Surprisingly, Pinghua Miaomiao refused to arbitrate gm’s suggestion, "Thank you for your suggestion, but I hope to get my justice back and let Liuguang pay compensation."

Ha ha "Elena, quick laugh. She has never seen such a thick-skinned person. Today is the first time she has seen enough.
Arbitration gm tried his best to finally say that Pinghua Miaomiao took out her white map and put it together with the streamer purple Longxing cliff map.
After waiting for a few minutes, the unified result came out, and the arbitration gm showed the result through the virtual screen-
White Longxing Cliff Map Purple Longxing Cliff Map is not from the same person to be continued.
Ps Cup has gone out again these days, but because I have been walking back to the hotel in the mountains all day, there are not many code words. There is really no way to make up for the lack of chapters in two shifts a day.
17 pig-like opponent
Arbitration gm, after this, Elena can rest assured.
Liuguang knew it would be like this. As a result, her maps have never been lower than the blue ones. I don’t know where to buy them, but they are inferior.
"It’s not from the same person, and it doesn’t mean that others are buying and selling things. If you go to the sea, you won’t let her buy it from any booth and pretend to be a purple map and sell it at a high price. You arbitrate gm to cover up profiteers and damage the interests of players. I want to report you!" Someone shouted in the crowd.
Arbitration gm didn’t say a word in the face of other people’s accusations, just hold your horses and wait for the streamer and the apple to reply.
Liu guang thanked the arbitration gm first and applied for data proofreading, but was rejected by the arbitration gm. She said that Tong Tong did not check the abnormal card and there was no abnormality in the player’s hand map.
Apple flower meow meow ignored the arbitration gm, and she didn’t listen.
Arbitration gm will soon leave the farce before the second grocery store.
The loud shout in the crowd continued to discredit streamer and the second grocery store to attract more players to watch the excitement. When he shouted again, he strode over and pulled people out like chickens. The voice came to an abrupt end and was silent again and again, trying to cover up his guilt. "What do you want? I told you that there is np in the killing station here!"
Pinghua miaomiao stepped aside and had an outsider to help her. She was happy to watch the play.
The streamer seems to feel dirty when wiping his hands. "The more I sell maps of Longxing Cliff, the first time I heard that this civet cat changed too much today. You are indignant, but you said that it is better to go in and buy a map to see if I have done anything."
The player’s face is long and narrow, and a pair of small eyes squint at people as if he is amazing. He listens to streamers and walks into the second grocery store with his hands behind his back. He rushes out like a first-class inspection result and says, "It’s so expensive, you rob!" His eyes widened. "As far as I can see, your maps and maps are worthless. It’s expensive to sell 1 gold, so you have the nerve to mark 5 gold."
The player spat at the streamer’s moving position.
"Hey, I’m so poor, you send me a map, and I’ll check if you tampered with it." Finally, he said his real intention
Liuguang regrets pestering them a little. She is not at the same level as the brain-dead thinking. It is difficult for her to just lower her level to deal with them. She despises and refuses other demands. "If you don’t have money to buy it, you are justified in slandering me and asking me to send you a map. Can I say that you robbed me of 5 gold because you are poor?"
"You slander me!" The man jumped up. "She bought a bad map and told you that it was two different things."
Fade out of the player’s sight. Pinghua Meow is suddenly called to the name. She takes the game as a reality. "I really bought it at your place. If you have a problem, you will shirk the responsibility. How can there be such a shameful person!"
"It turns out that the quality of the members who kill the gods is mixed. Fortunately, I haven’t gone yet, or I didn’t know that I was cheated by my pig teammates."
She was willing to let her get out of the killing time. I didn’t expect her words to fall into other people’s ears to understand the opposite. I heard people around me say that it is not good to kill God, and I quickly explained it.
Make it worse.
"I’m sorry to delay everyone, but God will find out about it and give you an explanation." God-killing management took a long time to cross Apple’s meow and chatted secretly. She warned her not to talk nonsense. "Let’s all go."
"Is this the confession of killing the gods?" The streamer mocked the deity to disperse the onlookers. I don’t know if it was intentional or deliberately looked at the streamer. I’m sorry for this dumb loss. I don’t eat maps. Even if there is a problem, I have to bother the illusion technicians to check where it is the turn of the deity to do it. "If there is a problem with the props, it is not my fault."
The management looks like a palette, and one of them is angry. "Liuguang, you are all members of the gods, and everyone is unhappy."
At first, the players around were in an uproar. At first, Apple Meow Meow bought and sold, and Elena kicked her out of the house. It was revealed that she sold fake streamers. Please come out for arbitration. gm reversed for the first time. Apple Meow Meow insisted that streamers were manipulative, killing the gods. It was a metaphor that streamers bullied people. If Apple Meow Meow did something wrong, it should not hurt the members’ kindness.
