There is luck in the game against Juventus. Juventus is too unlucky.

It’s such bad luck that most people can’t share it
Benitez also made a targeted deployment for Lazio, and Real Madrid was quite steady in defense, leaving Lazio nothing to take advantage of.
Lazio won’t rush forward after they can’t find a better opportunity, but will go back and forth all the way back to goalkeeper Ter stegen’s feet
Then reorganize the attack from the goalkeeper.
Lazio played the game of controlling the ball
Keeping the football firmly in one’s own feet is the safest defensive strategy for Lazio.
Because Lazio players have excellent ball and individual ball control skills.
It’s not so easy to break the ball of Lazio players. It’s almost impossible to need more people one-on-one. But when you go to grab Lazio players, there are loopholes in other positions. Lazio players can quickly throw the football out, which breaks the opponent’s defensive deployment and captures the opponent’s defensive loopholes
Anyway, Real Madrid, not Lazio, is eager to win at home.
This is the reason why Real Madrid must win again at home.
Victory was given more meaning by them, not only the hope of qualifying for the group, but also "revenge" and "export gas"
They will naturally be more anxious to win than Lazio.
Lazio can help their mentality and slow them down to sharpen their patience.
When they get more and more anxious, they will make mistakes and loopholes, and they will not care.
That’s Lazio’s chance!
Benitez, Real Madrid contracted so hard in the face of Lazio’s attack that they almost shrank back to their 30-meter zone.
This kind of game is really unsightly.
Because Real Madrid let Lazio play at home …
When did Real Madrid, the top giants and the middle giants, be so down and out?
Soon the stands sounded. Real Madrid fans shh.
That’s what real Madrid fans do. When their team can’t win, they have to boo their team, no matter how good or ugly their team plays.
When their team can win but can’t play well, they still have to boo their team.
They boo their players when their players don’t perform well.
Anyway … they can always find a reason to boo their own people.
They call it "we are demanding" and are proud of it.
It seems that it is a glorious thing to be hard on your own team.
But this is the reason why Changsheng turned his back on them. Apart from his feud with Real Madrid, this is also one of the important reasons why he doesn’t want to coach in Real Madrid.
Mourinho led the team to break Barcelona’s monopoly and win the league title in the first two seasons in Real Madrid, and even led Real Madrid to break the "dream spell" and reach the semi-finals of the Champions League for two consecutive seasons.
At that time, every game in the Bernabeu stands resounded with "Mourinho Song"
As a result, Mourinho became an enemy of Real Madrid fans in the third season when the performance of Real Madrid’s team deteriorated.
Coupled with his own mouthpiece media fanning the flames, many Real Madrid fans believe that Mourinho should leave Real Madrid and be dissatisfied with him.
You can’t find a few such fickle fans in Europe.
Real Madrid doesn’t like such people working for you and trying to bring honor. No matter how much they think you have lost your profit value, they will turn their backs on you and kick you.
This is the style of giants.
In fact, Benitez has been under such pressure recently.
Two years ago, when he led Real Madrid to the league title and reached the Champions League final, the Madrid media and fans praised him as a "tactical god". As a result, Benitez was eliminated from the top 16 of the Champions League last season and was recognized as a class in the opinion polls.
Constant victory is to hope that fans of his team must support his team physically and mentally, and he will never accept criticism and slander from fans.
He takes it for granted that he is a fan of this team. If you don’t support the team, what does the team want you to do?
Now on the sidelines, I hear Real Madrid fans hissing and winning, and a sneer comes out of their mouths.
This is the Real Madrid fans!
However, I really have to thank them, because their booing will make Real Madrid players more flustered and unbalanced.
These fans who hate themselves are actually helping themselves … They are really the 12th best person in Lazio!
Sure enough, the Real Madrid fans hissed and the Real Madrid players became impatient.
They are no longer willing to carefully arrange the defense line at the front of the restricted area.
They are more willing to attack and tear the Lazio defence and score goals!
After all, Real Madrid is full of "offensive" blood!
And how can the enemy shrink defense and show weakness actively at present?
We have to be tough and fight back!
Learn from juanito!
Real Madrid players have pressed out in this way.
Before their defense was forced
Of course, there are also players in the Real Madrid team who abide by the coach’s tactical arrangements.
So one side wants to attack and the other side insists on defending.