Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Bloody huge hands

Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Bloody huge hands
Xia Qi several people in situ waiting for a few days after no harvest.
Although it is abundant in the first heavy weather, Xia Qi several people don’t want to continue to consume it like this.
This day early in the morning, several people left here for hunting, and they will turn to other places for a month. First, they want to find treasures themselves.
Secondly, I want to go to other areas to seduce others.
After all, the first heavy day is wider than entering the first heavy day, and the elite brothers will be far apart. In the summer, several people almost killed all the immortals near their former location, but there are definitely other areas.
On the way, a group of people also have no scruples about driving the flame chariot to rumble and crush the sky, and the potential is huge, so people can notice it from a distance.
There are not a few people in the line who practice profound knowledge, but they have been letting the thunder and fire herons pull the flame chariot forward.
And a few people and gods are looking for all kinds of treasures from the side.
This statue of the bloody phoenix demon emperor was once a demon emperor, but now it is seriously injured, but it is also equivalent to the top fairy king, the strong and the sensitive gods. Many treasures can’t escape the eyes of all.
A group of people have benefited a lot
Even the blood phoenix demon imperial city found the tree species treasure, which was very helpful to her injury and made her recover more. A truly beautiful face was full of smiles.
This day has already reached the peak of the fairy, and the jade bell has soared, breaking through the fairy realm and stepping into the fairy realm.
The jade bell still looks petite and lovely as an inexperienced little princess when entering the realm of Jinxian.
But if someone swept his body with divine knowledge, he could immediately find that the delicate and delicate body of the jade bell contained horrible power.
"The bell has also broken through, which is a good thing, but you must not break through to the realm of Jinxian so quickly. We need your help if we want to go out."
Xia qi gently held a jade bell and then smiled at Gu Yue way
The people who come to enter the first place are all immortals in the realm of immortals, but at this moment Xia Qi and his party are not immortals except Gu Yue, and they have already surpassed the realm of immortals.
It is for this reason that Xia Qi should be so charged with Gu Yue.
Because no matter whether you enter or leave the first heavy sky, if you exceed the realm of immortals at the edge of the first heavy sky, even the emperor will bear the pressure of terror and be seriously injured even if he does not die.
Therefore, Xia Qi and his party are very dependent on Gu Yue at the moment.
If Gu Yue Xiu also breaks through, then they will need to be handed over to others if they want to leave the first heavy day, even if they enter the magic weapon of the cave.
"There’s something weird ahead."
Gu Yue haven’t mouth blood phoenix demon emperor phoenix eye a clot low said.
"There is a strong blood suffocation."
A moment later, Xia Qi’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and felt a slightly strange place in front.
Because of the blood dragon, he is very sensitive to blood, and he sensed that strange place even more than the flying fairy king.
The flame chariot did not stop, but still roared forward. After climbing a high mountain, it sat on the chariot surface and Xia Qi and his party suddenly saw the line of sight.
Their eyes turned out to be red.
Not a flame, but lotus flower.
Exhausted lotus flower condensed in the front, blocking the road ahead, and Xia Qi and his party were already feeling uneasy.
The impact of blood and qi is too strong to bear, and it is easy to make people lose their minds and become a killing machine.
Xia Qi’s facial discoloration.
Only Gu Yue felt a familiar feeling in her heart when she saw the blood red. She felt that her bloody sword seemed to be trembling gently.
There is no excitement in her heart, but some palpitations
She remembered that Heaven had spoken to her, and she was trained to kill kendo. In the end, she would become a sword master who killed kendo.
At that time, Heaven gave Gu Yue two choices. One was to abolish the killing kendo and practice again to completely get rid of the control of the people behind the killing kendo.
The second way is that Gu Yue continues to practice killing kendo.
Gu Yue chose the second one.
Heaven gave her a key to keep her mind at all times. Dan medicine made her pretend to be controlled, which led to the person hiding behind the killing kendo. This person’s strength rose rapidly to Gu Yue’s strength, and in the end, he controlled this person in turn.
Gu Yue took a deep breath and slowly calmed down.
She didn’t want to be discovered by Xia Qi, Jade Bell and others.
She knew that if Xia Qi found out that she chose, she would do anything to stop her.
"This lotus flower is like a tide, ShaQi is really horrible, and I don’t know how big the scope is. What’s the great treasure in it?"
Wu praised a sigh with emotion said
Such a scene is really rare.
Xia Qi also saw the exhaustion of blood Shaqi when Xue Fengling entered the double emperor’s trapped blood phoenix demon emperor array. At that time, he was very shocked. With the help of blood dragon, he barely got out of trouble and brought out the blood phoenix demon emperor.
But the blood in that gathering evil spirit array is simply different from here.
There is no end to ShaQi here, and the red light is like a flood. It seems that there is a blood-red horror ratio left in the world.
"I’ll go in and find out."
After a moment Xia Qi look a clot mouth and said
This place is too strange, lotus flower gushing, exhausted, ShaQi rolling on and on, and Xia Qi wants to find out if there is anything wonderful in it.
They didn’t stop Xia Qi.