If there is some luck in winning the championship before, or it makes people feel that it is no big deal, then no one will dare to despise him now. You hate him and hate him, but you must never pout and say, "What’s the big deal?"

Being able to lead the team unbeaten for 50 consecutive games fully tests a head coach’s various abilities, including tactics, training ability and psychological adjustment ability-because in this process, the psychological mood of the players will definitely fluctuate, and if the head coach can’t handle it, it may lead to failure, and he will always be unbeaten in a row, and he will fully experience the comprehensive ability of winning. At least in the future, he will definitely have a high position in world football, and he may have a place among world-class head coaches.
These media don’t just lick their toes
They are naturally justified in saying so.
The manager of football history can lead the team to a record unbeaten in the five major leagues in Europe. How many coaches are unknown pawns?
At the beginning, Nottingham Forest head coach Brian Clough led the newly promoted Forest team to 42 unbeaten league games. He was the greatest head coach in Nottingham Forest Club history. He led this previously unknown team to win a league championship and two Champions League titles.
Ernst Happel, the coach who led Hamburg to create the longest unbeaten record in the Bundesliga, was the hottest coach in Europe in the 1970s. He led three different teams to the Champions League final and won the cup twice. Later, Hitzfeld and Mourinho both did it, but happel was the first one. He also led the Dutch national team to the 197 World Cup final and finally lost to Argentina. He won three league titles and six national cups in different countries.
He has a saying that he will always appreciate.
He said, "history will remember who is the champion, not those teams that play gorgeous football."
Capello coached AC Milan in his own career. He led the team to 50 unbeaten games and won several trophies. He became a world-class coach from here. Now he is coaching in Rome and brought the league title to Rome in the 221 season.
Any coach who has set an unbeaten record is not an average qualified person.
The future we always win is also worth looking forward to.
After the game against Virva, after returning to Valencia, Chang Sheng announced that he would give the team two days off.
At most, it will be a day off after the game. It will be nice to have a half-day off when there is a game in the middle of the week, and maybe not for half a day.
Changsheng is so generous this time because the players are under too much pressure and need to be relieved. Let them continue training to help them vent their pressure, or give them two days off and let them do whatever they like.
Anyway, there is no Champions League match in midweek, so I don’t worry about not enough problems in training.
The decision was warmly cheered by the players.
They have just set a record. At this time, they will definitely be willing to share it with their families or just have a good time to treat themselves.
To achieve this goal, their string can keep falling down. If we don’t have a holiday now, otherwise they will relax and be afraid that this string will break.
Changsheng didn’t say anything. Look at everyone’s weight gain after two days. There is no such thing.
If you want to relax, relax completely. He doesn’t care how the players fool around. If you don’t break the law, he doesn’t care. After all, even if you break the law, it’s not his business …
"have fun, guys. You deserve it!"
After disbanding the team, he always greeted several coaches.
"I invite you to dinner. Let’s have a good rub! You have worked hard in the past 59 games! "
Rudy Gonzalez jumped out, "I have to go home and take care of the children …"
Chang Sheng waved his hand and said, "Call all family members!"
Guardiola smiled. "Then you are bankrupt."
Now he also consciously regards himself as a coach, not a player. Most of the time, he spends his time with coaches, chatting and communicating with coaches. Although he is not a coach yet and has no coaching license, Valencia coaches also regard him as one of their own.
Chang Sheng gave him a white look. "Just because you still can’t eat me, let’s go to the best restaurant and let’s relax!"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Every step is creating a historical future
Valencia set a new record, which made AC Milan fans lose their unbeaten record of 50 games, but they were proud of what they had done in the five major leagues. After all, the game is getting more and more difficult and everyone’s defense is getting better and better. This is a trend.
As a result, I didn’t expect it to fall apart and be trampled on in less than ten years.
This makes AC Milan fans very unhappy, but there is no way to record that it is already somebody else.
Now they can change their attitude and say that they don’t really care about anything. Even if Valencia is unbeaten in 59 games, there is still no Champions League champion.
We AC Milan are the real giants, and Valencia can be regarded as an outbreak.