However, in the end, the six silver skeletons were successfully divided by ll and then destroyed. Not only did they contribute a lot of experience to ll, but they were also extremely rare to give two wallets. There were dozens of gold coins with purple and golden light lying in them, which overshadowed the colors of other gold coins and silver coins. This was almost a gift to ll, and they were tens of thousands of gold coins, which made ll almost jump.

However, after the sun rose, Chen Kai counted the number of monsters destroyed and found that in fact, they didn’t kill too many skeletons in one night, adding up to less than 30. Although Chen Kai and his party were delighted by the experience, it was more of a concern because there were at least 50 silver skeletons in the whole cave, which were those who ran out and didn’t include skeleton knights, that is to say, there were more than 20 that Chen Kai and his party had voluntarily retreated to the ground.
This is not good news for Chen Kai and others, because it is possible that they will find it difficult to get them out of the cave at a time, and what is more serious is that those skeleton knights will run out of the ground to find Chen Kai in trouble.
Therefore, Chen Kai decided to leave the Anji Valley for the time being, and set up a camp to rest again before they acted. Moreover, Chen Kai also set up a short wooden wall outside the camp for safety reasons. These wooden walls can be dismantled and firewood is chopped very neatly when entering the underground passage.
It’s already noon when Chen Kai and the others put wooden stakes around the tent, and the hot sun is scorching the earth, which makes the rabbits who are wandering around with fangs look listless. Of course, Rola Chen and them should go outside for a walk, and these rabbits who are surrounded with fangs will immediately become true colors from gentlemen to hooligans.
However, after seeing Chen Kai’s shining sword, these hooligans immediately caught their tails and showed their clever appearance. After all, they were scared by Chen Kai. Whoever was hung up and beaten for one night and then released the next day will be very afraid of the person who arrested him.
Of course, this trick was not invented by Chen Kai, but came up with by some players who had a headache with fangs rabbits. The primary blame in fangs rabbits’ game is its strong fertility, superb swearing skills and obscene behavior, which ranks third in the list of the creatures that players hate most. To prevent being harassed by fangs rabbits in the wild, some players have come up with this somewhat vicious way, that is, to train them to make them involuntarily afraid of themselves.
The monster in the game has permanent hatred, but when it is hit to a certain extent, this hatred will turn into fear, and if the monster is not killed by others, this fear will last for a long time. More than a dozen buck-toothed rabbits around the camp were knocked unconscious by Chen Kai and hung up for two nights, and they were also torched to roast their little butts and dd. This terrible behavior made the buck-toothed rabbits around the camp almost pick up their tails, cover themselves and turn to flee for life.
"Boss, do you think those bone frames will not come out again tonight?" Cloud watching is cooking broth asked ll that floating in the air meat smell constantly seduce cloud belly greedy if he has a greedy belly in this game.
"I don’t think you can go to the cave to explore it after eating. Of course, you should be more careful. I’m worried that those skeleton knights will run out." Chen Kai cut solid wood with a dagger. This thick wood at the mouth of the bowl needs an inner fence, and the whole wood is very hard hardwood, which can burn for a long time after drying.
"No way, then I’m not finished if I meet them." Yun listened to Chen Kai for a while. He felt that if he met those skeleton knights, he would almost die. Those guys riding skeleton horses could run much faster than them.
"What are you afraid of? It’s daytime. Those guys will definitely become weak in the sunshine. At that time, you are afraid that you can’t outrun those bone frames while riding a war horse." Llewellyn handed the cut wood to Zhao Tiezhu and let him nail it into the ground outside the camp. Of course, it is simple for them to build a position outside the camp to stop monsters from impacting.
"Oh," Yun thought it was very reasonable and agreed, so after eating lunch, he quickly ran towards the cave, almost without stopping, and rushed directly to a place not far from the cave.
Looking at the dim cave clouds shining by the afternoon sun, he slowly touched the cave entrance carefully, and his whole body was almost moving slowly along the shadow of the rock wall around the cave. Of course, this stealth method is almost useless for dead creatures, because they determine biological vision according to the life energy that vibrates the biological surface, which is their last auxiliary means.
"It’s still as dark here." The cloud slowly touched the depths of the dark cave. Of course, he would carefully throw a small torch in front to illuminate the surrounding environment without walking for a while. He didn’t want to touch the skeleton. At that time, even the gods could not save him.
Of course, this may be even more dangerous, because the torch light will attract enemies in the dark, such as those skeleton soldiers, but it will make the clouds sometimes turn around and escape instead of being directly reimbursed in the cave.
"It’s strange how we all touched here or there are no traces of those bone frames?" Cloud light soliloquize to himself, where he is at the moment, it’s already the place where the ore was excavated at the beginning, and when he goes, he just doesn’t know where it leads to.
