champions League. For Dynamo Dresden Club.
However, after Kearse Teng acted as the head coach, he scored 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the seven Bundesliga matches. Compared with Stano’s coaching period, he was a little slippery. Although Jansen Rudy, chairman of Dynamo Dresden Club, has not publicly indicated that he wants to change coaches, he needs to see Kearse Teng Tou’s "agent" before he can guess his real thoughts.
In fact, after losing to Hamburg at home, Rudy talked openly with Kearse Teng Cheng, and let him have a psychological preparation first. At this time, the benefits of "one of our own" are reflected. If it is an "outsider", I’m afraid it’s hard to be proud of the last shift after learning about the upcoming class.
Gao Jun, who was called to talk, mainly asked about his requirements for the new coach. Gao Jun remembered Stano’s speech before leaving and expressed hope that the new coach was a coach who was familiar with the Bundesliga and had achieved good results. It would be better if he was good at training young people.
Gao Jun didn’t ask for a few words, but after thinking about it, it’s really not low enough to meet the requirements. Now Ji Du is still here. Considering that Ma still has a German Cup game, Rudy decided to wait until the game was finished. According to the usual practice, there will often be many team coaches’ lessons after the half-time of the league. At that time, he can just shoot.
Dynamo Dresden played Hamburg in the third round of the German Cup season only four days later, and the opponent was Bayern Munich, the German Bundesliga hegemon, and the number of non-European players was limited. Even if the game was played at Dynamo Dresden’s home court, not many people expected them to win the game.
But what surprised many people was that Dynamo Dresden swept Bayern Munich by 51 points in this game! And Gao Jun even played a hat trick in the game, which increased the number of goals he scored in the German Cup to seven. At that time, the argument that "Gao Jun played better in the Cup than in the League" quickly spread in the major German media.
However, Gao Jun didn’t show much excitement after the game, because he found that Bayern Munich didn’t contribute at all in the game. It can be said that he deliberately gave up the German Cup. Even if the game was a big win, it didn’t make much sense. Gao Jun’s judgment was not a complete guess. In the game, Bayern Munich not only failed to take out the targeted tactics for the first time of the season to prevent Gao Jun, but also hid a number of main players in the starting lineup. This is obviously that Magat gave up the Cup under the pressure of Bayern’s poor performance in the Bundesliga this year. In addition, due to the poor performance of Bayern in the season, the contradiction between some Bayern players in Magat, especially the big-name stars, is becoming more and more difficult to conceal. Even if the card strength is strong, such a branch is just a sick tiger.
But in any case, this unexpected victory is still very confusing. In addition, several famous Bundesliga coaches of Jensen Rudi United refused his invitation, so Kearse Teng continued to act as the head coach and completed the winter training with Dynamo Dresden this season.
Here, Gao Jun and other four age-appropriate players of the China Olympic Team were all called into the Olympic Team by the coach of the Olympic Team, Crouchen. It is said that it has been so long since the Olympic Team was established, and it is the first time that they were selected. It can be seen that playing in Europe has a great influence on the training of the national brand. However, even so, because of their superior strength, these four players became the main force of controversy as soon as they came back. Their first appearance in the first Olympic Team fully proved that Crouchen valued them.
The position of the winger played by the club and the national team is different. In the main team of the Olympic team, Gao Jun appeared in his actual best striker position, because Crouchen believes that Gao Jun’s greatest strength is to shoot, so that he can play this strength as much as possible, he must be closer to the goal, and now that Gao Jun’s strength has come, even if he plays the center, it is no problem for the striker.
Gao Jun’s playing as a striker didn’t make Gao Lin lose his main position, because Crouchen’s Olympic team was discharged with a double striker formation. According to this German old man, the double striker was discharged in order to give full play to the many advantages of the speed striker of this Olympic team, but he never liked the Dong Fang table. Although he was also a speed striker, he was directly excluded from the big list. It is said that the reason is that he was not active in the competition. Crouchen’s requirement for Olympic players is to defend from the striker. Attack from the defender, even the striker must actively participate in the defense, even Gao Jun is no exception. Although Xiao Dong has the aura of "Manchester United striker", he refuses to try his best to run and fight for the old man in the game, and he will resolutely not even plead with the Football Association President Xie Yalong himself.
But Crouchen’s courage to do so lies in the fact that among the age-appropriate players in the Olympic team, the speed striker is really talented. The two main strikers who play in the Bundesliga don’t have to say much. The young Xie Wenjun has also gained more and more competition opportunities in the Arsenal team. Although he has no outstanding advantages except speed, he has a very correct attitude and no fatal weakness, which is also very popular among the old men. Although he has both speed, strength and skill, he is very aura. Mao Jianqing becomes the second striker position. These five strikers can also win the striker position. to be continued
Chapter one hundred and ten The Olympic knot
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Crouchen has a good reason, but Dong Fang Table has played well in Belgium in the past two years with the aura of "Manchester United striker". Therefore, there are still many supporters in China, and many media and fans believe that Dong Fang Table should be included in the big list. Mao Jianqing is also used to say that Xiao Dong’s personality and style of play have many shortcomings, but so are Xiao Mao.
