Of course, it is not the blood river clan that boasted about it, but the glory paved by the blood and life of several practitioners.

Seeing Wei Ya’s sinister thunder flying out like a clearance sale, Papa Fang hurriedly waved a magic weapon and a sea of blood immediately surged. The tide of tens of meters high was shocking and sinister, and the price of thunder and fire was unequivocal. The blood wave exploded like a bolt from the blue, and the noise shook the world for a while.
Last time, Xu Keer took advantage of the triple Armageddon opportunity, and those sinister thunder were collected by the Aquarius in the hands of Wang Faxiang of Wei Ya.
After these days’ continuous practice, the shape of Yin Sha Lei has reached the requirements of actual combat. Although the lethality of a single Yin Sha Lei has been greatly reduced compared with the original one, considering that the thunder fire can be recycled and more than half of it can be recycled afterwards, Weiya’s design concept is quite in line with the trend of environmental protection and energy saving.
As the saying goes, just can’t be soft for a long time, the soft magic weapon of water turns into the blood sea at the beginning, although it’s not physical, but the truth is also the same. With the surge of blood sea defense, Wei Ya has been bombarded continuously. Dad Fang finally feels that blindly defending is not the way. If he can’t find a counterattack strategy, he is afraid that he will really be planted in Wei Ya’s little hand today.
Thought of here, Fang Torre can use his old age, which he has always been unwilling to show, and he will be humiliated to see his left hand pinch into a law and burst into a low drink a way.
"Bang!" With the explosion and rumbling, a chariot shining with golden luster appeared in the sea of blood, and the momentum was just like the king’s landing.
In front of this chariot, there are horses with a very red posture. At this time, these horses are either screaming at the neck or waiting for Mercedes-Benz instructions on the front hoof. At the back of the chariot, there is a kind of bronze-like metallic luster on the wide and excessive body, while the square umbrella on the body is dotted with countless jewels and jade. At this moment, it is also radiant, reflecting the turbulent blood and adding a bit of murderous look.
Such a magic weapon of momentum will naturally not be anything. This "purple and gold sky" and "ghost blood river" belong to the four treasures of the blood river Sect.
This even made the closet magic weapon come out. Torre was afraid that he would jump out of the chariot and then insert the "ghost blood river" in the chariot with a wave of his hand. The original pale face seemed to have recovered a lot of blood.
Wei Ya showed the face of Wang Faxiang in the middle, and said with a hint of surprise.
"oh! I didn’t expect that two of the four secrets of the Blood River Sect were left in the hands of Grandpa Fang. Is it true that the pavilion is the eldest brother of the Blood River Sect who disappeared after the teacher was killed? "
At that time, most of the participants in the Battle of Blood River Zongyi were already dead, so it was common for a few lucky survivors to remain anonymous under the threat of various factions to pursue the blood river Zongdi, not to mention the secret matter of who was involved in the possession of Zongqi.
When grandpa Fang heard this, his body shook. Imagine that a person had to hide his secret for half his life and had to live in seclusion for decades. At this moment, he was casually exposed, which caused a spiritual shock and shock far more severe than Wei Ya’s imagination. What grandpa Fang wants to know now is whether Wei Ya’s old enemy deliberately came to seek revenge or just accidentally broke his secret.
Volume 19 Section 14 Reunion of old friends
Ten unpleasant things happen in life. Dad Fang has experienced a lot of fate in the world today. If he knew in advance that he would meet Wei Ya, a dog skin plaster, he would have to hide as far as he could. Besides, it’s not too late to say these words. Dad Fang should plan carefully. It’s more practical to abort Wei Ya.
"Xiaoyuan Zhimen has always been my blood clan, and you are reluctant to give up?"
In my heart, I felt a lot of intention to tentatively say this sentence. Grandpa Fang intends to touch the details of Wei Ya and also wants to find out what his purpose is. If it is an accidental incident, he would rather endure one breath to make peace, otherwise he will have to fight for a larger foe.
Facing each other, Torre tried to test Wei Ya’s attitude without changing his expression and replied with absolute certainty
"Ha ha, in fact, I have already said, please ask Mr. Fang to tell me that those arson suspects have fallen into the cabinet. Please forgive Wei for not having the special hobby of paparazzi."
Today, I was beaten to death, and I almost tried my best to fight a dangerous incident. Is it really that I shouldn’t meddle in one’s own business? For a long time, Papa Fang couldn’t see anything from Wei Ya’s eyes, and he was proud of it and couldn’t find a sly opponent.
People are too strong to survive! Is there really such a bad thing as drinking cold water and plugging your teeth? Nai to face upwards with a sigh, Torre shook his head and said with a wry smile
"I can’t believe that I’ve been pecked by a wild goose all my life. If it’s a contest, I’ll give up. Do you want Fang to tell the difference between life and death?"
It’s true that Mr. Fang still has a killer weapon to hide, but isn’t it true that Wei Ya tasted it on the other side? Everyone who wins or loses is in two things. Since the evidence will kill each other, it is not unheard of to try to reach some form of compromise. Wei Ya applauded and laughed and said.
"Ha ha ha dare not! In this case, please hand over the suspect who set fire to my Wei ancestral hall! "
Wei ya once again played this key problem. Fang Torre looked red and seemed a little embarrassed and said
"This ….. I’m sorry that the old man really couldn’t hand over those small fires and then slipped away directly. If it weren’t for the fact that they were also blood clan masters, Fang Mou was too lazy to meddle in this business."
Irrefutable, glancing at Fang Torre, Wei Ya was silent as if thinking about something and then said
"well! Presumably, Grandpa Fang didn’t deliberately lie to me. Even so, Ge has to give me an explanation, at least from a reasonable point of view. "
The biggest truth is that if you are willing to gamble, you have to lose. Dad has to admit that Wei Ya’s request is not too much. He dimly pulled out a rusty bronze antique mirror and threw it to Wei Ya bitterly and said
"Ah! Long-term in a few of them make track for the soul spell to find out the history of these people … This mirror will show you the location according to the surface, and you can find someone who wants to fix them with you … "
Wei Ya, who is playing with this multiplier, entered a little truth according to the words. The original dark mirror really showed several moving red dots. Wei Ya smiled with satisfaction and gave Fang Torre a hand and said.
"If the younger generation is impatient, you can ask Fang’s predecessors to forgive you!"
In a short moment, it seems that Fang Torre has been aging for decades and said with a wave of his hand in dismay
"The debacle will be brave? Wei Daoyou is more polite! "
Although interested in the buried story of the old man Fang, Wei Ya’s eyes are more eager to pick up those bastards who set fire to the Wei ancestral temple and laughed
"Hehehehehehe, Qingshan does not change the green water, so let’s not ask for it!"