Looking at Russell with a serious look, Qin Chu couldn’t help but nod. "Well, I’m waiting for you now. How much physical strength is left? You have to practice from the beginning. I want to ask you if you still plan to practice your original skills?"

"What achievement method can I practice without practicing the temple?" Russell stuffy way
"I think your physique is specific, whether it’s practicing a kind of achievement method, but the light temple achievement method is demanding to practice. Although there are some wonderful light forces, the theory of roots is just a flashy thing. I will ask you if you want to continue practicing the light temple and give you achievement methods. If you want to change to other achievement methods, I may be able to help you."
Russell looked up and asked seriously, "So what is the fastest way to improve your strength?"
Qin Chu immediately smiled bitterly and touched his nose. "The method of increasing strength quickly generally has its own disadvantages. While the sects pay attention to the solid foundation, the method of practicing by devious means pays attention to the increase of strength. I don’t recommend that you practice the method of practicing by devious means because it may do you more good than harm in the long run. It’s not that I’m talking nonsense because as far as I know, those methods that can make people gain powerful strength in a short time will pay a certain price in the future …"
Many demons are evil, and their cultivation methods are all evil. Their strength is much stronger than that of the legitimate sects, but in the end, few of them can last long because their fate is more powerful than that of those legitimate sects.
There are at most five or six successful people among the 100 experts who cross the magic door, but the success rate of those noble and decent experts who cross the magic door is 70 out of 100.
"But this world is restricted by the law of crystal wall. I wonder if there is any doom?" Qin Chuli secretly contemplating.
"Give me the fastest way to improve my strength," Russell has made up his mind. "I will pay whatever it takes to improve my strength in the shortest time."
"The heart is paranoid." Qin Chu looked at Russell’s reaction and couldn’t help sighing. But then again, Russell’s mind is tough, and now this paranoid personality is also suitable for practicing the magic door method. Because the magic door method is all biased, the people who create the method are also paranoid geniuses. Only paranoid people can wield the maximum power of the method.
Qin Chu doesn’t know whether he is doing this right or not, but he doesn’t want to see Russell sink because of this blow. Now he has the motivation to take Callas as his goal … That’s all. Qin Chu ignores the chaotic thoughts in his heart. Now even if he advises Russell again, he won’t look back.
Might as well be Russell
I have many … I’ll go back and think about which one is better … "Qin Chu scratched his head, but Russell stopped Qin Chu. He stared at Qin Chu word by word," I practice the fastest achievement method of ascending strength. "
Qin Chu wry smile oneself perhaps shouldn’t say these words to Russell.
"It’s not the fastest way to improve your strength. You can practice it. I must choose one that is both fast and suitable for your practice." Qin Chu explained patiently, looking at Russell’s indifference. Qin Chu said, "I’ll give you the skill at the latest."
Russell just let Qin Chu go.
Qin Chu doesn’t know that his action today has created a fearsome dark god king.
We’re done here with Russell. It’s already dawn.
"When I came back, I was so busy with Hector’s things that I forgot those orcs." Qin Chu suddenly remembered that the orcs’ temper was not so good, and they clashed together …
Qin Chu immediately called a person in charge to ask him about the orcs, but the news surprised Qin Chu. It turned out that the Germans not only got along well here, but also immediately put themselves into the construction of the new city with brute force. Their efficiency in doing things was many times higher than that of ordinary people
"Let it be, it’s not urgent to let them settle here at the moment." Qin Chu secretly told the person in charge that the person in charge should first arrange accommodation for the orcs and other trivial things in life. Qin Chu has no problem with this. Well, the fief here is not a place for idlers. They are also living on their own.
"The Kowloon Shenhuo Cover is badly damaged, and I want to repair it completely, but I haven’t finished fusing the psychic soul yet. When the psychic soul is fused and cultivated successfully, I can directly refine the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover with the psychic eye. At that time, it was hard to directly refine the Kowloon Shenhuo Cover into a spiritual treasure."
