Lin Cheng refused, but he had to stay to eat the food. It was a simple home-cooked snack. The wine was brewed with strong ingredients. These things were added to the wine. You said how strong this wine should be. This jar of wine, Huang Baishun, has been brewing for three years and has not been willing to take it out for drinking. I took it out this time.

The wine jar is a 20-Jin porcelain jar, and it’s sealed with mud. wine aroma’s son immediately overflowed the whole room and poured a cup for Lin Cheng, Wang You and Calvin respectively.
This wine is too small to drink, and you have to get drunk just to smell it. Calvin is already a little dizzy. These things are aphrodisiac supplements. When you add them to the wine at such a high level, the drug has already penetrated into the wine for three years, and the wine strength is better than three points.
Huang Baishun raised his glass. "Master Lin has a brother and this little brother has come to our martial arts practitioners, and we can’t talk. We are destined to get together."
As soon as Huang Baishun lifted his neck, more than one or two liquors poured into his throat. When the three men saw that Huang Baishun had done it, they followed suit.
Lin Cheng and Wang Do you have any questions? Calvin’s face is flushed with this glass of liquor, and Calvin will be a bad drinker. Calvin will get drunk with such a strong liquor.
Sure enough, the second cup of Calvin was already a dish, and I bought it and ate it, so I lay prone on the table. Lin Cheng and Huang Baishun sued for a crime. "Laugh and laugh. He can’t drink. I’ll help him to the chair when he’s drunk."
Calvin snored as soon as he touched the plush chair. This wine is still a good hypnotic. He sleeps as soon as he drinks it.
Lin Cheng returned to the table and Huang Baishun raised his glass again. "Let’s hit it off at first sight and even drink three." It’s already more than half a catty without eating a bite of food.
This wine strength is not the same as that of Hengshui Laobaigan with more than 60 degrees. Although the alcohol in Hengshui Laobaigan is high, it doesn’t rush, and Huang Baishun obviously adds strong ingredients to the wine. After drinking it, he is even hotter and hotter, and his penis is even more eager to move. If it is not Lin Cheng’s strong control over his body, the flagpole has been erected.
Mrs. Huang Baishun is a typical Chinese working woman. Lin Cheng and Wang have called for her sister-in-law to come and eat together several times. She all said that she couldn’t stick to it until she was busy. The taste of the food is good, but it is authentic Shandong cuisine. Shrimp, home-cooked tofu, sweet and sour carp, sliced pork and fried peanuts are all crispy and yellow. It’s not good to have more heat and less heat
Lin Cheng almost bit his tongue when eating. In eating, Lin Cheng is generally not polite. Unlike many people who are polite and embarrassed, Lin Cheng is not stingy with his praise even if it tastes good.
Did Wang see Calvin sleeping in the chair and leaving the glass of white wine? "Master Lin is so good that your apprentice won’t drink it, so you will drink it instead?"
Lin Cheng knew that Wang had a bottom of my heart when he saw Wang’s expression. "Good Master Wang said it was such a good wine that it really couldn’t be lang." Lin Cheng picked up Calvin’s glass of wine and looked up and drank it.
Huang Baishun is a straightforward person. When he saw that Lin Cheng was also so generous, he was even happier.
Wang You and Huang Baishun, both of them were born to drink white wine and grew up. There is no martial arts hero who doesn’t like to drink white wine. Wang You and Huang Baishun drink well.
Huang Baishun led three cups and Wang You led two cups. At this time, it is already two for each person. To say that drinking ordinary white wine, Huang Baishun and Wang You will not have any problem even if they drink one and a half pounds. However, this kind of wine with strong ingredients is almost equivalent to two kilograms of ordinary white wine, and this wine has great stamina.
At this time, Wang You wanted to keep the amount of alcohol down to Lin Cheng. His eyes suggested that Huang Baishun drunk Lin Cheng together. Huang Baishun understood Wang’s straightforwardness, but he understood Wang’s interest. Lin Cheng didn’t let him drink well when he came here for the first time, because we didn’t entertain him well.
So after five cups, Wang You and Huang Baishun drank Lin Cheng alone until the wine dried. Finally, Lin Cheng couldn’t remember how many cups he drank. Anyway, Wang You and Huang Baishun were all at the bottom of the table.
Although Lin Cheng has a large capacity for liquor, he is also a bit hobbled after drinking this powerful wine. Lin Cheng drank a lot of liquor, which is equivalent to the sum of Wang You and Huang Baishun. At least he drank more than three kilograms of liquor. Because there are several vats, the liquor in the vats is better than half. The base is half. Lin Cheng drank more than three kilograms, and Wang You and Huang Baishun drank more than seven kilograms. It is not almost half to get rid of one and a half kilograms of water in these three years.
Lin Cheng called Mrs. Huang Baishun to help her to wake up Huang Baishun and Wang Youan. Calvin stopped a taxi at the gate of the martial arts school and left for school.
At this time, it will be late. Although there is still a ray of light on the horizon, it is already past seven o’clock. "Master, I just drank too much."
"I seem to remember that I didn’t eat last night. I’m hungry now. Let’s go to the snack street and eat before we go back?"
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33 brand cutting chopsticks
? When Calvin was called a taxi by Lin Cheng, he was already half drunk. When he came to Calvin to drink, he slept less for two hours. Now he is much better, but it was after sleeping that he remembered that he had not eaten and was hungry.
