If it is someone else, Qin Na will definitely swear at this time. Actually, this head is still playing suspense with the old man. But in front of him, it goes without saying that his Terran Emperor status is his sister, the Terran Virgin Nuwa Empress. That’s a saint level.

"Qin Nan clan don’t worry, this man’s throne is more important than our emperor and Dihuang, and it is far-reaching and involves the game of many forces. Besides, the lich war is not yet unnecessary and too urgent."
Shennong said these words in a leisurely way, but Qin Na called them more. But this acute Qin Na here has no choice for Fuxi and Shennong, and Fuxi and Shennong seem to have not talked to outsiders for too long. I want to talk to Qin Na more and have been talking about it.
And Qin Na is somewhat tormented, and Kong Xuannai accompanied Fuxi and Shennong in the middle of the fire cloud cave with some rambling things.
"Report the visit of Master Nu Wa Gong Lingzhu"
Suddenly, the waiter outside the door came to report that Fuxi pinched his finger and said with a smile, "Please invite him in quickly!" After that, Fuxi turned to Qinnan Road. "It seems that your destiny has arrived for the heads of the Qinnan clan."
"My destiny? What do you mean? "
Qin Na touched her head and didn’t think clearly about the arrival of Nu Wa Gong Ling Zhu and what she had. The waiter invited Ling Zhu to come in. Qin Na saw this Ling Zhu powder and tender belly. A red Chinese-style chest covering was very cute, and this Ling Zhu still held a roll of drawing in his hand. By feeling, Qin Na knew that this roll of drawing was extremely powerful, and it was definitely not an unusual magic weapon.
"Lingzhu meets Fuxi’s master!"
As soon as Lingzhu entered the cave, he bowed down and saluted Fuxi. This is also the case. Fuxi was originally a saint and brother of Nuwa Palace. Although he is now reincarnated as the Terran Emperor, his majesty is not diminished. Lingzhu naturally has to be so respectful.
"well! Lingzhu, what’s the matter with you coming to my Fire Cloud Palace this time? "
In the face of Lingzhu Fuxi, it is a harsh kind, but Qin Na is watching funny heart andao "This Fuxi old son is quite good at acting. Just now, he has to pretend that he doesn’t know what to do with Lingzhu. If he is allowed to take pictures, he is estimated to be able to play several Oscars."
"In reply, the Empress asked me to bring a map of mountains and rivers to the Empress, so she didn’t tell me anything."
Lingzhu honestly said that Fuxi nodded slightly and then brushed his hand to collect the map of mountains and rivers. Lingzhu said, "Now that the map of mountains and rivers has been brought to you, you can go back to Nuwa Palace."
"Xie’m the spirit bead excused himself."
Lingzhu glanced at Qin Nan when he got up and excused himself. He was curious about why there was such a person as Qin Nan in the Fire Cloud Palace, and Qin Nanxiu had a fairy, but it was strange to see that Fuxi’s master was very friendly to him.
After Lingzhu left, Emperor Fuxi took a picture of mountains and rivers in his hand and looked at Qinnan Road cheerfully. "Look, this is your destiny, Chief Qin Nan."
A cutting fu xi gave the map of mountains and rivers to Qin Nan Qin Nan leng one after another in the past, the gods swept in the face and immediately sighed, "What a powerful breath! This is the state map of the ancestral level innate Lingbao Mountain and River? Emperor Fuxi, would you say that this is my destiny? And is this to give it to me? "
There are only 30 or 50 pieces of congenital Lingbao at the ancestor level of heaven and earth, and most of them are in the hands of six congenital saints. The power of a congenital Lingbao at the ancestor level is immeasurable and can cause some permanent harm to the wild world.
Now Qin Na has something in his own hands that he has been following himself. The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair is a congenital treasure of the ancestor level, and everything else is still far from it.
Holding hands in the mountains and rivers, Qin Nan unfolded it. Kong Xuan held the picture scroll and unfolded it. The landscape painting is vivid and contains a mysterious force. At first glance, it seems that people have fallen into a poor world, as if people’s thoughts have entered the real world in painting.
"Qin Na heads you just said? There is a bear tribe, Xuanyuan Huangdi, supported by a great sage, and now my sister, Nu Wa, has also given this picture of mountains and rivers. You just instructed you to compete for that man’s throne. "
God wants us to meet a few wrong people, Qin Na, just woke up. It turned out that Nu Wa Empress supported herself behind her back, which made Qin Na feel flattered. The Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Sword is also the innate treasure of Jin Xian, but the map of his country is the godfather level.
"Qin Nan patriarch, this old gentleman teaches the ancestor, but the Terran is created by our Nu Wa Empress. In addition to the old gentleman, Ren Huang chose our Nu Wa Empress, and there is also a discourse. This time, Ren Huang’s struggle for totem belief is very critical, and it also involves the struggle between the Dragon clan and the Phoenix clan among the beasts."
Shennong wanted to think about handing the ochre whip in his hand to Qin Na and added, "This ochre whip is a thank you for saving my daughter, and it can also help you unify the Terran as soon as possible and achieve the throne."
"Hehe, it seems that I have to say something."
