Although the man contains this firm but gentle spirit, he looks ordinary as if he were a white-collar worker or a grass-roots official who can be seen everywhere in later generations. However, he is not wearing a shirt and suit, but wearing the most common Tsing Yi straight braid in this era. Although the corners are slightly worn out, it is clean.

Besides, his face is not outstanding, neither black nor white, but he can’t be found in a crowd.
The man heard Qi Yufeng speak poof bursts into a smile and stretched his body, pointing to a stone around him and said, "Come and catch a day’s journey and sit down first."
Qi Yufeng saw this man seems to be malicious and immediately nodded and sat down beside the man.
At this time, just in the evening, Qi Yufeng was a little closer to him, but he saw his appearance, but he was about forty years old, and his face was slightly sleepy. Obviously, his face was slightly fat, so it was obvious that his daily maintenance was very thoughtful.
Qi Yufeng sat down on the man but didn’t look at him. He looked around for a long time without focusing. "Are you going to Datong?"
Qi Yufeng listened to him as if two people were idle at home and had nothing to talk about. It would be normal if they had nothing to talk about, but it was a bit weird in the evening in this wilderness.
Immediately he nodded and said, "Exactly."
The man "well" and looked around in confusion, and then it took him a long time to suddenly remember that someone around him seemed to turn around and ask, "Then … you will kill Yuan Shundi and take away his country; Then kill Zhu Yuanzhang; Then pacify the big summer country in Chongqing; Then sweep Mobei and flatten the Central Plains to be the emperor himself? "
He hit four "then" sentences in one sentence, which was quite unreasonable. Qi Yufeng heard it awkwardly. He was silent for a moment and then replied, "It’s a good road."
When the man heard this, he sighed, stretched out his finger and scratched his eyebrows. It seems that there is some trouble. "But I have never heard of the surname Qi Dang Emperor."
Qi Yufeng heard these words and smiled slightly. "The glory is far from Hua Shen; The Mu clan is closely connected, and I, Qi, are the famous Chinese family, Dragon and Tiger; It has been said since ancient times that there are princes and princes. Is it strange that emperors take turns to sit in my house for years and become emperors? "
What he said is "the glory is far away from Hua Yi; Mu clan is closely connected with branches, but Tong Lian is hung at the door of Jixing Ancestral Hall in the home.
Shandong has the greatest respect for ancestral rituals. When he was a child, he remembered the ancestral temple in his home.
Then a sentence "the name is Dragon and Tiger; Knowing Kirin "is another story.
In Zhenyuan year of Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, a famous scholar in Tang and Song Dynasties, was admitted to the Jinshi in that year. Qi Jiruo, Ouyang Zhan, Jia Ling and Chen Yu were on the same list. At that time, there were many outstanding scholars in this year’s Jinshi. The list of that year was called "Dragon and Tiger List", and the so-called title Dragon and Tiger refers to this Qi Jiruo.
However, recognizing Kirin refers to Qi Tang, the ancestor of Huiji in the Northern Song Dynasty. When he was a teenager, his family was poor and he studied hard.
At that time, Jiao Toe Guo Jin dedicated a unicorn to the Northern Song Dynasty. The literati in the Manchu Dynasty could only know Qi Tang. Although they had never seen sika deer, they could cite the classics to recognize that it was not Kirin. Everyone admired him for his erudition.
The so-called "famous dragon and tiger list; The two allusions "Knowing the Kirin Sign" also flowed in the genealogy of Qi surname.
The man listened to Qi Yufeng’s tiny Zheng and then clapped his hands and said, "I want to hear this."
He said that this sentence seemed to be stuck for a long time before he said, "The husband dare not show his majesty to the ancestors, and Mo Wen is far away from Huaying; The passerby’s first integration, the worship of the Sect and the family, should be closely linked. "
Qi Yufeng heard this sentence and couldn’t help but feel surprised that this couplet is the original couplet of his ancestral temple, but later the ancestral temple frontispiece became smaller and smaller before it was changed to the short sentence in front. Even he himself can’t remember how this person knows?
Immediately, he couldn’t help asking respectfully, "Is Mr. Qi also a surname?"
