Borus still hasn’t spoken, and no one knows what he’s thinking at the moment, and what he’s nervous about. Adults think that attacking the enemy easily will lead the Chinese army to be tricked by the enemy again, so let me take care of the little chop suey on both sides first. Livio, though a rough man, is still a battle-hardened general. When he looks at Borus with hesitation, he has already guessed that Borus is not in a state of indecision, but is worried about whether he will really give up the heavy weapon attack and turn over and fight back against the enemy.

Fight back. After a silence, Borus finally speaks. At this moment, he is determined to put all the burdens. Borus’s eyes shine enough to subdue the surrounding people’s minds.
At the end, almost at the same time, the generals should command the commanders of the left and right wings to approach the enemy, so I will retreat to the enemy soldiers, and the third and fourth echelons will take over the frontline soldiers to launch the final attack on the enemy. Livio, your black cavalry will break through the enemy’s front, and Borus will give up the command of the left and right wings to see the enemy’s middle army defeat. At this moment, this doubt is the best choice. The dragonfly cavalry on the left and right wings have been weakened in the previous attack. When they break through, I believe that it will be even more futile to pay the casualties. Sending troops to this battlefield is not much. If you want to defeat the enemy in the middle of the road, the morale of the enemy will be completely disintegrated, and there will be not many cavalry left. Therefore, Borus will order the black cavalry in Livio to launch a general attack in the army like the enemy’s middle army
At the moment, the dragonfly has returned to the rear of the battlefield. In the successive attacks, he first attacked several divisions together and suffered serious losses. In this case, he was responsible for mobilizing the rear and ordered the follow-up troops to replace the frontline troops. The dragonfly also returned to the rear array in this replacement and succeeded others. It was a smile. Luo Cha vowed to participate in the battle, Princess Ziyue.
For dozens of days, Princess Ziyue has been laughing with Luo Cha all the time. Although Luo Cha is very cold to her, she has also taken a tough attitude against this noble princess. Princess Ziyue laughed at Luo Cha and became more arrogant when she couldn’t help it. Luo Cha listened to her command to kill the enemy on this battlefield. Unlike the large-scale troop mobilization in the past, this princess’s eyes were so hard that she forced Luo Cha to laugh. Although it was agreed in advance that Ziyue could not participate in the face-to-face battle, many things could not be done once she reached the battlefield. More restraint, so the dragonfly laughs at Luo Cha’s eyelid. Purple Moon is also wearing armor and riding a horse. Laughing at Luo Cha, he will succeed the two front generals of the dragonfly. If the purple moon is changed at ordinary times, this nonsense dragonfly will definitely stop it, but at the moment, the war is urgent, and the dragonfly can keep up with it. At this moment, the dragonfly is being treated by therapists while discussing the war.
My Lord, it doesn’t matter if you are hurt. Fix the card and look at the size of the dragonfly. There are more than a dozen wounds. I can’t help but ask, It’s okay. It’s okay. I didn’t expect these rebels to be really weak. This magnificent attack of our army can still withstand the dragonfly’s wave of hands and feet, which seems to indicate that it is injured.
Alas, Borus’s generation of famous hand soldiers are not brave and good warriors. Look at the left and right roads. Although they are defeated in our army, they will never retreat. This will be enough. They nodded slightly worried and said, well, after listening to the card repair, the dragonfly nodded and immediately said, but our army’s performance is not bad. To be honest, General Xiuka doesn’t mind that I always thought that Wang Du’s guards had no actual combat experience. It was difficult for Borus troops to compete in combat capability, but I didn’t expect that our army could really look down on your troops before occupying the wind for a long time in World War I.
Hehe, my Lord, I’m flattered. Our army can be proud and gain an advantage for the time being. It depends on the adults and several generals to take the lead, otherwise it can resist the enemy’s counterattack. However, although the elite troops of the rebel army have suffered heavy losses, the enemy’s rear team still shows no signs of mobilizing. In this way, it will be afraid that the adult’s plan will be difficult to repair the card. Now, the smile disappears immediately with the deepening of the conversation
Alas, man proposes, God disposes, and it is a miracle that our army can achieve the present situation. Whether the enemy can really fall into our army’s scheme can also depend on God’s will. But what I am most worried about now is whether it can successfully stop the enemy from bombing the river bank. Otherwise, our enemy will be separated from each other in terms of who wins and who loses. The dragonfly slowly looked up at the gloomy sky and said this, and it was a windy day and fell silent at the same time.