"Good master, stop at the roadside of Haida Snack Street ahead."
When they saw Che Lincheng, Huang Fengzheng walked into a barbecue shop with several basketball team classmates, and Lin Chenggong and Calvin followed him in.
Huang Feng has money at home and a Jing Cheng at school. Plus, he is tall and tall, and he is 1.56 meters tall and looks a little sunny. The school where women are very popular is very good.
At this time, Huang Feng sat at a big table with several basketball team classmates and two girls. Several people laughed and laughed. Huang Feng hugged a girl with long hair and talked in the girl’s ear, making the girl blush. Several men all belong to the big and burly type. If you are joking at the barbecue shop, you have no scruples.
Lin Cheng walked over with Calvin until he reached the table of Huang Feng. Several people just didn’t find Lin Cheng talking and laughing. Huang Feng was burying his head in the long-haired girl’s ear and sticking out his ear lobe. Lickitung ian was so selfless that Huang Fenggen didn’t find it when Lin Cheng came over.
And the rest of the people have seen Lin Cheng come over, but they don’t know Lin Cheng, and no one takes him seriously. Lin Chengdu is almost on the back of Huang Feng, and Huang Feng is still there. If someone is fighting in the girl’s earlobe,
"What are you doing? Fuck! "A man in a jersey shouted at Lin Cheng.
Huang Feng was reluctant to part when he heard this man shouting. He turned his head from the girl’s earlobe to see who dared to harass the young master. When he turned his head to see Lin Cheng, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to say a word straight. wait for a while looked at Lin Cheng and almost scared his eyes off.
"What are you doing here?"
Lin Cheng a smile "ha ha how can’t I come? This is a hotel. "
Huang Feng froze for a while and suddenly got up from the stool. His teammates were watching Huang Feng and the man behind him. The situation was waiting for Huang Feng to say hello, whether to fight or not? At this time, when I saw Huang Feng suddenly get up, everyone got up quickly, and there was no wine table or bottle. Everyone grabbed a stool at the bottom of their ass and was ready to wait for Huang Feng to make a fight.
But they didn’t hear Huang Feng’s knee bend and kneel directly in front of Lin Cheng. "Brother, I was wrong."
This hand stool is ready to rush to fight Lin Cheng, the basketball team members, and they are stunned.
Huang Feng and Lin Chengen complained that Huang Feng didn’t tell anyone that this was not a glorious thing after all. Huang Feng was such a good face. Of course, he wouldn’t take the initiative to tell me that the foundation of the past was uncovered. But when he led Japan to the library to find Lin Cheng, Huang Feng remembered clearly that Lin Cheng had beaten those poor people out of the water. He came to a huge and powerful mountain pass, and Goro would put an end to Lin Cheng. However, after seeing Lin Cheng show his great power and kill these Japanese people, Huang Feng never dared to face Lin Cheng face to face.
Lin Cheng patted Huang Feng on the shoulder. "Don’t get up on your knees and talk."
Huang Fenggen didn’t dare to get up, but something even more incredible happened to him. Lin Chenggong patted his shoulder and his palm could produce a suction force, so he sucked up his weight of more than 170 kilograms. Huang Fenggen swore to heaven by himself that he never got up. The most important thing is that he didn’t dare to get up in the face of his own offense, but Lin Chenggen said to let him get up and talk. He thought about kneeling for another three or two minutes to let Lin Chengrao himself, but don’t let Lin Chengrao suck up.
Huang Feng couldn’t help but feel a little creepy. It’s incredible. How could he be sucked up by Lin Cheng?
In the eyes of the basketball team members around, Huang Feng was so faceless that he knelt down before he spoke. Where is the peak-less style? Then, Feng Shao made such a gift that the young man took a few shots and said, kneel down and say, is this still the peak-less style? This is too obedient
"Eldest brother, I was wrong, and I dare not lead people to find you again."
"What did you bring people to me for?"
"Ah, someone asked me the way."
Lin Chengyi reached out and slapped Huang Feng’s neck one by one. Huang Fenglai bowed his head and bent his waist. Lin Chengyi slapped Huang Feng and knelt down again.
In fact, Lin Chengjin is not very strong and has no real strength. Huang Feng was frightened and guilty. Lin Cheng let Huang Feng’s legs kneel to the ground with a pat.
"I won’t hit you. What are you afraid of?"
"Not afraid, not afraid," said Huang Fengzui, but there was a vibrato in his voice.
"Actually, I just want to tell you one thing today, and then I’ll leave."
"What is it?"
Lin Cheng picked up a pair of chopsticks with Huang Feng in front of him. This is not a convenient chopstick, but a synthetic plastic chopstick in the hotel, and then pulled out a playing card in a plastic bag on the table.
Huang Feng and others play ball every day, but they are tired from playing. Generally, they bring a few playing cards with them. When they are tired and have fun, the playing cards from the stadium are directly packed in plastic bags, brought to the hotel and put on the table.
"I can forgive you for hating me, but if you let me meet a Japanese stooge again, I will cut off your fingers one by one."
Lin Cheng finished this sentence with chopsticks in his left hand and playing cards in his right hand. He quickly cut two chopsticks and instantly turned them into four pieces.