"I" Kui Liu suddenly woke up to the Sunday language trap, but it was too late to repent at this time. Either he admitted that from ruin wanted it, or he admitted that he didn’t see Sunday’s murder, which one was good for Sunday and bad for Kui Liu.

Sunday smiled and said, "I’ve finished asking you questions about girls’ literature." I casually understood the monkey’s visual nerve and auditory nerve. "Now it’s my turn to ask you a few questions."
"Hum, ask."
Zhou Tiandao "When did I kill your young master?"
Monkey Road "Around 9 pm"
"Did you kill it yourself?"
"Yes, yes, you killed the master yourself."
"Am I alone or do I have a helper?" Sunday’s face smiled even more brightly.
The monkey hummed, "You’re the one who started it. You slapped the girl’s literature behind the young master."
Zhou Tiandao "Oh, what was Senior Sister Fu Yajing doing at that time?"
The monkey looked at Kui Liu and said, "Sister Fu Yajing was lying on the ground crying."
Zhou Tiandao: "Oh, I see. Did you see it alone or did you see it with the monkey?"
Monkey said, "Of course, I saw it with Kui Liu. At that time, Kui Liu and I were in a hurry, and Kui Liu wanted to find you. I tried my best to hold Kui Liu. I said that if Master * * ruined us, we could get him back with three souls and seven spirits, but it would still make Master reborn."
Zhou Tiandao: "Sister Fu Yajing didn’t say I was a murderer, but you said I was a murderer. Besides, Sister Fu Yajing hasn’t testified that I was a murderer since just now. How do you explain this?"
The monkey’s heart thumped and he didn’t take this detail into account. His eyes rolled a few times. "Then I don’t know why Sister Fu Yajing didn’t testify against you. Maybe you threatened Sister Fu Yajing or for other reasons."
At this moment, Zhou Tianshen’s reaction to knowing the world was a mark of the sword. After listening to the message carefully, he showed ecstasy and said coldly, "Monkey, I’ll ask you one last time, did I do it alone or did Fu Yajing and my sister kill Ruofeng together?"
The monkey paused and said, "I saw that you killed Ruofeng alone."
"Enough" If the firm but gentle face turns blue to this point, it is already very sure who the murderer is. If he has to say that Sunday is the murderer at this time, many people will wonder what his purpose is. Looking at the monkey and Kui Liu coldly, he said, "What are you two trying to kill my brother?"
The monkey and Kui Liu were both surprised. I don’t know if the sword saw anything. The monkey quickly said, "Lord, we didn’t kill the young master, but it was Sunday and Sunday. He killed the young master."
Sunday smiled and said, "If Brother Jian asks you this question, I will answer it for you. They are not brothers Jian Zongdi, but spies sent by the ghost world."
"What?" This is a bombshell on Sunday, and several senior officials in Ruojia jumped up surprisingly. If Yifan looked at Kui Liu and the monkey coldly and roared, "Say if you are spies sent by the ghost world to sneak in, if I have ulterior motives."
Monkey and Kui Liu panicked, and Monkey Youzi said firmly, "Master, we two brothers are loyal to Ruojia. Why must we be wronged as spies in the ghost world? Is it not enough for an outsider to talk to the family? If we go out, how many people will be attached to Ruojia?"
Zhou Tiandao said, "Don’t worry, I won’t talk nonsense when girls’ literature is updated for the first time without sufficient evidence. People in the ghost world practice something fishy, no matter how to hide them. Do you dare to let us know the world of gods and explore the breath of your body?"
The monkey stepped back and panicked, "I, I, why should you explore? Why should you explore if your family killed the young master? I will fight with you to the end even if I don’t want my life."
Sunday sneered, "I really don’t know how to repent when I am very close to death. I will also find a witness to prove my innocence."
"Witness what witness" monkeys seem to be shrinking, and they are really afraid that Sunday will find a powerful witness, so that all their plots will be realized and they will probably leave their lives here.
If people in the ghost world hate each other as much as the sea, how many elite Ruojia were killed by people in the ghost world in that war? Sometimes, if their families thought that if it weren’t for that war, many elite Ruojia had fallen. Now Jianzong has long been the turn of Ruojia. Therefore, for thousands of years, if the hatred against the ghost world has not been alleviated, it has increased day by day. Either you die or I live.
Sunday smiled and said, "My witness is more special. If the wind dies, I will personally testify."
"What?" The monkey subconsciously touched the back and summoned the local girls’ literature to update for the first time and exclaimed, "How do you find Master Ruofeng to testify?"
Zhou Tiandao "I heard that you got back Master Ruofeng’s body, but you didn’t find him a practitioner with three souls and seven spirits, especially when he was in Wu Shen. Even if * * was destroyed, his soul would not be eliminated. Maintaining the last bit of energy would be attached to the soul. At this time, there must be a panacea to reshape the body and get reborn. You said that I killed Master Ruofeng, so where did the soul and three souls and seven spirits go?"
"You ruined it."
Zhou Tiandao: "Oh, really? If you want to destroy Wu Soul and Three Soul and Seven Spirits, the level of cultivation is several grades higher than the other side, and the general practitioner will not destroy each other’s Wu Soul and Three Soul and Seven Spirits. If you can refine and transform the gas that you can absorb, you will make yourself grow by leaps and bounds. This method is more cruel than hurting the sky and no one will do this except the ghost world."