After a long time, the dragonfly turned back and said to the two men, forget it. Don’t say these things. Let’s take care of the present. How are we going to deal with the black cavalry? When the dragonfly asked in a windy day, he said that they were all ready. I will lead them to kill the enemy immediately as soon as the master ordered. In addition, according to your instructions, they haven’t worn anything designed by Princess Ziyue. I want the black cavalry to be on the battlefield now, and this army will definitely make them suffer heavy casualties.
Ok, that’s good. Dragonfly heard that everything was ready in a windy day, and immediately he was very happy. Then he turned to fix the card and said, How about Lester?
Report to your honor Lester that he rode to the designated place this morning. I think it’s good. At this moment, he must have finished the installation and waited for your orders. This time, it’s not that your honor wants to plan this and get so many horses in a short time. Our army must not take this opportunity to repair the card and say to the dragonfly. It seems that the young generals in this kingdom have been completely satisfied with the dragonfly’s ingenuity. Now that they are ready to end it, let’s wait for the enemy to enter our trap. Dragonfly, clap your hands and let go.
When the three men were discussing the army, they rode a fast horse and saw that the knight was still coming. They said that they would report to the commander-in-chief, the enemy rear team pushed forward in a big way, and the cavalry in black armor was close to our pioneer.
Haha, finally here, finally here. After hearing the news of the enemy’s massive attack, Dragonfly not only didn’t worry, but stood beside Dragonfly laughing. At the same time, he took a look at the back with excitement and said to Dragonfly, "Adult orders."
It’s windy and windy, so you can immediately lead the fifteen thousand special corps to the center of the front line. The scattered enemy troops don’t need to look for the enemy black cavalry. It’s necessary to completely defeat the enemy. The dragonfly will March on the windy and windy day, and the token will still go to the windy day. It will certainly live up to the master’s expectation that it will jump up and take over the token and then jump into the horse and disappear into the army like a gust of wind.
Repairing the card tells you to immediately deploy troops to keep a certain distance close to the front line. You don’t even need to report the current gap in front line defense. It is necessary to directly put the standby troops into the battlefield to ensure that the front line will not be broken by the enemy. In addition, fireworks signals will be sent immediately to let the left and right forces quickly approach the enemy’s middle army, and our army is eager to rescue the middle road. Don’t mistake it. Dragonfly threw a token high to repair the card, and it was as long as it was. After an order, he left Dragonfly for his own troops and left with the card. There was no senior general around Dragonfly. Leading troops have been dispatched. Although the war is not over yet, Dragonfly suddenly feels relaxed in his heart. At this moment, Dragonfly has no room for command, so he can pray for the success of his plan.
The fierce fighting between the two sides on the battlefield continues, and lives are disappearing every moment. The blood seems to have dyed the ground red, and the knife seems to have been flattened by flesh and blood, but it still continues. The Dragonfly Army continues to gain a slight advantage in the battlefield. After the new forces of the rebel army joined in, it suddenly shows signs of retreat. Although the rebel army is nearly 400,000 people, the actual elite troops are also more than 100,000 people. Except for this, Borus has been leading 100,000 guards, and most of the remaining troops are rebelling in Kvas. In the war, Borus made up troops. Although these troops were once the armed forces of the Kingdom of Bassos, they were mostly local armed forces. Therefore, although they had certain combat capability, they were far from the elite troops of Borus. However, compared with the troops that had been fighting for a long time in the Dragonfly Army, their combat capability was not underestimated. Therefore, when these troops with almost the same number of Dragonfly Army joined the battle, the Dragonfly Army’s great crisis immediately appeared.
Swish with two light rings, two hongyun-like fireworks bloomed on the left and right wings of the rebel army in a gloomy day, commanding the cavalry to attack Carlo Xiu. He immediately saw these two signal fireworks. It’s time for the brothers to launch a general attack. It’s time for these rebels to know that we are powerful and let our good brothers die. The revenge army attacked the enemy’s central army. Carlo waved a magic sword with a rare light in his hand and shouted at the iron cavalry around him, wishing to fight for the general and the commander and the kingdom, and the iron cavalry had already fought and killed Carlo sincerely for a long time. Come to Carlo, they have been living together, and the people are full of this young general. Not only until today, when they really killed the battlefield, they saw Carlo never leaving the front line. This leading general has seen and seen Carlo’s swordsmanship magic. Every time in an emergency, he can break down the enemy’s attack by himself. This brave general has been seen for a long time. Pepe has become sincere again. At this moment, Carlo’s soldiers want Carlo’s sword to point there, and their bodies will definitely follow there.
