"Boom …"

Half of the roof was crashing and dusty.
"You … you …"
Muhai’s face showed a pain, and his fingers were pressed by stones. Zhu’s face was full of resentment.
His body wobbled and his hands held him back from falling to the ground.
"Boom …"
Zhu Zichen came up to Muhai with a proud face.
"Ha ha …"
Zhu laughed. "Is it cool now? Is the soul very painful? "
"It’s best not to struggle. The more you struggle, the more painful your soul will dissipate. In a short time, you will become a soulless zombie and listen to me.
Gee … Look at you. This meat is stronger than me. I really want to take it for myself. "Zhu patted Muhai on the shoulder and gloated.
MuHai yi tooth mouth than pain color finger zhu "you … what did you do for me? You … you don’t die a natural death! "
"Ha ha …"
Zhu is like hearing the funniest joke. "I don’t know if I’m going to die. I know your horse is going to die."
When you die, I’ll swallow two chicks and my strength will soar again. "
"Don’t you dare!" Muhai gritted his teeth and punched Zhu, but his body stumbled and fell to the ground.
"Bang …"
Hit your head directly on the ground and it’s dusty.
"Ha ha … you are still struggling. Give it up," Zhu said.
Mu Hai’s eyes are unwilling to show color. "How can you have this poison? Who is it? Want to kill me? "
Mu hai Tian yang Chang Xiao
"It’s me"
Then two tones rang at the same time, and two men came in tandem.
A man’s sword light fills the air. It’s Yu Hao, the heavenly sword.
Another thin body carrying a big knife is Wu Wei, the deadly knife.
Seeing these two people frowning at Muhai, they are not so deadly, are they? I cann’t believe I set this up to harm myself
See Yu Haozhu galloping to salute Yu Hao fuels.
"Well" Yu Hao nodded to Zhu and went to Muhai.
Three people soon looked at MuHai commanding in front of MuHai.
Muhai pale looking at three people a face of unwilling color.
"Ha ha …"
Wu Wei first laughed and looked crazy.
Then Wu Wei gritted his teeth and said, "It’s not worthy to kill my brother."
"Kill your brother?" Muhai frown really can’t figure out where to kill Wu people.
"Hum killed Miao Ugly and forgot it so soon?" Wu Wei hate hate said
When I heard this, Muhai knew that it was probably no wonder that the other party killed himself. So that’s it.
"What about you?" Muhai looked at Yu Hao and asked.
Yu Hao corners of the mouth slightly a young "see you dying, I can tell you that is because of Yang Wen".
"Yang Wen? Didn’t she give me the air? Did she send you to kill me? " Muhai asked
"If so, it would be great. I can’t believe that she is still thinking about you in her heart, but she won’t think about a dead man when you die.
She’ll be me when I get there, and I’ll crush her and ravage her. "
Speaking of which, Yu Hao burst out laughing again with flashing eyes.
Suddenly there was a cold sound, and the three men looked up and saw that Muhai was in good condition.
"You … how is that possible?"
Three people stare big eyes reveal incredible appearance.
Their pupils contracted and their bodies retreated rapidly.
However, it is already late.
Muhaishen’s magic flame rolled in place, leaving a ghosting image and then attacking with three punches.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise, and Wu Wei stopped in front of him, and the broadsword broke inch by inch, and finally splashed around. His body flew backwards and cracked a concrete column and fell to the ground.
"Boom …"