In order to ensure that Qi Wu and others won’t rush into their camp, the zerg and the spirit beast are constantly entangled with the ordinary spirit beast and the zerg to be added to the charge team, and they can rush back into the Qi Wu camp to be responsible for the charge. The strength of the spirit beast and the zerg keeps rising, but they have never been seen rushing further.

When the Zerg and the Soul Beast were busy calling for more powerful and better kin, Qi Wu and others came to reinforce them. First Luo Shenjun sent his elite disciples from ascended heaven, and then the army of sea beasts led by limestone. Although the number of practitioners still can’t be said much, the sea beasts are definitely crushing a large area.
Fighting side by side has cultivated enough tacit understanding. No one will immediately switch to flying command. The sea beasts are suspended in half with the practitioners. Other sea beasts form bursts of sharp knives on the ground and rush to the entrance and exit, forcing the Zerg and the sea beasts to retreat and have to give up there.
On the Qi Uighur side, while nullifying the Zerg and the Soul Beast, they were bombarded for a long time. Finally, the Zerg and the Soul Beast Armageddon officially asked Du Jie to be the main owners-Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu-who did not stop trying to nullify the Zerg and the Soul Beast, and fell three times at the same time, that is, the diameter was at least five or six feet.
Before Lei Zhu hit the three heads suspended in half Hu Yingxue, a rune and a network were formed by reiki condensation. By appearing in their heads, the three Lei Zhu were firmly stopped.
When the thunder column hits the array, Lei Guang follows the array pattern, and after the boat occupies half of the array pattern, it flows from the semi-vertical pattern to the ground. It also flows along the pattern in the array pattern, and the ground constantly bursts with several high arcs.
A piece of arc looks terrible, but it is not a threat to the people who form a human array on the ground. They are bold and deliberately lead the arc to themselves to temper the flesh and the truth with thunder. Typical representatives are non-ascended people such as Yu Cai and Xia Qing Zhuang Junyuan, who also join in after frequently raising eyebrows.
It’s not worth people’s attention to induce lightning quenching. At this time, the main event is in the deep pit filled with red-violet fire, and the pattern network extends all the way there. Leili is naturally guided there and pours into the red-violet fire along the network.
Red-violet industry fire and Leili are not in conflict with each other, but they are not so good. A lot of Leili has entered the deep pit, and it has become a little quiet. Red-violet industry fire has once again appeared in a dazzling state, and the enchanting flame in the flowers is red-violet.
The biggest change is that at the bottom of the pit, there is a red-violet fire, and Leililai is a little bit discolored. Unlike before, the four realms of fairy, demon, Buddha and monty also rushed to the celestial world. The giant hand has been polished in the cosmic world here for many years, and it can’t bear Qi Gaolei’s fire burning. The surface layer is quickly blackened, so a large stream of black smoke emerges from the bottom of the pit.
Seeing that the kin will be rushed over, the bones will be struck by lightning. It has not been decided whether to try a zerg and a spirit beast. There is still a lot of zerg and spirit beasts that kill each other because of small activities and strengthening their own strength, but there are fewer zerg and spirit beasts rushing to the deep pit.
Slowly, for a while, there were no zerg and spirit beasts rushing forward. At this time, the black smoke from the giant hand was burnt and floated here. Because the black smoke drifted all the way, few zerg and spirit beasts could be seen, but they would not ignore the smell brought by the black smoke.
The cannibalism zerg and the spirit beast stopped, and their heads became chaotic again after the double stimulation of Armageddon and red-violet industrial fire restored their senses of black smoke. At first glance, it was like two people trying to suck everything around them into a black hole.
After the color of the eyes changed, it was quiet. The Zerg and the spirit beast army screamed together, and then they yearned for this side to rush together with all their strength. This time, there was no more rushing and killing each other, but the scene became more tragic.
Armageddon is still about to cross the line and thunder will fall into pieces. Zerg and spirit beasts will rush forward into pieces. Lei Guang will be completed into pieces. Zerg and spirit beasts will disappear. The most miserable thing is that they are not left by lightning. Zerg and spirit beasts are those who are trampled by their relatives when running. It is impossible for them to get up and be crushed by their relatives.
Although both the Zerg and the Soul Beast are dead in a sense, their souls are special, and their bodies are not short of flowing blood, but their vitality is far less than that before being occupied by them. The enchanting brilliant red faded into a look that makes people feel uncomfortable, red and black, and the red and black blood flowed all over the floor, making the place where the Zerg and the Soul Beast Army were located more like Senluo Hell.