Carol’s hand soldier will be the repairman. What’s the difference? When the crimson eyes fly in the sky, the troops on both sides of the rebel army will be greatly impacted immediately. However, Borus certainly won’t completely ignore the threats on both sides of the troops. After the first and second echelons are replaced by the third and fourth echelons, these down archers immediately flock to the left and right wings in two aspects, and the numerical advantage stops Carlo’s progress, so the two-wing attack is once again deadlocked.
My Lord, the enemy’s two wings have rushed into the Chinese army. It seems that our army’s attack has made it difficult for the enemy to parry. The staff around Borus said excitedly that it seems that victory is in his pocket, but Borus was not so optimistic. After seeing Borus’s silence, he said coldly that the battle is undecided and our army will put its troops into attack. At this moment, the enemy is really a surprise soldier. Now that our army is behind our army, our army can be defeated. Borus immediately shut up many staff officers, but smiled coldly at them. He knew that these staff members must be thinking that they were really worrying. At this moment, Borus
Livio wore his black armor and black cavalry again, a name that made him famous. In this name, how many famous bandits were killed? Today, he also believes that the black cavalry will definitely kill the enemy. The fighting ability of the black cavalry is worthy of the fact that the first in the Borus Legion is the Siegel Magic Cavalry, which can also worship the wind. When this black whirlwind is now at the forefront of the battle, the local situation will change immediately.
Although it’s not invulnerability, it’s difficult for the light cavalry to compare. Although the number is only three divisions, they are the death of the enemy on the battlefield. The super troops are kicking the enemy in the black cavalry. The soldiers are wailing and there is a cold light on them. They can make a complete infantry division by relying on the impact. If they want their local enemy’s blood to splash, the enemy’s life will continue to disappear. The black cavalry is arrogant and galloping. However, this is their last pride. Because they are in a windy day, they have met special forces.
Chapter 931 The end of the world
When livio was high-spirited and led the black cavalry to kill in the front line, it was windy and windy, and the name of the special forces was close to the front line. Although it sounded good, it was also very different from the appearance of other forces. On that day, the dragonfly was defeated by the black cavalry and tried its best to barely escape back to the fortress of Reddes. Although it was later laughing at Luo Cha to guide the dragonfly to regain confidence, it was very fearful of livio’s so-called black cavalry armored troops. Dragonfly, white and black cavalry were not only overwhelming to infantry in combat power, but also in magic. French and French heavy cavalry, light cavalry and other arms confrontation will also occupy a great advantage. We can’t think about its countermeasures. Just dealing with these black cavalry, we must have five times as many troops to barely make it a draw. At present, it is impossible for the dragonfly army to attack the black cavalry in such a large number of troops when the rebels are killing. Therefore, it is really nerve-racking to want to deal with the black cavalry tactics.
Sometimes luck often comes in a flash. When the dragonfly is puzzled and has a headache, Princess Ziyue now brings a glimmer of hope to the dragonfly trapped in the dark. On that day, Princess Ziyue sneaked into dragonfly’s bedroom and wanted to play with dragonfly. However, at this moment, Dragonfly was tired because he had not slept for three days in a row. When Ziyue saw that Dragonfly was tired, he suddenly started to play and wanted to leave, but suddenly found that the dragonfly case was full of all kinds of sketches of black cavalry, and Ziyue did what others would not pay attention to. Her eyes suddenly became the most attractive thing. Princess Ziyue secretly took a sketch of black cavalry drawn by Dragonfly while Dragonfly was sleeping. Three days later, she gave Dragonfly a strange suit of armor, which is the most important equipment for the black cavalry special corps today.