"Come on, since there are no monsters here, let’s inform Brother Yishui of them." After carefully checking the surrounding environment, the cloud left the ground softly. When he left the tunnel, a rock exploded and collapsed, and a skeleton creature hiding in it slowly came out from the inside. Then several surrounding places also collapsed, and almost a dozen silver skeletons were in the tunnel, with red eyes watching where the cloud disappeared.
At the same time, a crisp horseshoe in the passage slowly reminds me of a black figure like a ghost, and slowly comes out of the deeper passage. It is also a silvery white skeleton, and the smell of death is that its armor looks more complete and textured. A black helmet with horns is worn on its head, and two red eyes are constantly shining in the dark helmet.
The skeleton knight slowly raised his arm around the silver skeleton, and as his arm moved, he slowly left the hiding place and walked towards the entrance of the cave. Behind them, the skeleton knight also rode a skeleton horse, and as they would wait for ll and them at the entrance of the cave.
This is what the cloud doesn’t know, and it’s also that the skeleton creatures are disappearing and Chen Kai doesn’t know. Of course, Chen Kai is still a little worried about whether this will be a conspiracy, so they are not in a hurry to go into the cave.
It was not until the next morning, when the sun rose in the east and shone into the cave, that Chen Kai and others appeared at the entrance of the cave and looked at the dark and deep cave. Everyone thought it was necessary to move back when entering the cave.
But in the end, Chen Kai bit his teeth and took the lead in walking into the depths of the cave. They really couldn’t wait. After all, the longer that thing was left in their body, the more dangerous it became. Whether Chen Kai or Lokas, they couldn’t afford to be a strong opponent. There have been two strange strong people who have been dragged on by this thing for a long time. God knows how many people will lose their lives because of it.
When Chen Kai stepped into the cave, the first feeling was cold, which was even colder than the previous times when he entered the cave. The cold wind was like a poisonous snake winding into all of Chen Kai’s bodies and slowly infiltrating into the skin, causing one piece of goose bumps after another.
"How can it be so cold here today? Is it because the morning temperature is too low? " Xu Fei held a torch and asked him to hold a torch behind Chen Kai to illuminate the surrounding environment. Of course, they can also illuminate the environment according to the ring. But at the moment, the ring is worn at the back of Su Wan’s hand. She needs this ring to see the environment behind her. As a result, the front staff can take a torch, but the torch has less advantages. It can heat the surrounding air even if it is a little bit.
"I don’t know, it’s the first time for me to enter this passage," Chen Kai answered truthfully, and the passage he said would not be the one they dug, but the real passage. According to the map, this passage goes straight to a deep underground vein, which the businessman called the earth vein, that is, the pulse of life surging in the earth.
Chen Kai doesn’t know what the pulse is on the map, but the only thing he knows now is that the ambient air is getting colder and colder. Chen Kai feels that the ambient temperature is ten degrees lower than that outside. Of course, this is Chen Kai’s personal feeling.
"What’s strange? I really want to hear horseshoes?" Zhao Tiezhu, who was walking behind, said to Wang Xuewen, who was beside him, "If there are hooves, it is extremely unclear in the dark environment, especially when they sound when they step on stones themselves."
"Don’t say that I really want to hear it, and I really want to have footsteps in this horseshoe. That footsteps sound like that kind of clatter." Wang Xuewen said with a slight smile that when he said this, he was the rock wall around the cave and echoed their footsteps, but Wang Xuewen’s face changed after he said that. He felt that clatter was very similar to a creature that had just been dropped not long ago. The silver skeleton in those caves.
Listening to Wang Xuewen’s words, everyone knows that it must be bad. Together with ll, twelve people turned their heads to the back and looked at the high place of the oblique cave, where pairs of red eyes were slowly emerging from the darkness and almost rushed towards ll and them at a very high speed.
Ll saw a skeleton creature fall to the ground directly when he tripped because he was running too fast. Although the dark environment made him almost unable to see the other person’s fall, the click of the bone fell to Ll’s ear, which is not a good thing for Ll and them. It means that these skeleton creatures should kill Ll and his party at all costs.
"Damn you, old four, aren’t those guys all gone deep into the mine?" Stumbling towards the depths of the cave, ll is almost growling towards the cloud. If it is not the case, he will definitely kick his ass in the cloud for more than a dozen times.
"I don’t know, and I explored yesterday, and God knows if they came again today." Yun Gu said in a tone, but Chen Kai and others were a little incredulous, because those skeleton creatures were obviously lying behind the team and waiting for them to pass before rushing.
Of course, all this can’t be blamed on the cloud. After all, dead creatures want to hide, and they can bury themselves by digging a hole at will without letting outsiders see the soul fire. It will not be seen by detection spells if it is kept in a sleeping state. Therefore, Chen Kai and his colleagues have not found any hidden skeleton creatures when they detect evil and stars.