Both the Zerg and the Soul Beast must have a body to rely on, so that the body is fragmented that it can no longer be a soul body, and the soul will quickly die out because of the loss of support. When the Zerg and the Soul Beast are trampled on, it means that the Zerg and the Soul Beast Army have a large number of layoffs.
By this time, Armageddon had dropped the fifth ray, which was suspended in the pit by half Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan, Wei Chihanyu and a group of people on the ground to maintain the operation of the array. All the thunder forces except the road arc consumed some bases.
Before the apocalypse, the red-violet fire in the pit has been strongly nurtured by the island group. Even though the pit has been filled with three people and is equivalent to fifteen robberies of thunder and thunder, the red-violet fire has not shown any signs of being covered up by Lei Guang.
The giant hand at the bottom of the pit has left bones, but the bones are not as good as the flesh. It takes careful observation to make sure that the pile of bones is slowly melting. Although there is less black smoke, it is much more than before.
The black smoke is more than before, and the soul beast naturally becomes more stimulated by the black smoke. When the seventh thunder robbed the ground, the zerg and the soul beast at the fish eye of the white fish were already affected. The scene on the front coast reappeared and the practitioners, sea beasts and the soul beast turned around in unison.
Looking at this scene, Qi Wu took it back to his hand and fanned it a little bit. "Gee, old friends, I feel a little sorry for you, but as the saying goes,’ Everyone in China suffers’ and you will suffer in the good days."
Hear qi Uighur soliloquize at a side to ensure that he Ann Yan Hui turned to look at him. I’m sure this one is absolutely gloating. If it weren’t for knowing that his gloating is based on the belief that Hu Yingxue and others will be fine, his feet will be sent immediately.
Turned to Yan Hui eyes qi Uighur smiled "hurry to see the main event over there".
At this time, people here have entered the eyes of the fish in Baiyu Island, so they can clearly see that the three-person vestment suspended in half Hu Yingxue is a bit tanned. It seems that it is really not a big problem, but Yan Hui’s heart immediately got up after listening to Qi Uighur’s words.
Qi Wu is a bystander. He is analyzing how strong the first robbery will be suspended in half three people. However, he personally feels that the threat from the first robbery has suddenly fallen and almost crushed his bones. If he is not prepared, he is likely to be ashamed and planted.
Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu were both fine. They practiced from the human world and had the experience of successfully crossing the fairy disaster. Hu Yingxue was born directly in the celestial world, but the natural man of God didn’t have the experience of crossing the fairy disaster. If Mu Tianxuan hadn’t woken up, she wouldn’t have been prepared just now.
I feel that the five spiritual swords in my hand are trembling slightly. Hu Yingxue’s eyes rested on the blade. The five dragon souls flashed in the blade from time to time. She looked very excited and infected with the dragon soul. She was also excited to hold the hilt in her hand and slowly hooked up.
Chapter 361 Yin and Yang Fish Islands War (6)
The dark sea of clouds and waves billowed and thundered, and Lei Long billowed from time to time, throwing out at least a dozen long arcs. Looking at it from a distance, I couldn’t help but worry that those arcs would wave into my sea of clouds, but everyone’s eyes were full of excitement.
Zhang Jiliang immediately found out that she was suddenly very excited. The reason appeared in the sword-shaped wood blade wood, which was Hu Yingxue’s life wood. Her mind was completely connected and she sensed Hu Yingxue’s emotion, and the sword-shaped wood reflected it truthfully.
At this time, all the people are on guard against the benefits brought by the recipient’s sword-shaped wood, and at the same time, they are on guard against receiving Hu Yingxue’s emotions. At this time, Hu Yingxue was full of excitement because of being infected by five dragon souls in the five spiritual swords. At the end of the day, all the people were excited by perceiving her emotions from the sword-shaped wood
As a result of uncontrolled entry into the excited state, the fighting spirit of all people suddenly rose to the peak state. At that moment, some dim array patterns were not only re-lit, but also much stronger than before, almost twice as much.
When the whole array became dazzling because of the soaring momentum of all the people, the first robbery was aggressive and the DPRK punched it, and tens of millions of arcs formed a blinding thunder curtain to cover up the robbery and Hu Yingxue and others, and no one inside could be seen.
Listening to the deafening thunder, a lot of people here are sweating in their hearts from a distance. The Zerg and the Soul Beast are in a terrible situation near the thunder curtain. They are wrapped in pieces and swept in. Although the Zerg and the Soul Beast are not as fleeting as the thunder, they don’t last long before they turn to ashes.