Purple Moon’s design is very simple, but it completely captures the characteristics of black cavalry. Black cavalry wins by the impact of war horses. The offensive and defensive ability of body weapons and armor is generally nothing more than a hook gun to deal with cavalry. Even if the horse legs are cut off, the cavalry can become a toothless tiger. However, it is not so simple to deal with cavalry in actual combat. Secondly, there are not many infantry who can resist the impact of cavalry. The length of three-meter cavalry spears in the hands of cavalry is about two and a half meters. Therefore, this method is very tired to deal with ordinary cavalry, not to mention dealing with black cavalry. However, Purple Moon
In the design of Purple Moon, the special forces are divided into two groups, each group carries an iron plate with a width of 40 cm and a length of about two meters, and a layer of medium-thick steel needles is mounted on the iron plate. When the black cavalry of the special forces faces it, the speed of the horse is greatly reduced compared with that of the light cavalry, so the special forces will let go of the iron plate and join the team-shaped horse. Although the horseshoe is hard, once the horse rider steps on these iron plates, it will be pierced by the steel needles, and it will be very easy for the horse to lose when it is blocked by the heavy and slender iron plate. There is an iron plate in front of the black hoofed cavalry, so it is necessary for the horse to jump lightly to eliminate the threat. However, with nearly 10,000 iron plates, the situation is another matter. Since the goal of stopping the black cavalry from advancing has been achieved, the rest is to attack and defend Purple Moon. Another design is that each special unit is equipped with a standard weapon, namely a hook gun. When the black cavalry stops or slows down the attack speed, the slender cavalry spear will become another burden for the cavalry. At this time, the cavalry spear will be heavier than the hook gun, and the black cavalry horse will be able to make the horse run quickly. The knee joint of the At this time, the special forces can carry out a devastating attack on the black cavalry steeds with a hook gun in their hands. Finally, Ziyue recognizes that the black cavalry is also likely to give up the cavalry spear, and the special forces’ hands therefore avoid commanding. The black cavalry caused heavy casualties to the special forces in melee, so Ziyue installed something similar to an inverted washbasin in the special forces. According to Ziyue, this is the most important part of the design, but Dragonfly and others agree that it is the strangest thing in the design. However, Ziyue threatens not to put this design into actual combat equipment, so Dragonfly can also agree to pity Reddes.The washbasin was searched by the gendarmerie overnight. Finally, after many experiments in Longfei, the infantry was added to the design to carry a strong crossbow with three continuous shots, in order to avoid the black cavalry from attacking it when it found that the method broke through the defense line of special forces and diverted.
Although Princess Ziyue’s design is not perfect, it makes Dragonfly hope to defeat the black cavalry with the same strength. Therefore, in just ten days, he ordered fifteen thousand sets of improved armor to be built and equipped with troops. At this moment, Livio led the special forces in a windy day, which was a special force after many experiments and improvements.
Although the black cavalry was strange to the enemy when they saw the special forces in the washbasin above their heads, they quickly rushed to see that these troops were just some ordinary heavily armored infantry, so they didn’t pay more attention. However, when they urged their horses to throw their weight around and set foot on the stained khaki iron plate, the accident immediately became the first row of nearly 20 cavalry horses in the cavalry formation. Suddenly, as soon as the front hoof slipped and the rider failed to turn over, they were rushed in and Wang Dujun’s soldiers chopped up. These fallen cavalry black cavalry saw themselves behind them. The comrades-in-arms were killed immediately, and they rushed to prepare for the slaughter of these ungrateful Wang Dujun infantry. However, after entering a certain area, dozens of riders fell off their horses at the same time. This change made the black cavalry commander Livio accept it for a while, not to mention what magic Wang Dujun had cast to make his troops fall off their horses.
The black cavalry’s falling horses made Livio suddenly feel that the situation was not good. Although it was a dangerous command to suddenly order the troops to stop moving on the battlefield, Livio had to take this command at the moment. When he saw Livio’s sword waving in his hand and followed him, all the fighters immediately slowed down and prepared to slowly approach the special forces of the Dragonfly Army. However, on a windy day, he would not let the black cavalry go. He wanted to see the windy day and took a water-blue flag from his waist. When he waved the flag, the heavy infantry of the special forces quietly formed in front of the black cavalry. Tiger-like waving the hook gun in his hand to attack the black cavalry. Suddenly, the black cavalry rode horses with despair and grief, and their legs were cut off by the hook gun in the hands of heavy cavalry like hay. The black cavalry tried their best to fight back in the face of heavy infantry attack, but they didn’t dare to attack the cavalry at will without livio’s command, and they could resist the flexible and extremely heavy infantry. At one time, hundreds of horses fell to the ground, and the horse rider suffered heavy casualties.