Seeing that Shennong gave the ochre whip to Qinnan Fuxi, he also smiled and flashed out two pictures. It was the Hetuluo that was handed over to Qinnan Road. "Now I, the head of Qinnan clan, have achieved this Hetuluo, or did you bring me here? Now I will give them to you to help you unify the Terran and achieve the human throne."
"This … how to make?"
The picture of mountains and rivers, the picture of rivers and countries, the picture of ochre whip and the picture of Hetu Luoqinnan are flattered and hard to refuse. In fact, his heart has long been happy, and this trip has not been in vain to make a fortune.
"Master, it’s all your kindness, so you can accept it!"
Kong Xuan aside said with a smile that he knows Qin Na best. Knowing that Qin Na is happy now means a refusal.
"It’s that it’s hard for the heads of families in southern Qin to unify the Terran. Don’t you have some magic weapons to defend yourself?"
Fuxi and Shennong said a few more words, and Qin Na accepted them reluctantly.
At this moment, suddenly, the Nu Wa Gong Ling Zhu went back to the fire cloud cave and bowed to Fuxi, saying, "M just received an order from the empress to ask me to come to the cave and ask friends in Qinnan for a treasure."
"oh? Is it a treasure? Actually, your sister is so heart-warming? "
Fuxi listened to the question and counted it with a pinch of fingers. "Qin Nan, did you ever have a five-color stone that my sister missed when she was mending the sky?"
"Yes, but …"
I am reluctant to hear that Nu Wa wants to get back the five-color stone Qin Nan’s heart. You know, this five-color stone is pregnant with Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Qi Tian! In the journey to the west, Qin Nan, the man of the hour, is still looking forward to getting Sun Wu out to be his younger brother! How can you easily hand over the congenital five-color stone?
"But what? Chief Qin Nan’s five-color stone is big for my sister, and my sister has just given you a picture of a country with mountains and rivers, which is much better than this Jin Xian-level congenital five-color stone. Why can’t Chief Qin Nan refuse to give up what one favours? "
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six The lich Armageddon
Among the castellan’s mansion of the Terran Fuxi tribe.
Qin Na holds the ochre whip in one hand and the map of mountains and rivers and the river map in the other. Although she lost the congenital five-color stone that gave birth to the monkey, she won’t lose money with these three congenital Lingbao.
In Huoyun Cave, when Lingzhu was ordered by Nuwa to beg for the congenital five-colored stone from Qinnan, it was difficult for Qinnan to hand it over as soon as it was difficult. After all, it was a curse for a saint to keep it for himself, and Qinnan still needed to win the support of Nuwa for the throne. Qinnan finally chose to compromise and hand it over.
"I’ll give it to you if I quit this whip. It is said that this whip is wonderful for things, and then all the farming things in our tribe belong to you."
Give the whip to the pig ring. Qin Nan saw that the pig ring’s eyes had been fixed on his country. He patted the pig ring’s head and said, "Don’t hit me, dead pig. This whip will be in charge of farming for you. Think about how much delicious you want."
Qin Na said that pigs quit drooling. Kong Xuan laughed at the side. "Dead pigs know that eating has no promise."
"Hum! Smelly bird, you are not much better … "
Pig ring stared at Kong Xuan a little reluctant to put the ochre whip in his arms and then Qin Na took it out and assigned it to Kong Xuan.
"Kong Xuan’s Hetuluo contains congenital hexagrams in the middle and front. Although there is no congenital hexagrams now, Zhou’s ability to attract stars and accept hundreds of rivers is still there. If you can be lucky and combine the characteristics of congenital five-color divine light, it will be wonderful."
Qin Na himself was calculated by congenital hexagrams. This river map is complementary to Kong Xuan’s five-color divine light.
"Thank you, master!"
Kong Xuan is not as reluctant as Pig Ring to put away Hutuluo and blend into his innate five-color divine light.
At the same time, Qin Na played with the map of mountains and rivers himself, and he could feel that the map of mountains and rivers did not really belong to him.
Like Xuanyuan Huangdi Xuanyuan Sword, this picture of mountains and rivers is actually an orthodox Ren Huang symbol given by Nu Wa to Qinnan. Only when you have this picture of mountains and rivers can you have an orthodox title to go to the Sifang Unified Terran Institute. This picture of mountains and rivers still has a strong flavor of Nu Wa. Qin Nangen can’t finish refining it and drive it.
"It’s so wonderful that there is a country in the picture of mountains and rivers. I actually saw that there are limited mountains and rivers in it. It’s just another real world!"
It is really amazing to think that Qin Na can really appreciate the mystery of mountains and rivers by probing into the knowledge of gods. It can be said that the scope explored by Qin Na in the knowledge of gods is already as big as a vast expanse. It is really amazing to think that such a big picture is hidden in this small picture.
"Master, what is this? It is said that Buddhists have sumeru mustard magical powers, and even a world can be accommodated in a grain of sand. Previously, when we met the Tibetan King Bodhisattva in the underworld, we had several Buddhist countries, and each Buddhist country was accommodated in a very small grain of sand or flowers."
Kong Xuan still knows a lot about some Buddhist teachings. The magical power of the Buddhist Sumeru mustard is really a kind of magical power for opening up and transporting. In this way, the Buddhist brother can establish his own Buddhist kingdom, which is similar to the establishment of a colony belonging to his own kingdom by some planes of the western protoss.