[Live] A map triggered resentment and hatred between old and new members who killed God.
A live poster appeared on the forum. The landlord was the shopkeeper opposite Liuguang Shop. He witnessed the whole process and said that these women were really idle and spit on their divinatory symbols. The other side continued to send out the best information.
359l Wait for the landlord to talk more. Speaking of which, I also bought the map of Liuguangjia Longxing Cliff. The effect is very good. Ma Ma is no longer worried that I can’t find the blame.
The 36l building is the streamer water army, right? This advertisement is really hard.
445l What, should I play streamer map or purple? What about white?
446l, you must have typed it incorrectly.
This post has made people more and more popular. Players will be surrounded by streamer two grocery stores, and streamer fidgety will get worse and worse. She looks at others, players look at her, and she feels like watching clowns and circus to entertain others.
She kept rubbing her fingers impatiently.
Suddenly, she pulled back to the second grocery store and recruited np Maocai to make tea for her, run errands and buy refreshments, which made other players wonder what streamer was up to.
When streamer is posing in the store, the table is full of tea and melons, waiting to see the play. The player’s face is blue. Flip her hands and switch roles with them. She is no longer the monkey who sings drama in the eyes of players. They have become the monkeys in the eyes of streamer. They also get melon snacks to see their teeth itch, and they don’t want to wipe their faces. The shopkeeper left to see the store and sent np. In the past, they studied streamer and watched their own shop.
Pinghua miaomiao walked awkwardly in the same place, not staying or complaining to arbitration gm, only to find that gm had already gone, and his stomach was full of grievances and turned into hatred. It was all because of the time!
If she swallowed her pride and solved the problem, they would still be able to get along. Now, the streamer can’t get mixed up in killing the gods! to be continued
1 Reject your application.
Pinghua Miaomiao stubbornly keeps her pride like a defeated peacock.
"Remember to check yo ~" Time leaned against the door and waved a small handkerchief. Apple meowed and gritted her teeth to speed up the pace.
However, she spared no effort to discredit the streamer through her own small group. Almost online, the old players know that Pinghua Meow is unhappy with streamer.
"This streamer just came and made the guild fly like a dog and jump like a fox. What was he thinking?"
Bing Xin received a secret chat from her friend. She said that it was today that something happened between Pinghua Meow and Streamer in the second grocery store. Although she had never seen Streamer, she had always heard from her population that she had not met her yet. She was disgusted with Streamer. This person is too HuiLaiEr.
"What do you think?" She asked
At the same time, Elena, the second grocery store, also asked streamer to poke her finger at streamer’s forehead and hate iron not to produce.
"I didn’t think much about it." The streamer took a sip of hot tea and looked at the sky. Qinglong tirelessly wandered around Longquan Station day and night, occasionally overlooking the station.
Qinglong is the four mythical beasts.
Fat said that the four beasts are illusory mascots, living in the np intersection, there should be no problem with Qinglong data yet, and God has not found out the problem yet.
But streamer is convinced that the problem lies in killing God.
So she came.
She’s not cleaning up the mess for Xiao Yu’s softness. Hum, she’s curious about what means she used to kill God to collect Qinglong.
"Qinglong is very beautiful, isn’t it? I like Qinglong Institute very much, so I joined the killing god so that I can have a close look at Qinglong." She said it was true that Qinglong was vigorous and dignified, which was one of the reasons why she joined the killing god.
Elena is skeptical. Their store is in Longquan Station. Every day, when I look up, I can see that Qinglong has specially joined the killing god. I see that it is not the same one, but I look at the sincere eyes of the streamer and finally nod. "Well, I am not interested in the guild, or I will accompany you to join the killing god. Don’t let yourself be wronged."
"Of course" streamer nodded.
After adjusting/teaching Mao Cai, don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider, urging streamer to return to the iron rider, and I was called by Xiao Yurou when I brushed the sect every day.
Killing god said that he would investigate the thunder and rain, but in the end he couldn’t.
Zhitian rolled over to find a streamer to interview. Unfortunately, there are np Maocai and np in the shop, and they can’t help but be discouraged.
It seems that it’s no different for streamer to join the gods. Do sects and go to the second grocery store to adjust/teach np to switch accounts for a week, disguise jade, find a team to brush the level and set off to step on a new map to replenish the shelves.
The god-killing guild channel seems to be abandoned.
No one informed her to participate in the guild activities. Every time, she had to see from the announcement what team XXX led and what vice-president the guild channel was active. Congratulations to the person who appeared in the announcement-he is also a member of the gods.
[Guild] [Stop the War 3,000] Three-level trial tower bearer 3 = 2
It’s hard to see someone on the guild channel talking and applying for joining the 3 thousand team to stop the war
Stop fighting, 3 thousand, reject your application