Crouchen’s answer is that although Mao Jianqing doesn’t train hard, his life is not self-disciplined and he doesn’t have enough physical strength to play the whole game, he can fight for six minutes after playing for six minutes in the game, and he can be a substitute with peace of mind. These are all things that Xiao Dong can’t do. Besides, Mao Jianqing’s consciousness is much better than that of Xiao Dong’s lone egg, so Crouchen can tolerate Xiao Mao but can’t tolerate Xiao Dong.
Compared with when he coached the national youth team, Crouchen became the coach of the Olympic team and paid more attention to defense. The reason is very simple. Although the youth team mainly trains players and the Olympic team also has the significance of cultivating talents, it has become a more important purpose to make achievements. Offensive football is more conducive to the growth of young players, but it is absolutely impossible to think of achievements without good defense.
Considering the need of defense, it is impossible to have too many midfielders in front of the two strikers, but Crouchen stunned almost everyone when he discharged three midfielders. Isn’t it too bad that midfielders have so little control?
However, Clauchen thinks that although China Olympic Team has home court advantage in the Beijing Olympic Games, it is not much stronger than the national youth opponents. Many times, his team must be weak and strong, and the defensive counterattack is suspected to be the most suitable way to play, so the midfield control is not so important. Therefore, Clauchen not only put three people in the midfield, but also two of them are defensive midfielders. Even so, this Olympic Team has the same ability when it needs midfield control, and the secret is that there are five defenders in that line.
Later, many people thought that Gao Jun was the most brilliant player among the Olympic stars, but the most comfortable tactic in Crouchen’s style was to play free agent Yu Hai, so it was because of Yu Hai that Crouchen decided that tactic.
In the tactics of freemen, because freemen will frequently go forward to join the attacking center, a qualified trailing center-back must help protect it, and the Olympic star has Feng Xiaoting, a first-class trailing center-back. In addition, Zhao, who joined Haidong team after the World Cup, has made amazing progress. Although his defensive consciousness is not as good as Feng Xiaoting’s, his physical condition is even better, especially the speed center-back standard is fast, and he is now playing as a trailing center-back in Haidong team, so he can also beat Crowe. Chen’s tactics require that with the protection of these two men, Yu Hai can boldly jump forward and take part in the attack in the game, so when it is necessary to strengthen the attack in actual combat, the midfield control of the Olympic team can be actively and greatly strengthened.
Moreover, the two main full-backs selected by Crouchen are also very offensive. It is not surprising that Hao Hao has made rapid progress in the past six months, but Hao Junmin, who has been playing avant-garde and is a winger, was actually placed in the right-back position by Crouchen, which really puzzled all media and fans in China.
Clauchen explained that in his tactical body, the absolute speed of the full-back is not particularly important, or the ability to go back and forth is more important. In this respect, the right-back * * Peng, the main force of Haidong team, is too young and immature to meet his requirements. Considering Hao Junmin’s competition experience, the attack power is far better than * * Peng is stronger, and one of the Chinese Olympic team can kick the ball with his right foot, so Crouchen decided to let him change his position and kick it first. Anyway, it’s still a year and a half before the Beijing Olympic Games. If it’s impossible to change it again, and the Olympic Games can bring three over-aged players, if Crouchen really can’t find a satisfactory candidate, it won’t be a problem to give Sun Jihai a place. His strength and extreme ability as a top full-back in Asia are superior to this position.
In addition to the right-back Clauchen, there is another position that is more difficult to determine, that is, the lower back. Because Zhao’s foot is still suspended by the China Football Association, one of the two defensive lower backs, Cui Peng, can barely satisfy Clauchen. Although Cai Huikang, the Haidong team, has played the main role in the Super League for a long time, this is mainly due to the lack of people in the team, especially his poor flexibility, which finally makes Clauchen uneasy. Clauchen would rather play right-back in both clubs and youth teams in the past two years. Peng will not let Cai Huikang play as the main midfielder of the Olympic team. It is said that this is also an important reason why Crouchen tried to let Hao Junmin play right back instead of Peng. Of course, Crouchen is not particularly worried because there are more than three people over age.
At one time, the position of the goalkeeper made Crouchen hesitate to go to each Olympic team. Most of them only have one excellent young goalkeeper. This Olympic team has two goalkeepers who have reached the national first-class level as soon as it was established. Among them, Zeng Cheng became the second goalkeeper of the China national team in the World Cup and was two years younger than him. If Wang Dalei still has a great ability to save dangerous balls, it is naturally a good thing for him, but it also makes Crouchen happy and troubled. If we look at the current strength, it is no doubt that Zeng Cheng has become the main goalkeeper. However, considering that there are more than one and a half years before the Beijing Olympic
Therefore, although Crouchen started Zeng Cheng in most games of the Olympic team, it also gave Wang Dalei a lot of performance opportunities, which gave media reporters a chance to speculate. Therefore, the competition for the Olympic goalkeeper has gradually become a false reality. Unexpectedly, Wang Dalei, a teenager who succeeded in winning the Olympic training, was severely punished by the Football Association and returned to the club. After that, he was suspended by the Ministry for calling himself a low-level mistake in the game, and his competitors killed themselves. Zeng Cheng undoubtedly became the main goalkeeper of the Olympic team.