Qin Chu decided to wait until his psychic eye practice was successful before refining the Kowloon Shenhuo mask into a Lingbao worker.
"Kowloon Shenhuo cover things don’t worry, but I have to deal with Poseidon fork." Qin Chu’s eyes flashed with cold light, Poseidon fork tried to escape at the altar, and before that, he deceived himself by means of deception, which made Qin Chu endure?
Qin Chu came to a secluded place and arranged the ban to cover the breath, so he took out the Poseidon fork.
Poseidon fork immediately became active when it didn’t have the ban. When it saw Qin Chu posing this battle, it knew that things could not be good today.
Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Poseidon fork directly threatened, "You’d better let me go, or my master will know that what you have done will definitely not spare you, unless you don’t go to the celestial world in the future. You should know that my master is King Poseidon, and his power fully occupies one-third of the celestial world. If you let me leave, I will expose what you have done to me before, and it won’t be serious. I can recommend you to my master, King Poseidon."
Listening to Poseidon fork say such a thing, Qin Chu laughed instead of anger. "How dare you threaten me here with a spiritual treasure?"
"By threatening you? Who was beaten by King Fengshen yesterday? I’m telling you that my master Poseidon’s strength is not as small as Fengshen’s, but it’s as simple as killing an ant if my master wants to kill you. "Poseidon fork shouted.
Qin Chu slightly one leng to see Poseidon fork reaction as if it didn’t know he was pregnant with crystal wall shenhuo things? Is it that when the tree of life controls Poseidon, it also isolates all its senses?
"That has to be your master," Qin Chu said lightly. "In order to prevent future troubles, you have to erase your consciousness today and make trouble for me."
Poseidon fork hesitated. "Don’t you … worry?"
"You’d better worry about yourself," Qin Chu said coldly, and he was about to seize Poseidon’s fork.
When Poseidon fork saw that Qin Chu was about to start work, he said, "If we don’t rely on that damn fire-breathing bird, we will always be afraid of you."
Qin Chu just wanted to use Poseidon fork test this time-he was so tough that he laughed coldly and said, "I will do as you wish."
Said Qin Chu and let Xiaobai flash away. Qin Chu stood in front of Poseidon fork. "Don’t say I won’t give you a chance. If you can escape from me today, it’s your business. But if you can’t beat me, don’t blame me."
"Cold Wave Strikes Tide Sonic Blast" Poseidon Fork did not wait for Qin Chu to finish his speech, but directly began to spray ice, cold wave water swept to Qin Chu and cooperated with tidal sound to try to disturb Qin Chu’s consciousness.
"Good means" Qin Chu smiled solemnity. He didn’t dare to hold a stool and slap a palm at the cold water that swept through.
Hula-hula, a strong force directly hit the rushing tide, and the ice cold wave water was directly swallowed up by sudden cracks.
"No wonder the crystal wall law doesn’t allow those gods to come to the world. This world is really fragile. When the" Chaos Emperor’s Skill "was not refined, it hasn’t been discovered yet. But now it seems that it can be broken only by the flesh, so we can know that it is as fragile."
"What? You can break it just by your body? " Poseidon fork was surprised when he found that Qin Chu was shining with a faint blue light.
"Are you surprised that things are yet to come?" Qin Chu saw that he could easily break Poseidon’s attack, and his confidence increased sharply. After Qin Chu’s physical strength was strong, his strength also increased to a frightening level. Qin Chu’s sudden stride force instantly made Qin Chu appear in front of Poseidon’s fork.
Qin Chu was also secretly surprised to feel his strong power. "The chaotic emperor’s work is worthy of being Kun Peng’s creation of physical strength alone, which is enough to reach the teleport level." Qin Chu sensed clearly that his step just now was a direct tear and then appeared in front of Poseidon fork. All this was not obvious at close range. If the distance was far away, it would show Qin Chu’s strong point.
"This little incredibly always hide their strength? At this time, if you don’t run, it will be more time. "Poseidon fork genial smile that the in the mind has already played a retreat.