"Twenty-one thousand is enough!" Sun Ce’s words are full of energy. "But I need my father’s staff to go with me to the master and I know that other generals will not be me." When it comes to this Sun Ce, there is an embarrassing color.

"Master, absolutely not!" Fang Yi’s counselor can get out of the ranks. "It will be extremely difficult to hand over Sun Jian’s old staff to Sun Ce’s different ideas and set the tiger free."
"Yan Zhu Bo Sunmou respects you, but you also rest nonsense. This is my master’s solution!" Sun Ce nu pointed directly at the counselor nose scold a way.
Counselors sneer at a "hum … melancholy? I knew you didn’t want to be inferior. I didn’t expect to sit still so soon. "
"A dirty lie spits!" Sun Ce was so angry that he really wanted to poke a hole in front of this bastard with a gun, but it was not easy to turn to Yuan Shu’s knees. "At the end of the day, the master will attack the city and pull out the village all the way. It can be said that the meritorious military service will not stop. Has the master ever seen it and will have second thoughts at the end?"
Yuan Shu reclined in a high chair and twisted his beard. "Well, General Sun said it was reasonable. General Sun did make a lot of contributions all the way."
"Master!" The main thin also wants to discourage being interrupted directly by Yuan Shu’s wave. "Yan main thin, you are too cautious. I think General Sun is loyal all the way. I watched General Sun come over and I believe that General Sun will not judge me."
Yuan Shu is naturally trying to buy off people’s hearts, but it’s a pity that Sun Ce doesn’t buy it before him. Why do you take someone else’s territory, and even if someone else’s father dies, he will still be willing to fall into your hands? Do you work hard? Besides, it is naive to think that Sun Ce just doesn’t want to be relegated to the hegemony of others, Yuan Shu.
The counselor named Yan is still unwilling to give up. "Alas, it’s not good for the master to have this idea. It’s natural to say more, but I hope that the master can let General Ji Ling lead with General Sun’s assistance so that there will be no chaos."
Yuan Shu’s talented people are scarce. Perhaps this Yan Xiang is already a very few counselors who can barely take out their hands.
"F * * king! I’ve already said let Ji Ling keep you, and if you dare to say more, I’ll let your head fall to the ground immediately! " Lazy lying in a high chair, Yuan Shu was impatient with Yan Xiang after all, and immediately became furious and Fang Wenjun immediately trembled. Yuan Shu’s temper was often repeated and no one wanted to suffer from this accident.
"Sun Ce, you left by yourself at twenty thousand. I hope I can see Li’s head in ten days!" Yuan Shu threw a word and left angrily.
Sun Ce welcomes Yuan Shu’s departure, but he sneers in his heart. I will not only take Li Shegou’s head, but also take Jiangdong back.
I was also worried that Yuan Shu would go back on our word and dare not stay again. I called Sun Jian Kibaki first and then hurriedly led twenty thousand soldiers out of the city. Sun Ce said at that time that ten thousand was enough, but anyone who would dislike Serenade’s territorial expansion and recover Jiangdong would depend on them.
I heard that Sun Ce had brought twenty thousand chosen men out of the city, and Yan Xiangnai gave a wry smile and whispered, "Agent Master".
"Little general, where are we going to really ambush that dog thief Li?"
Sun Ce led twenty thousand chosen men all the way to March in a hurry. Han Dang stepped up. Sun Ce kept pace and asked.
"Yes, the enemy of the tiger father is just around the corner!" Sun Ce’s eyes are filled with hatred when he hears Li’s name. If he hates, he can kill people. Li is afraid that he has already died.
Han Dang is somewhat hesitant, with a somewhat dissuasive mind, saying, "That Li’s dog thief is not an easy generation. We may go to both sides this time, but it will be a challenge for us to re-enter Jiangdong."
"I’m afraid that even if I have a hundred chosen men in Sun Ce in Jiangdong, I’ll quote the name of Little Overlord. Who dares not to surrender!" Sun Ce is careless and confident.
Although Sun Ce’s words are crazy, Han Dang firmly believes that Sun Ce has the ability to be a bully. The so-called "pull out the mountain and be angry" means that Sun Ce is called Jiangdong bully. This shows how high Sun Ce’s prestige in Jiangdong should be.
Just in front of the agent found a good ambush place. Sun Ce rushed to the horse and immediately smiled at the sky. "Ha ha ha … This place is so steep. You must die if you are involved in Li."
When all the preparations are arranged, just wait for Li to hook up. Another day later, suddenly, the horseshoe rings. Sun Ce smiled cruelly. "I deserve to avenge my father today!"
But the plot is not according to Sun Ce’s imagination. That guy involved in Li actually stopped. This can give Sun Ce an urgent report. Finally, I heard that Li involved in the genus had directly plunged into the camp. My heart was angry. Sun Ce immediately came out with Han Dang Lingcao to see the truth, as the agent said.
Sun Ce quietly looked at Li’s camp for nearly two hours and didn’t know what he was thinking to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Terrible dreams
No, the two will wake up. Sun Ce already knows what Li She must have noticed. "Damn, it must be that the two agents died and attracted the attention of Li She’s dog thief. I didn’t expect him to be so sensitive and immediately stopped."
"hmm? There is a shout! " Sun Ce ear suddenly remembered shouting ShaSheng twist a head and looked to the right rear.
Figure even flash quickly toward the scene of the incident and go to Han Dang Lingcao speed is not slow, followed by Sun Ce until a few people rushed to more than dozens of bodies.