Even if it is close to the edge, people have to worry about the people in the center of the thunder curtain. At this moment, Hu Yingxue and other people who are wrapped in the thunder curtain are really quite relaxed. Hold on to the array, and all the real elements are mobilized, and no longer deliberately arc into the body. Scattered along the array pattern, short arc lights keep hitting the body.
The power of tiny arcs scattered from the array pattern has been weakened by the array pattern, and even a group of people have to grind their teeth and hang in the semi-Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu. In addition to these arcs, they also have to bear the baptism of large arcs directly separated from the thunder curtain.
In fact, they can also completely hide in the array and bear those tiny arcs that are weakened several times, but the consequences of doing so may be very serious. The most serious thing is to rob the fly ash in the last line.
In order to lay the foundation for successfully hearing the last robbery, in addition to the first robbery, Hu Yingxue, the protagonist of this natural robbery, directly led the thunder into the body from the second robbery, and strengthened the body’s anti-thunder ability by using more thunder every time.
If you want to compare your malicious ability with sword cultivation, you will have physical cultivation. There is an old saying among this kind of practitioners. If you want to be stronger than others, you have to be more malicious to yourself. At this point, Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu are definitely among the best. Others can bear three thunder forces, and they will attract five less.
Moreover, Hu Yingxue never felt that there were men and women who could do what others could do. She asked herself to do the same and do better. Mu Tianxuan was a lightning bolt that naturally attracted more thunder, but Hu Yingxue followed how much he led.
This is not rashly following the trend. Five dragon souls in the Five Lingjian have left the sword body and danced around Hu Yingxue, and nearly one-third of them have been separated from Lei Guang. So, she is still far below Mu Tianxuan in withstanding the thunder force.
Mu Tianxuan is Lei Xiu’s body robbing Lei Ji Hu Ying Xue, and he is connected with five dragon souls by Lei Li to refine himself. Compared with Weichi Hanyu’s performance, it makes people look askance.
In the first robbery, Wei Chi Han Yu exhibited his scenery, which made him surrounded by thousands of stars who absorbed most of the thunder force, but Wei Chi Han Yu’s own thunder force was still more than twice that of Hu Yingxue.
Wei Chihanyu’s name of God of War is played by his own strength, and the reason why his own strength will be so strong is that Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan also take care of Dan Dao and Qi Dao respectively. Wei Chihanyu is devoted to kendo, far more than ordinary people, and his perseverance is his strong way.
In nine days, Wei Chi Hanyu was one of the few people who would let Hu Yingxue take the initiative to note that he was tough and Payne respected him for his persistence. Perhaps it was because of his note that they got married in this life. Brother Hanyu softened the ares and hardened his heart, which also made Hu Yingxue worry about his relatives and friends.
The reason why Mu Tianxuan wants to do this but hasn’t been analyzed by others is probably because he is always around Hu Yingxue. If you want to think that he can see his roots at once, there is no need to worry about anything. When talking about this, Mu Tianxuan always makes Hu Yingxue give him a dirty look and his mouth can’t help but become warped.
I can’t help but see the thunder in my head. Hu Yingxue will be white. Usually, when the thunder falls in the first or ninth way, I will take the initiative to rob my head. The experience keeps coming to my head, which makes her mood can be suppressed and ups and downs.
In nine days, she was a goddess in the north, and the only daughter of Tianzun lived in Yingxue Palace, a holy court in the north. She met people who were either full of respect for her father or full of flattery for her father.
She keeps her distance from people who want to be close to her, and people who want to be close to her are rejected by her. At a certain distance, they will not express their feelings. My father will communicate materially. It is normal to see fathers and daughters once in a thousand years.
Born with a partial absence of worldly desires, she seems to be completely unaffected. If she is not dissatisfied with her, she is respectful and dissatisfied. She may never know that she has been lonely.
When her body was swept away by severe pain, she thought it was not bad that it ended like this, but at the moment when she was devastated, she was sure that she heard her father Yi Feng’s roar and Ling Shen’s cry of sorrow that had been following her.
Screaming and wailing echoed in her ears, which made her feel very strange. Now it seems that she should be reluctant to part with her, probably because she was reluctant to part with her.
Then there was a wisp of ghost left for a long time. She wandered around the world, watching everything born and dying, but couldn’t find the answer to who she really was.
Finally, one day, the familiar sound appeared, and Ling Tianshen found her. The first sentence turned out to be’ Thank you for giving me a chance to stop being an idiot’. She didn’t understand and didn’t think about it.
"It is impossible for her to enter the reincarnation without cost."
"You can just say what you want, and I can accept it at any cost."
"I want you to fix it."