Monkey said, "So what?"
Zhou Tiandao said, "If you are a ghost, if you kill Ruofeng, you must be reluctant to destroy his soul and three souls and seven spirits. You will stay and slowly refine and melt your own monastery. You must have Ruofeng’s soul and three souls and seven spirits hidden in your body."
"Ah, no,no." The monkey saw that things were exposed and moved towards the gate, trying to escape, but he didn’t walk a few steps on Sunday and instantly came to him and raised his hand to attack a host monkey.
"Sou" flashed past him and grabbed the bottle in his arms.
On Sunday, I looked at the bottle in my hand and said simply, "If my witness is in this bottle, the wind and the soul and the three souls and seven spirits must have been collected in this bottle." After a while, a figure slowly appeared in front of everyone and was suspended in the middle.
If not, who else would it be?
If the wind appeared, he immediately shouted, "Brother, catch the monkey and the willow. They killed me."
Monkeys and pomegranates fled as soon as they heard the door, but they were fast and others were faster than them.
"Whoosh" instantly blocked the gate for a week with a slight smile. "When the two things were exposed, they wanted to escape and didn’t give me too much face." Together, they pointed to a firm but gentle "shua" blaster.
"Roll" Kui Liu roared with a huge fist and smashed it with one punch. On Sunday, the new firm but gentle shuddered and was forced to retreat.
Monkey hey hey sneer reached out and grabbed Kui Liuli to throw it out and crashed into Sunday.
On Sunday, the monkey’s frown was too mean, and he fled for his life and trapped his companion’s life, regardless of the fact that the impact was so fierce that he didn’t go to the side and let him come.
"D, you’re despicable." The willow roared and the monkey was chilling.
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Make enemies Make enemies
Girls’ literature
The monkey laughed hazily. "It’s better for you to die than for me." I don’t care so much. On Sunday, I surprised a gap. When I stepped on the shoulder of the willow, I wanted to run out.
"Sou" a new firm but gentle suddenly blocked his way. At this time, if you still force the former firm but gentle, you will pierce his head affectionately. Let alone save your life. It is hard to say whether you can save the Wu soul and the three souls and seven souls. This is a punishment worse than death, which means that your soul can’t enter the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
Nai Monkey jumped back in the same way, and the firm but gentle "shua" flashed past his cheek, and the edge of the blade grazed his cheek, which made a girl’s literature burn.
If you wait so long, several elders in the family will hold all the exits one after another, even if the monkey and the willow have a tongtian collar, they will never escape.
If the sword looks awe-inspiring and his eyes say coldly, "If I kill my brother, I still want to leave the joke. If my home is somewhere, I will come and go whenever I want. If we treat you well, I will spare you."
"Ha-ha" the monkey said coldly, "If your family treats me well, I’m fine. Kui Liu and I are from the ghost world. So what? Kui Liu and I have long since left the ghost world and came to your sword clan to find a place to live. But what do you do if your family treats me and Kui Liugen inappropriately? Are we monkeys born to bully you if you are at home?"
"Especially you, my good young master, if there is a saying in the wind on Sunday, how nice it is that you are a wan ku brother. What do you think of me and Kui Liu as human beings? What do you think of us? No, no, you have finished. If you order something, we must finish it at once. Even if you ask us to dress up as pigs and dogs, we must do it at once. Do you treat us as human beings?"
"It’s girls’ literature. If your family is very powerful in Jianzong, it’s very famous in the science of uniting. But what’s the matter? Kui Liu and I came to Jianzong to spend our old age quietly, not to serve you as servants. We will devote ourselves to you and please you hard. What is it? Can we live well in this world?"
"If the wind kills you, what’s the big deal? If you die, you have to be able to spit out one blood in your heart. The shame is ten layers of hell. I’m also willing to come and kill us. You have something to kill us."
If the shock wave is pale and roared, "Monkey, when will our family bully you? What’s not thin for you? You ungrateful guy killed my brother and destroyed me. If your family name is dead, you will plead guilty. If I don’t kill you today, I will live up to my ancestors."
"Bah," the monkey fumed, "If you are a sword, MD, don’t wear a tall hat for yourself. If your family name is D, it’s a nest of snakes and rats. If you are a family, what despicable means can’t be good? Things have come to light, and you MD should be shameless."
If "you" are pale and short of breath, there will be anger to kill in your eyes, and your fist will rattle, and girls’ literature will burst out when they are tight.
Ruoyifan growled, "Ruojian, what are you waiting for? Kill them for me."
"Ha ha, wonderful, wonderful." On Sunday, I clapped my hands and laughed for a long time before I stopped laughing. "Monkey, it’s a pity that you are not a good thing yourself. If you can’t get along in the ghost world, you will leave the ghost world and come to Jianzong. I found that the competition here is fierce and it’s hard to be born at this time. How did you do it? You didn’t practice hard to improve your strength. All day long, you just wanted to please others’ dependence. To put it bluntly, you two are either fawning and begging pugs."
"Sunday" the monkey roared, "This is our feud with Ruojian. What kind of hand did Ruojian give you?"