Qi Yufeng shook his head. "That’s what I think, Taoist. Don’t take it to heart."

Tongwei shook his head and said, "Have you ever heard of Qi Xiaoyou’s five wonders of East Evil, Xi Du, Nandi, Beigai and Zhongshentong in Jianghu more than a hundred years ago?"
Qi Yufeng nods, "This nature knows."
Tongwei added, "What is the most famous thing for these five wonders?"
Qi Yufeng laughed. "If there were five people, their generation had done one thing in partnership, and that was Huashan’s sword theory."
Tongwei Road nodded and said, "Good Road has neglected."
Qi Yufeng smiled and suddenly felt that it was also very interesting to listen to an old-fashioned Wulin story in the forest in the dead of night. Although he was over twenty, the old-fashioned man treated him like a child, and Qi Yufeng also felt that this old-fashioned way of speaking should be like this.
He couldn’t help kicking two sticks of firewood into the heart when he watched the light fade away. "It’s a pity that my bad karma Fei Yan was still in high school and couldn’t come together, or wouldn’t it be good for two people to listen to this old story?"
However, on second thoughts, he came to this late Yuan season, full of fierce horses in the west wind, killing and setting fires everywhere, calculating other people’s cities. The ordinary girl in the south of the Yangtze River can’t stand the pain, but she doesn’t come.
The old man stared at the filled fire and pondered for a long time before he said slowly, "When this Huashan sword was discussed for the first time, the five unique ambassadors of Nandi and Beigai were all swordsmanship, because this long sword is a’ hundred soldiers’ who have been practicing for a long time, and the natural Taoist skills have gone deep into the mysterious. If the swordsmanship is practiced well, you can get a glimpse of the true state of martial arts."
Qi Yufeng nodded and asked, "But they didn’t seem to be able to give up their swords when they started later?"
Sophisticated nodded and took a sip of his wine and continued, "Yes, the five wonders have reached the peak of swordsmanship after a round. Abandoning the sword happens to coincide. No, it’s martial arts practice that makes you feel better."
Qi Yufeng was silent for a long time and got up and walked a few steps on the ground. He looked at the dark forest and stayed for a while as if there was a future in the forest. He generally turned back and said, "Guess I need another year or two."
The old man asked in surprise, "Can you see?"
Qi Yufeng’s heart says that if he will learn the ten palms of the dragon, or if he will master the martial arts such as Jiuyang Zhenjing and Big Handprint, he will naturally reach a new level. By then, the sword or hand in Changbai Sword Classic will be almost the same.
Immediately he nodded and said, "I don’t know if I’m allowed to think about it myself."
The old man sighed with emotion, "It was only in my forties that I realized your realm, but my martial arts were worse. I can’t see it. Now your martial arts are really high. I had too much at that time and my nature was so natural. It really made me feel ashamed."
Qi Yufeng suspicious heart way Wangwu Mountain a casually sophisticated can have such martial arts knowledge? However, it was inconvenient for him to ask more questions. He immediately bowed his head and tore a piece of fish and bit it.
The old man took a few sips of wine and his face was ruddy. "Do you want to take a divination when you frown?"
Qi Yufeng immediately asked, "Do you know how to tell fortune?"
The old man smiled and said, "It’s convenient for you to chat with people every day when you are idle."
Qi Yufeng is feeling chat immediately said, "that’s good, please ask the Taoist priest to do the math." Although he speaks like this, he sees this old man and has a long heart. Since he is a diviner of six hexagrams, how can he also have a root sign?
But see the road stretched out his hand on the stump and grabbed a large piece of hardwood in his hands and rubbed it to detain. It was like magic to rub out chopsticks. Qi Yufeng suddenly saw him show this skill and was surprised. This is not ten times better than chopping wood in Zhuoqian Temple.
Immediately, he couldn’t help jumping up and pointing to the old road and shouting, "You … you … you are Zhang Zhenren?"
The old man glanced at him and said, "What’s the big deal about Zhang Sanfeng’s fame?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head. "But you have this skill …"
The old man said lightly, "It’s just a Taoist trail. You’ve never seen it before, so it’s strange."
Qi Yufeng shook his head. "Although I haven’t seen it, I also know that this skill is profound, which is not what the average person has done. Qi Yufeng is really admired."
He smiled a few times, but then said, "I won’t accept you as an apprentice if you flatter me again."