The man listened to him but didn’t answer. He sighed, "You’ve been all-powerful in recent years, but don’t you want to go home?" Although you have done a lot of great things for so many years, aren’t your parents worried about you? "
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help feeling a little dim when he heard this sentence. He saw the traces of many iron hooves stepping out in front of him. The Yuan soldiers came from their path and they were arrogant. At this time, many people were already cold.
He can’t help but feel sad when he thinks back. Although he has developed such shocking martial arts, if he can’t serve his parents, even if he succeeds in being a hero, it will be just a big dream.
He was feeling sorry for himself when he saw the middle-aged man saying, "I haven’t seen you for years. Let me try your swordsmanship."
The man said that even after holding the stump in one hand, he got up.
He is like an old man with poor bone, who has been sitting for a long time and has a hard time getting up. However, Qi Yufeng suddenly felt a sharp chill soaking his body, and he couldn’t help but jump forward and fly into the middle three feet away, drawing his sword with both hands, but he was already ten feet away when he saw the cold mountain flashing.
The middle-aged man nodded his head and picked up the sword. He got up and slowly drew out the scabbard. Seeing that the blade was plain and simple like a bluestone casting, it seemed extremely heavy.
But at this time, the middle-aged man cried the sword with a true qi, and the whole Shan Ye seemed to cover his sword shadow.
Qi Yufeng at the sight of the firm but gentle color can’t help heart in a surprised heart said it was this person, he alone with a sword handle unexpectedly broke up more than ten thousand soldiers!
But if he doesn’t think about it, he will see that the middle-aged man’s sword is split in his hand, and the cold mountain is flickering and hesitant.
The thirteen-style swordsmanship of drawing, taking, dividing, striking, stabbing, collapsing, stirring, pressing, splitting, cutting and washing is made in one go, and it is incredible and thrilling that the sword style everywhere is like a flashing sword, such as Lei Guang flying.
Listen to "before", the tip of the sword gives birth to three feet of uncertain green mountain, which is as flexible as a long snake.
Qi Yufeng saw this man’s sword move menacingly, and immediately the rest of his back muscles moved behind him, carrying Artell’s sword and flying out of its sheath. His three swords were intertwined and danced into a light curtain, which also blocked the thirteen strokes in a row. This just looked at the attack that resisted the man.
The man was surprised to see that his sword move was actually resisted. "Look at my move again!" "
Say his sword flying like a cloud, the strength of the strong breeze is sharp than that of Qi Yufeng, who uses too much strong breeze to drive three long swords to be able to withstand it.
At first, the middle-aged man didn’t get along with his foreword, but his speech was slow and even a little faded. But at this time, he was holding a sword in his hand, and the inexplicable momentum was so overwhelming that he could hardly breathe.
The two men’s competition stirred up strength, and it came to a clear day, and the wind was blowing in the fields. The footprints of Mongolian fighters were completely covered in this great power.
However, seeing that the middle-aged men’s soccer team stepped away from the sword, it was shocking against the dragon and tiger, and the firm but gentle was overflowing. Although it was an iron sword, it was fully worth the integration of Qi Yufeng’s three swords.
And Qi Yufeng’s long sword is like the wind, and his body is like a dragon. Three long swords almost dance into a whirlpool in the middle, and he can’t stop attacking the man.
He did his best to follow the nine swords of Dugu, and once he got the first move, he would never retreat. Once he went out and went back, he could resist the discrimination and coercion of that man, but the sword in the middle-aged man’s hand was oblique and oblique, but it was an open road in the sword, and a defensive strategy in the attack was both offensive and defensive.
However, it is shocking to see the two men rushing like lightning. It’s like meeting a traveler for the first time, just like an enemy of life and death.
The two men were as swift as a swallow, fighting for a while, both of them fell to the ground, and then stepped on the ground like thunder. If they met again, they would retreat repeatedly. They crossed the valley from the field, crossed the river from the valley, and then hit the wasteland from the river. Fiona Fang has actually become a battlefield for two people to fight.
Jump forward and backward, firm but gentle, dense, vertical and horizontal, body shape is like a dragon, swift and violent, like a tiger, stepping on sand, like flying, running like a straight line, like flying sand, walking away from the sky, it’s dark and far away, except for flying, it’s full of dust and loess.
Qi Yufeng has never met such a strong opponent since he confronted the old man in the mountain, and to be fair, the old man in the mountain is better than him though he is strong in kendo.
And this man is strong in martial arts and fencing, but far superior to all his opponents.