In addition, it is worth noting that the media in China will let Gao Jun play the front waist position of the Olympic team. Now that he has returned to the striker position, Deng Zhuoxiang has made great progress in the first half of the season. However, the media in China generally believe that the main position of this position should still be given to over-aged players. After all, whether Shao Jiayi is playing in the Bundesliga now or is in a hot state this year, Zheng Zhi’s personal ability is much stronger than Deng Zhuoxiang’s. However, Gao Jun, after deeply understanding the tactical requirements of Crouchen, is very interested in Xiao Deng’s being in front of the Olympic team. I am confident that Crouchen obviously attaches great importance to the ball speed of the front waist players. This can be seen from the fact that Xiao Deng is similar in characteristics, but Zhu Zhenrong, who has a half-court physical fitness because of his lack of hard training, has also been called into the Olympic team. In this case, Shao Jiayi and Zheng Zhi are determined to compete unless their personal ability is stronger than that of Xiao Deng Chao.
Although there is still a year and a half before the Olympic curtain, with Gao Jun and other returnees returning to the Olympic team, the training list of the Olympic team has included almost all the Olympic-age players who meet the tactical requirements of Crouchen in China. If there is no accident, almost all the participants in the Beijing Olympic Games will come from these people except three over-age players, and some careful media reporters soon found that the players directly from Haidong Square Team in the big list are Zeng Cheng, * * Peng, Zhao, Cai Huikang, Zhu Zhenrong and the Dresden Quartet, Bayern Yuhai, Arsenal Xie Wenjun and Shanghai-Shanghai Flower Team Zhang Chenglin, who used to play in the Oriental Team, have a total of 12 people, and almost all of them are main players or key substitutes.
"Is the post-national team supported by people trained by Haidong team?" Although many media have expressed such feelings, no one doubts that the selection of the Olympic Games is unfair, and Xu Gen can be praised for his great achievements, because most of these players have proved their strength in various venues, and other teams have to be peers.
In fact, even though Haidong team experienced a sharp decline in performance due to the loss of a large number of main players in half a season, after a difficult period, it quickly regained its glory in the first half of this year with Du Wei’s return and Zhao’s transfer, and finally caught up with the fifth place in the Super League. No one dared to joke that it was "flashy" again.
Among them, the key point is that Zhao, a teenager from the former Chinese team Yanbian, moved to join us. Although the standard of the transfer country is not low, it is definitely worth the money. With such a young man with fast chasing speed and strong one-on-one defense ability, the central defender Haidong team is no longer so afraid of the opponent’s quick counterattack in the oppressive ball control attack, which greatly increases the winning rate and confidence and forms a virtuous circle.
Therefore, Zhao Gang secured the main position as soon as he arrived at the team. Instead, Du Wei returned to China and had to play in the lower back. Due to lack of physical fitness, he and Ka barreiro frequently changed shifts. It is precisely because he came to Haidong Square that Zhao has made unprecedented rapid progress in the past six months. Now the importance of the defense line in the Olympic team has faintly surpassed that of Feng Xiaoting, a glass man. To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Shuguang
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Although we are the host of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic team didn’t have an official competition before, and we can rely on the warm-up match to run in and test the team. Although the effect is worse, we can still see something.
In three consecutive warm-up matches, Hao Junmin showed that he didn’t adapt to the position of right-back, and it didn’t get better at last, which made Crouchen frown. To a great extent, the adaptability of position is not born with hard work, and he will certainly become a generalist and a panacea. Players who are suitable for a certain position often talk about how to work hard to adapt to the new position, and now Hao Junmin is obviously such an example.
Clauchen is an old coach with rich coaching experience. After just three games, he realized that Hao Junmin could not be his ideal right back, but his personal ability was indispensable to this China Olympic team. Therefore, Clauchen was able to give up the original idea of 532 formation and change to diamond midfield 442, and returned to the right avant-garde position. Hao Junmin suddenly felt at home.
However, after changing the new formation, the Olympic team lacks suitable candidates for the left halfback and the back. The former is easier to handle, and Crouchen will leave the main left-back position to Sun Jihai, an over-aged player.
The problem of the lower back is big, because the requirement of a single lower back is much higher than that of the previous two lower backs. Young Cui Peng is still difficult to win, and the World Youth Championship is very popular with Crouchen. His defensive ability and physical fitness are not up to standard and are not suitable for this position. Therefore, Crouchen can still look for it among over-aged players after thinking about it.