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "How can I be wishful thinking about being a Taoist disciple when the Taoist priest is so powerful? I think there are only a few people who can do such martial arts even if they are afraid of heaven."
The old man "Yi" asked, "How many do you think there are?"
Qi Yufeng said, "The first place is wu-tang clan Zhang Zhenren."
Sophisticated nods, "Well, Zhang Sanfeng can do it naturally."
Qi Yufeng added, "The second place is to teach the previous generation to advocate taboo."
The old man shook his head and said, "You’re so short-sighted. When people say that they are tied for each other, you will think that their martial arts are almost the same. But when you practice martial arts to this point, can’t you see that Zhang Ji’s martial arts is a lot worse than Zhang Sanfeng’s?"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help hearing this, but Zheng Yuan wanted to say that Master Bo Barrage and Yang Xiao, the leader of the school, all stopped talking and said that they couldn’t even do Zhang Ji this day, but there was still that talent.
Lao Dao nodded. "Don’t say those mysterious things. Do you want to count marriage?"
Qi Yufeng listlessly shook his head when he heard the word marriage. "It doesn’t count. It’s very annoying."
Old road laughed, "I see you face life with peach blossoms. It’s a big robbery in this generation, even for generations, although two people fall in love with each other, they have to suffer a lot."
Qi Yufeng’s heart said, "What can you suffer from this marriage?" All the houses in the house are ready-made, and there is no father-in-law or mother-in-law to bother her. She can’t even go back to her family.
Immediately primly said, "Calculate how big an official I can be in my life!"
Sophisticated nodded slightly to Qi Yufeng stand a palm.
Qi Yufeng asked strangely, "What does this mean?"
The old man smiled and said, "Five Liang"
Qi Yufeng was shocked. "We met in this mountain, and I bought you a drink and asked for money?"
The old man is not angry. Hehe laughs. "It’s not working if you don’t give money."
Qi Yufeng Nai, who was cared for by Wei Yixiao and treated by Lacan and others, did not bring too much spare money immediately. It seems that there are still six or seven different things in the Bank of China, so he took out five silvers. "Here, I’ll give you this silver."
Sophisticated shook his head. "If I were five taels of gold, it wouldn’t be silver."
Qi Yufeng flew into a rage when he heard this. "It’s too dark for you. I’ll go there to find gold for you."
The old man smiled and said, "If you promise me one thing, I will also give you the divination gold."
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "I’m too busy to do my own thing."
Sophisticated smiled and immediately stopped doing it.
Qi Yufeng stopped for a long time, but he really talked about curiosity. He has been walking alone in silence these days. The only thing that can talk to him is a tiger. How can a living person be spared at this time?
So he was silent for a long time and asked, "What are you going to do?"
The old man said with a smile, "This snowy mountain is difficult to climb. Although I am strong, I am not as strong as you young people. Now that I have met a martial arts expert like you, please climb the mountain with me and give me a hand."
When Qi Yufeng heard this, he saw that the jagged peaks in the distance were grotesque. Xuan Bing Baixue, a steep mountain, couldn’t help sighing, "Why do you always think about climbing this snow-capped mountain at your age?"
Laodao also looked up at the snow peak and said, "If I don’t climb the mountain at my age, I can’t move again?"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help secretly admiring the old man’s tenacity and being inspired by him. Such an old man is also thinking about mountaineering. How dare I, a young guy, be afraid to nod immediately? "Well, I will accompany you to the mountain with you tomorrow."
Sophisticated ha ha a smile and said, "Your name is eponymous Yufeng. This hexagram doesn’t count. You were born with this appearance. If you are not short-lived, you will inevitably have an early disaster. Otherwise, you will be extremely successful in your career. Since you have developed such martial arts and didn’t die young, it seems that you can be as big an official as you want and get as much wealth as you want."
Qi Yufeng saw that he didn’t draw lots by himself, and he didn’t use his name to say such rash things. He couldn’t help but regret it. "If I had known you were doing this to me, I might as well forget it."
Two people laugh and laugh, you give me a light, and the road seems to have never drunk spirits for a long time. Immediately, I can’t help but pour them into Qi Yufeng to iron the tin boxes one by one for his food.
Just as this old man was drinking less, suddenly the old nose sniffed and said, "Tartars are coming."
Qi Yufeng laughed in surprise. "I’m afraid there are no people around in this barren mountain. What’s there?"
Road and a frown nodded, "and Tianzhu people"