"This is what we sent to find out who we should have met and was killed. It is most likely that the person sent by Li She has been exposed." Han Dang looked at the body and said.
Sun Ce sink a way, "The number of the other side should be small, otherwise the movement will not be so small. We must not have gone far. Let’s catch up!"
Three people look for a direction to recover quickly, but after all, they didn’t find the murderer. At this time, the murderer Zhou Cang was watching and saw a patrol coming over and put his hand over the man’s mouth while he was alone.
"Don’t shout if I let you talk, you know, or grandpa will tear you up!" Zhou Cang said maliciously
After the foot soldiers were scared and trembled, I never thought that someone would dare to run to the camp to see the foot soldiers and nodded. Zhou Cang was satisfied that he had loosened his hand to cover the soldiers’ nose and mouth
"Enemy attack!" Nazhi Zhou Cang just let go and scared the pale foot soldiers to drink immediately, which attracted the attention of the patrol and rushed over here.
Zhou Cang flushed with anger smashed the foot soldier’s head with a knife and killed it without saying anything.
"Ha ha, Zhou Lin’s little punching knife is really good. It’s a magic weapon!" Only after chopping for a while, Zhou Cang praised the broadsword in his hand. This knife is called Yun Tiedao just like the one in Li’s hand. Even in the dark, Yun Tiedao still emits ying ying white light, which is as cold as ice.
Yun Tiedao is a magic weapon that Zhou Lin finally broke through its own limit not long ago, so Zhou Lin broke the bottleneck and left the ranks of senior blacksmiths.
Zhou Cang is like a hell shura. There are no broken limbs and bones lying on the ground, but the back of the knife is still white and there is no blood attached to it. This is a beautiful treasure knife that blows hair, breaks hair and drops blood.
One hundred patrol team suddenly lost half Zhou Cang gave a grimace of a grin and beheaded an enemy with a knife and grabbed the man by the arm. "Say! Who do you belong to and how many people are there in the team! "
The pain in the broken arm made the foot soldier cry constantly. There was still a trace of urine in this bloody place. If it were daytime, you would find that the foot soldier’s crotch was wet.
"We have twenty thousand people who belong to …"
Zhou Cang quickly loosened his foot soldiers and flew backwards. "Boom!" Will see Zhou Cang originally appeared a big gun, and previously the foot soldiers have already bones Zhou Cang couldn’t help but look at the pike master.
Because it is in the dark, Zhou Cang can’t really see it. He can vaguely see that it is probably a young lang, and behind it, two people come out. Zhou Cang knows by feeling that it is not an amateur.
"Are you human?" From the performance just now, Zhou Cang knew that he was definitely no match for this young lang, but if he wanted to leave, no one could keep himself, especially in this mountain road, where horses can’t afford to stand, which is more convenient for him.
"A strong man don’t think this question is funny? Strong men don’t know who I am, but also attack my camp at night. "Sun Ce laughed and was in no hurry to start work. It seemed that Zhou Cang was in his pocket and was in no hurry at this moment.
"Nonsense. Grandpa, if you know who you are, why do you need such a big Zhou Zhangshan!" Zhou Cang immediately cried, but his figure was retreating repeatedly because Zhou Cang found that the enemy was gradually closing, so he wanted to surround himself.
Zhou Cang will never allow this to happen. If you really surround yourself and prevent yourself from running away, you may really fall here.
Seeing more and more soldiers, Zhou Cang didn’t dare to stop. He hurried back and fled to Han Dang and shouted, "Get him!"
Zhou Cang’s feet are full of wind, and he rushes and dances wildly. "Roll for grandpa!" If a local foot soldier appears on the way, his head will be cut off immediately.
"Hum! See where you can run! " Sun Ce sneered that he was not in a hurry to catch up, but slowly crossed the step, and it seemed that Zhou Cang was a golden finch in a cage.
"ah!" Li involved a loud cry and suddenly woke up, helping to wake Zhang Ning aside.
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Ning looked bleary-eyed at Li She but saw that Li She was sweating and worried, "Is it uncomfortable?"
"No, I just had a nightmare and was awakened by accident." Li She revealed a weak smile and felt a little upset in her heart for no reason.
Zhang Ning sneered, "I’m still in charge of an army general, but I was awakened by a nightmare. If the Ministry of the Yellow Scarf heard that their saint had married such a coward, I wouldn’t laugh at my lack of vision!"
It may be that seeing Li’s face is still in shock. The expression is not like a fake. Although Zhang Ning laughs at Li, he also knows that Li may have a terrible nightmare. Li stretched out his sleeves and wiped the sweat on his forehead. It is rare to be gentle once. "Okay, go to sleep. It’s just a nightmare."
Zhang Ning helped Li She to put him back in bed, but Li She always tossed and turned to sleep uneasily, and from time to time she flashed an uneasy look. Zhang Ning was worried and said, "Look, what kind of nightmare did you have?"
"Is Zhou Cang back?" Li involved well asked 1.
Zhang Ning shook his head. "I don’t know. Maybe we came back when we were asleep. Is the dream Zhou Cang?"
Li She barely gave me a smile. "You go to sleep first and I’ll go out for a while."
I got up and put on a coat and walked out of the tent. I found a guard not far from the tent and asked, "Is Zhou Cang Zhou Commander back?"
Li Shean hasn’t set up his own pro-guard office. This bodyguard is actually Zhou Cang Pro-guard and follows Zhou Cang to protect Li Shean. If Zhou Cang comes back, this bodyguard will definitely know.