With a deep sigh, there came the sound of water flowing across the street, and it was obvious that Fang Zi had come back from suffering.

About ten minutes later, Fang Ziban came out in a clean light yellow cassock and knocked on the easy mark doorway. "Little younger brother, who is new to Luo Yun Hall tonight, will introduce you to all the younger brothers in the door. When the time comes, people will send a roster to match the images and get to know his younger brothers.
There are still some things to be determined that need to be done. You can go with me now. "
"Well, good brother, I’m ready."
Yi Mark knocked on the door and came out and said, "Let’s go."
Fang Zijing nodded and turned around and walked first, but one step later, his foot was soft and he almost fell to the ground.
Yi Mark wanted to help him without knowing, but he didn’t make moves.
Fang Zijing was slightly embarrassed and said wryly, "The master is getting more and more abnormal. Mixing the monster beast saliva and herbs made me twitch directly all afternoon!"
Yi mark smell speech heart sweat for this crazy old man also deeper understanding.
I suddenly feel a little shudder at the thought that I am about to face such a thing.
This old man is really crazy!
Luo Yun Hall is not so much a hall as a square, because this hall is so big!
Yi mark can’t see the surrounding walls at a glance because of the dark!
These shapes are nothing but a sea of people!
Yi mark was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that there were so many brothers in the practice period alone!
Is there 10 thousand, 20 thousand or 30 thousand here?
The easy mark method is sure, but he knows that there are so many monks here during the practice period!
Yi Mark is still a little confident, but seeing so many monks in the practice period instantly, most of them are about ten or eleven stories in the practice period, so Yi Mark can’t help but feel a little cold.
There are too many people here, brother, so much strength is naturally huge!
Relatively speaking, the monks in the foundation period and the knot Dan period are also large films!
So what is the status of monks during the practice period?
Although there are ten in a year, an extra 100 will be recruited every three years, and more will be recruited every ten years! And ten younger brothers are just a name, because if there are many outstanding younger brothers, then these younger brothers will be recruited by the Ministry!
All ten are the minimum standards!
Seeing so many monks in the practice period, it’s hard to be hit in the heart. His strength is still at the top in Jiusha Mountain, but here, Yi Mark is confident that he is the enemy in the practice period, but at his age, many people have reached the preconditions!
Then he has no advantage in any way.
The same master is divided according to the entry order. For example, Yi Mark will call a senior when he meets Fang Ziban.
However, if Yi Mark meets Fu Hongyun again, then he will call Fu Hongyun’s younger sister because on different occasions, the names of the three generations of brothers are all divided into strengths.
The tenth floor of the practice period is naturally called the eleventh floor of the practice period, but if the strength of the two people has been compared, the shouting method will be somewhat different.
Victory is brother and sister, and failure is brother and sister.
"Well, this time my younger brothers and some outstanding younger brothers have arrived, so I’ll introduce you to the ten younger brothers who came in this time."
This is not easy to mark from the host know disillusioned real people, so he also relaxed a lot.
However, a slight glance at Yi Mark found that Situhan Xuan was sitting at the end of a great elder position, and it was obvious that the elder needed to sit in this activity.
Easy mark heart slightly surprised dark shout bad.
Because at this time the middle-aged boss has spoken.
"The first selected brother is Lin Yifeng’s younger brother-Yi Mark’s qualification is very poor, but he has reached the peak of the eleventh floor of the practice period in his twenties, and the monks on the twelfth floor of the practice period in this realm are no longer his opponents!" The middle-aged man said lightly and immediately shouted "Yi Mark!"
Yi Mark made a slight mistake and immediately bowed down and said, "Brother is here!"
Said the easy mark calm away Luo Yun palace ten thousand people focus on the hall.
At this time, it was easy to mark points and saw a surprise in the eyes of SiTuHanXuan.
However, Stuart Han Xuan did not say it as expected.
Obviously, some people in the crowd think that Yi Mark is similar to Yi Mark in Yangxin Mountain, but no one says that someone has been gossiping.
And, after all, when Yangxin Mountain was Luo Yun Palace, no more than three younger brothers could come out of Yangxin Mountain.
Yun-feng Luo die SiTuHan xuan don’t say so others talk again is also.
But Yi Mark denies it. No one really knows which of these monks is not a deep and intelligent person!
Therefore, he has ensured his humble and respectful attitude.
Then the middle-aged man said something about Xuan Er and Fu Hongyun respectively, and then ten people gave you a brief introduction respectively.
Then someone sent a special atlas to ten people, such as Yi Mark. This atlas is the image of the whole Luo Yun palace brother and the list of Yi Mark and others, which is obviously at the end.
This shows that these things have been done well in just half a day, which shows its high efficiency!
After receiving these books, the middle-aged Han said some matters needing attention in the door rules, and then ordered several elders to pay a gift to ten people.
Send a gift to Yi Mark. She is wearing an apricot cassock. Situ Han Xuan has a cold face. When she is close to Yi Mark, her face shows a smile.
Seeing that this smile is easy to mark, I felt great danger and immediately maintained a high vigilance.
"Come to Rosa Peak Valley tonight and I have something to talk to you about! If you don’t come, die! "
When SiTuHanXuan put the gift in Yi Mark’s hand, a word also fell into Yi Mark’s ear.
Chapter 153 SiTuHan xuan
Chapter 153 SiTuHan xuan
Although this sentence is cold and impersonal, it is not so harsh for SiTuHan Xuan to understand Yi Mark.
Situhan Xuan can talk to him alone, so there is a solution to this matter in 19th.
Yi mark immediately nodded, then took the gift and bowed down toward SiTuHan xuan.
This is naturally the rule of Luo Yun Palace, and Situhan Xuan did not refuse.
I took a light black dry Kun bag, and I saw it for a few times. I already have the unique mark of Luo Yun Palace, and this dry Kun bag can be regarded as a hit, which is much better than Yi Mark’s making dry Kun bag at the moment.
It really doesn’t matter that the dry Kun bag is easy to mark, but it’s actually very good to have a better and bigger dry Kun bag to hide its eyes and ears outside.
I took this dry Kun bag and found it slightly. Suddenly, I found that there were still twenty low-order Lingshi stones and a disposable top-order Fubao.
That fubao’s perfect yellow looks a little special like a kit.