"Mom, why did you make the soul fire of dead creatures become undetectable after a deep sleep? 5555 old thighs all hit purple." Yun sobbed and said that the road to the tunnel was very uneven, and what protruding stones and stalactites would add trouble to the escape road. Running in front of the cloud, an careless one directly turned into a rolling gourd and severely hit several protruding rocks.
Chen Kai also felt bad. His armor and weapons were too heavy. Even if he put his sword in his backpack, it wouldn’t help. Of course, what made him most depressed was that the horseshoe was getting closer and closer behind him, and it was obvious that a skeleton creature was rushing towards them.
Listen, the horseshoe is getting closer and closer. Chen Kai knows that if there is no accident, they will definitely hang here, and they are very sure to hang in the hands of this skeleton knight. Of course, it is also possible that the legs will be broken by the skeleton knight after being chased, and then the silver skeletons will be completely torn apart.
However, it seems that today Chen Kai’s luck is not so bad that it is hopeless. According to the map pattern, there is a huge turn at the end of the whole slope, which is almost more than 3 degrees. If the walking speed is too fast, it will fall directly to the consequences of falling. The map is not written, but even the ass knows that the skull mark will not be a good thing.
Therefore, even if Chen Kai was chased by the skeleton behind him and almost approached his body, they were still very anxious to slow down because they had already seen the turning place and the slope angle was getting bigger and bigger, almost reaching 6 degrees. What can be seen is very simple, because there are many purple crystals growing on the rocks around the turning area. These crystals still emit faint light in the dark environment, like purple elves in the dark.
Of course, these amethysts don’t have a nice name on the map-the ghost crystals on the other side of the Styx seem to have no good influence on these crystals, and they are compared with those ghost crystals that are said to grow on the banks of the Styx to absorb souls, but these are not important to Chen Kai and others. What they want to do now is to stop their bodies quickly instead of rushing to the dark cliff.
The corner is very narrow. According to Chen Kai’s estimation, there can only accommodate one person’s two feet at most. If the cartographer doesn’t make this place bigger, Chen Kai can easily understand each other’s thoughts, because the rocks here are all iron ore, and he is almost the hardest ore known.
Chen Kai’s dagger severely plugged the rock to try to slow down his body’s sliding speed, but as a result, he saw that the dagger drew a spark on the rock and then it broke directly. Although Chen Kai’s speed slowed down a little, he still slid quickly toward the surface at a very high speed, almost without Chen Kai walking by himself, and his whole person would quickly rush to the corner and then fall to the dark cliff.
Similarly, the skeletal creatures who chased after Chen Kai and others seemed to find this situation. They did the same thing as Chen Kai and others in an instant, waved their weapons and then tried to put the sword into the rock to slow down their bodies, but the same trick failed. Only the skeletal creatures who ran at the back could put their long knives into the rock because their places were not covered with purple iron.
From where Chen Kai is, you can see a bunch of skeletal creatures hanging on the rocks. Of course, Chen Kai really wants to be a member of that chain at the moment. Chen Kai doesn’t worry that he rushed directly to the cliff like the knight who rushed over his head. Even if the skeletal creature pulls the horse, it can’t completely stop the accelerated horse. Even if it sticks its own skeletal spear into the rock and bursts, it can’t change the fact that it is falling at a high speed.
As a result, the chasing after ll and them was very energetic. The skeleton creature was very sad and humbled and fell towards the cliff, and almost didn’t even hear it once after falling.
"Whoo-hoo almost almost." Chen Kai looked at his hands and took a deep breath. It was originally a messy chisel mark on the rock surface. It was said that it took quite a long time to chisel this small step, and at this moment this step became Chen Kai’s life-saving place. Chen Kai tried his best to keep his body hanging on the rock, but he didn’t have the strength to climb because he still had several people hanging on his body and several people on his shoulders.
"Miss Big, if you have stepped on enough, climb over quickly. My head is almost squashed by you, Old Four. Your ya are going to lose weight for me. My waist is going to be broken." Ll bit her teeth and stood on Chen Yishen’s hanging cloud and shouted, except for Su Xinghe around her, almost half of the people are propped up by Ll at this time. Fortunately, of course, these people’s body weight is not the same as that of the cloud, otherwise Ll will definitely be directly crushed.
"Brother Shui, hold on!" Yunli held Ll’s thigh and there were two people hanging on him. One was Xu Fei and the other was Bai Shasha. Two people almost held the thigh like him. Of course, they held not Ll’s thigh but Yun’s thigh.
Chapter 217 The staff of the earth traverses the context of the earth ()
Chapter 217 The staff of the earth-across the earth ()
Finally, I climbed into the ground. These chapters are very dragging, and I am embarrassed myself-