Entering that room is aimed at several rattan chairs and a rattan table. The room is not spacious, but it will not be crowded for only four people, but there is nothing inside except a few chairs.

Du Sheng took Meng Qi into the room and said to Meng Qi, "Brother Meng, you are here. I’ll go back first."
Meng Qi nodded and sent Du Sheng to the door and then turned in. At this time, Cheng Ruowei, Hu Xianer and Zi Xuan were seated separately. Zi Xuan also took out a lot of dried fruits and fruits from his bag and distributed them to Cheng Ruowei and Hu Xianer. It seems that the taste seems good. The three of them ate quite happily.
Meng Qi also used to sit in his bag and pulled out the big wine gourd he had before. Now this gourd is usually filled with wine.
I took a sip of Meng Qi’s shallow drink. Now Meng Qi’s drinking is not as good as before. Before that, Yang Mengyi Meng Qi’s drinking was a bit drunk.
A gourd of wine Meng Qi wants to drink, that is, one mouthful after another. Although it also tells a taste, it is mainly to pursue an anesthesia and escape.
But now Meng Qi doesn’t want to drink at the beginning, and the mellow wine keeps washing back and forth in his mouth, which gives Meng Qi an unusual feeling.
Swallow the wine. Meng Qi will give him a sip of wine, which is enough for him to remember for a long time. Sometimes if you like something, you must not let yourself get bored with him.
Meng Qi’s theory of eating is always like this. He doesn’t feel sick when he eats and drinks. Sometimes that feeling of inadequacy can make Meng Qi enjoy the taste more.
After sitting for a while, Meng Qi saw someone coming from the background from the front window wall. The man couldn’t feel Meng Qi, but when the man appeared, all the people outside were quiet.
All eyes were fixed on the man.
When the man saw that everyone was quiet, he seemed satisfied and nodded. Then Lang said, "I am the auctioneer of this first remake store. First of all, let me introduce the auction rules."
Everyone has a piece of jade in his position, and each piece of jade has its unique number. When bidding, everyone can enter his own price into the piece of jade. After entering the piece of jade, we will get the information you entered, and then take your piece of jade to the backstage for trading after the auction.
Ok, now auction, first of all, let me introduce the first auction today-a set of high-order instruments. "
In fact, the high-order multiplier is not too strange for everyone here, but since the table is set, this multiplier naturally has its own uniqueness.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six The consequences of running away from home
Chapter one hundred and forty The consequences of running away from home 1
"This set of instruments is composed of three parts, but it is a set of converging attack instruments. After the three instruments are started together, it can be compared with the top-level instrument, but it must be made by three people together. Now bid for a high-level lingshi!"
When the auctioneer’s voice just fell on the place, someone just made waves of commotion, which can be compared with the top-level instrument, which is a magic weapon. It’s amazing. Although it takes three people to make it, it’s quite something for those immortal families
In a short time, someone entered the price and doubled the price.
However, this family of cultivating immortals in the southwest is like countless crucian carp crossing the river, and it is not in a few places where the competition is extremely fierce.
That doubled the price and soon it was left far behind.
Meng Qi looked at the high-order multiplier and didn’t have any idea in his heart. To tell the truth, Meng Qi really didn’t like that kind of thing with a magic weapon.
Although it is comparable to the top-order multiplier, it needs three people to make it together, and only those immortal families will be interested in such things.
Looking at the increasingly fierce bidding, Meng Qize ignored it and followed Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer around to chat.
After a while, the set of high-order multiplier was bought by a family of immortals with thirteen high-order lingshi at a high price. Looking at the transaction price, Meng Qi shook his head. This was just the first thing that was sold at such a high price. Meng Qi couldn’t help but worry that he could shoot what he needed smoothly.
The second auction item is a cultivation method called Dead Wood Skill, which is enough to make people cultivate to the middle stage of then, which is considered to be a very good achievement.
However, being in a big house like the Black Emperor Sect, the most important thing is this. Although the top cultivation tactic in the sect is not so easy to get, it is much better than this Dead Wood Skill.
And Meng Qi now has the magical method of "Dragon-changing Tactics", which is absolutely not inferior to the top method of Zongmen.
Yu Mengqi’s three girls won’t learn the Dead Wood Skill. The first thing about this dead wood skill is that the body and skin become as high as the old bark, and it is no different from a dead wood.
How could Cheng Ruowei choose this achievement method? What’s more, this achievement method is really not a good method for them. Hu Xianer won’t say that her Ling Ling Ling must have practiced quite a good method, and Cheng Ruowei Zi Xuan stayed in Meng Qi’s advanced elixir. It’s not difficult to find some better methods with Fang Ling Ling Ling Ling.
However, this tactic is still something that the family of cultivating immortals are competing for. After all, most of the people who cultivate the highest in the family of cultivating immortals are just alchemists, and it is already quite impossible to practice the tactic in the later period of cultivating alchemists.
Finally, this method is also the price of 30 high-order lingshi, which was bought by a family of cultivating immortals.
The same thing has been auctioned for three times, and the auctioneer’s words finally caught Meng Qi’s attention.
"Now the auction is the name of the three bottles of Dan medicine by the late monk-Cang Xia Dan, each of these three bottles of Dan medicine is enough for a late monk to practice Qiao dzogchen in one year. Now the reserve price of each bottle is three high-order lingshi!"
The words sound just fell and Meng Qi entered his own price-fifteen high-order lingshi. Yes, he just wanted to buy all three bottles.
After all, there are Hu Xianer and Cheng Rewei after himself. Now that there are three bottles of Meng Qi, it is natural to buy them.
Meng Qi’s price increase can be very much for those families with deep pockets to cultivate immortality. It is just a kind of consumption, and it is not a breakthrough, so they lack interest.
For ordinary monks, although they can participate in such auctions, the situation is almost the same as that of Meng Qi. When Meng Qi was added to fifteen high-order lingshi, most people retreated. For them, this is not what they need most.
However, there are still several people who increase the price, but the highest price has also been added to ten high-order Lingshi Meng Qi calculated that Lingshi in his hand is simply enough to add two Lingshi directly to twenty Lingshi.