NiHaoDong didn’t tell the master in advance about going back to NiJia’s old house in the evening. When he entered the room, he saw himself sitting on the sofa staring at the financial channel. The master seemed to be staring at the picture in front of him, but in fact his eyes were wandering.

The old man’s hearing is not as sensitive as before. They came in behind him for a long time. He didn’t even find that the ancient wolf wanted to call him NiHaoDong. He shook his head and stopped it. He was so quiet and quietly accompanied by the sofa.
An Luo suddenly felt a little upset. Ni Zhenhai created the Ni family and carried it forward, but he lost his wife and two sons early. She knew that the master didn’t like her. She didn’t complain, but if you think about it carefully, what advantages do you have besides a face that can be seen? In Ni Zhen’s thinking, his grandson’s wife should be the right person to bring business help to his grandson.
The old man’s starting point was Sun Hao’s house, and then she was relieved. Now, looking at him alone and stupidly, she would feel a little sad. When he is old, it is enough to ask for less knees and enjoy family life, but he has nothing but a grandson.
"Dongdong, let’s have a baby to play with grandpa?" She whispered in his ear.
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"Don’t worry, you are still young and have fun for two more years." NiHaoDong stretched out his hand and touched her head and said with a low head.
"What’s not urgent? What’s still young? You’re in your twenties. Still young? There is also a teenager when * * *! " Ni Zhenhai suddenly turned his head and roared, and his eyes blinked. Did the master hear what they were saying?
His lordship just heard Anluo say that he had a baby, and he returned to God. But before he turned around, he heard his grandson say there was no hurry. Son of a bitch! He picked up the crutch at hand and patted Ni Haodong on the waist. He whispered with a bitter face, "You won’t want to see your great-grandson if you beat my kidney!"
"Smelly little! Are you threatening me? I’m telling you, you can pull over and have a baby. You must hurry up! "
My eyes drooped and my cheeks burned. This grandfather and grandson … Alas …
I don’t know if she talked about having a baby because of her peace of mind. The master didn’t give her a hard look today. The dining table was a little quiet and a little unaccustomed. When my father was not sick, the whole family sat down to eat together, which was equivalent to a small party to talk about their own interesting things. But here, there is no sound except that the tableware occasionally touches each other and makes a crisp sound.
She bowed her head and ate silently, and her eyes secretly glanced at Ni Haodong. When she saw that his expression was faint, she was as gentle and elegant as ever. At this moment, his eyes were slightly lowered and he was poking the fish bone. She was sighing at the imbalance in her heart. When he poked the fish bone, it was so beautiful. He actually picked up the fish bone and put it in her bowl.
"Eat quickly and see if you can see enough? I won’t get you anything to eat when I get hungry later! " NiHaoDong gave her a smile and said gently
Ann fell ashamed and immediately bowed her head. Just now, a careless person even looked straight in the eye and was found by him. He just showed a hint of teasing in his understatement.
Ni Zhenhai bowed his head and drank porridge, but his eyes didn’t look at their side, but his eyebrows were wrinkled. He suddenly remembered that Zhou Chaoqun had talked to him. He said that he would laugh since Hao Dong was with this girl. Ni Zhenhai has been struggling with the word money all his life. He has always believed that if a man has money, he can have everything and overlook others, and he can have limited scenery.
But when he was old, he found out that what he wanted was not endless money, not high interest, but that his children and grandchildren were gone, and he almost ignored him
"Grandpa, you also eat a piece of" NiHaoDong dialed a piece of fish and put it in the Ni Zhen sea bowl. NiZhenHai screwed up a knot in his eyebrows. HaoDong had never given him food for so many years. He was stunned for a while, then he "hummed" a bowl of chopsticks and said, "I’m full. HaoDong, come to the room with me after you finish eating." Then he got up and went to the room first.
I fell down with a meal card in my throat and my eyes rolled lightly. I don’t know why my master suddenly became unhappy again.
"You eat, you ignore him, he is jealous."
"Jealous? Is your grandfather particularly dependent on you? Don’t want to see you fall in love and get married? "
There is such an example in life. For example, a single mother has lived with her children since childhood, and when she grows up, she is going to fall in love with her children, and she has all kinds of antipathy to her girlfriends, trying to confuse them. Is it the same with Grandpa Ni Haodong? You’re acting weird because you’re too attached?
Ann fell upon her head and stared at him. "Why are you knocking on my head again? I’ll be stupid if you come, and it will be even more stupid if you knock like this again! "
"If you know that you are stupid, don’t blindly think that Grandpa is angry. The first time I brought him food, it turned out to be your light."
It turned out to be this. Because he gave her a dish, it was fair to give it to his grandfather. Khan, what did she just think?
"I’ll go to the room and you eat slowly." NiHaoDong stretched out his hand on her head and rubbed his eyes. It was meaningful to watch her eat a little and a half rice and squinted and laughed. "There is still rice in the pot! I know you are more than that! "
"get out!" Is it annoying that she rolls her eyes and growls?
Ni Haodong laughed and went to the room. He had guessed seven points in his heart. The master asked him to go there to tell him that Mo Zhonghuai had looked for him.
Section 116
They all left the table, leaving only one person to settle down. She took a long breath and took a fancy to the dish opposite, which had never been passive. She picked her eyebrows and seemed that the spicy shrimp dish was not bad either.
The ancient Wolf corners of the mouth sobbed his hands on his chest and gently walked to the door.
When I went back, it was foggy outside, and the car was driving at a low speed with fog lights. I accidentally burped. She closed her eyes, covered her face with her hands and turned her head out of the window.
Ni Haodong’s lip angle hasn’t been hooked up yet to tease her. Suddenly, a beam of light flashed out in front of her eyes and ran towards their car. He slammed the steering wheel and hit the green belt before stopping.
Ann fell and felt that her body was suddenly thrown out by a great centrifugal force, but it was pulled back by Ann. She patted herself back to her seat and suddenly looked at the headlights with her eyes open, and it was a white fog. I don’t know what happened at that moment.
After the car stopped, NiHaoDong nervously hugged her neck and turned her face to let her look at him. How’s it going? Where did it hurt? "
Ann’s eyes rolled slowly from the end of her eyes to the corner of her eyes. His handsome face gradually became clear. She frowned nervously and asked, "What happened just now? Did you hit someone? "
Ni Haodong was relieved to see that she was okay. He held her face in his hands and comforted, "Don’t worry about waiting for me in the car."
The fog is getting bigger and bigger, and a ball is rolling in like a big cotton ball. Ni Haodong got into the car and saw a motorcycle lying on the side and a short-haired woman lying not far from the motorcycle. He took a closer look and turned out to be Cheng Xue! She has blood on her forehead and is now in a coma. Ni Haodong looked at her car. Although the front and body are damaged, she can still call an ambulance in this weather. I don’t know how long it will take.
He pushed her motorcycle out of the way, turned around and pulled the back door, and took Cheng Xue to him.
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