Adults can’t stop, brothers. The loss is too serious. A pioneer division leader around Livio looked at his own department and rushed to ride Livio’s side and said to him, actually, no, in his words, Vio has also found that the situation is not right. He hurriedly calmed down and shouted at the generals around him. Brothers, I will kill all the rabbits in the kingdom for me together, saying that I should ride forward.
Watching the black cavalry attack again, it was windy and windy, and immediately shook the other side of the green flag. When the flag fluttered in the wind, it rushed to kill in front of the black cavalry. The heavy infantry immediately retreated, while the soldiers who had never been in the rear of the special forces raised their crossbows and fired at the black cavalry. Although it did not pose much threat to the black cavalry, it also caused some casualties.
Don’t run away, asshole. Livio saw that the special forces of the Dragonfly Army retreated backward like mice, and immediately rushed to the front with great anger. When Livio was about to catch up with the backwardness, the special forces soldiers raised their cavalry spears and tried to pierce the enemy. His horse suddenly screamed and landed on both knees at the same time.
Suddenly losing weight, Vio’s body turned and fell forward. However, Livio, after all, was not an ordinary soldier. When he saw him roll, he would fly in the middle of the body and land safely. It was not until this time that Livio discovered that the ground was actually dyed yellow, and the same iron plate was actually fine steel needles.
Bai Ji’s department was defeated by Livio, and he couldn’t help but shout, despicable bastards, I’m going to kill all of you bastards, saying that this brave expert poured his sword in his hand and went crazy towards the soldiers of the special forces.
The enemy will stop being crazy and let Luo Cha laugh. See you as your opponent. When Livio is ready to slaughter the soldiers of the special forces, Luo Cha laughs and rides alone and rushes to Livio laterally. He shoots Livio with the impact of the horse.
Knowing that children dare to be rampant, let your grandpa send you a flexible roar loud in hell to avoid laughing. Luo Cha pike immediately shot a firm but gentle target at laughing. Luo Cha’s body horse Livio’s martial arts can bludgeon the sky to make a close laugh. Luo Cha pike really won’t pose any threat to him. At this moment, Luo Cha is laughing at the horse’s flexibility and can’t land on his feet. Compared with Livio, Luo Cha quickly flew to avoid Livio’s shooting, and the horse was pitied by sharp and firm but gentle.
Being in a half-smile, Luo Cha saw that Livio could easily shock wave, and suddenly he despised his enemy’s heart. With a wave of his left hand, he put Vulcan’s mark on his right hand. With a wave of his hand, a sword with a crimson flame suddenly appeared at the front end of the sword. It’s no wonder that the magic swordsmen are rampant enough to let me come to you. Livio will recognize Luo U’s disaster and V’s sword will definitely make Luo Cha beheaded, but laughing. Luo Cha not only easily evaded but also flailed his sword. Suddenly, the young people are not good at dealing with people, so he waved his
Bull, believe it or not, I can capture you alive and laugh when you land. Luo Cha suddenly poses a posture and easily says to Livio, asshole, are you insane? Livio listens to laugh. Luo Cha can’t help but be angry and angry. When he wants to speak the truth and attack Luo Cha, he suddenly feels that his body is floating gently, not to mention attacking with a sword.
You, what the hell has happened to you? Livio seems to be surrounded by a strange enchantment, and it’s hard to transport the slightest bit of qi. I can’t help but scream at the demon method. Haha, this is an open worship of Princess Sotheby’s stunts. Luo Cha laughed and approached Livio and said, what are you still playing? Hurry up and tie him up. I’m exhausted. I’m drunk from behind Livio. Princess Purple Moon proudly stands on the horse. It seems that he must be in Purple Moon on weekdays. Luo Cha smiles and bows to Purple Moon and says. I’m sorry, I’ve come to think of you for a big fight, but there’s no chance now. While talking and laughing, Luo Cha liberated his skills and tied Livio into zongzi in a moment. Although Livio kept cursing and laughing, Luo Cha was despicable, but Luo Cha always laughed and laughed for a few moments. At this moment, Livio was a failure, so he won the victory. Luo Cha certainly couldn’t ignore this point. Livio was white and there was nothing he could do.
Seeing that his chief executive was captured by the enemy general in a moment, the black cavalry suddenly went into chaos. Seeing that the enemy had lost his spirit, he immediately shook the red flag and launched a final impact command on the soldiers of the special forces. When the enemy was captured alive, he encouraged the soldiers of the special forces to rush to the black cavalry like a tiger.
The route was crowded with enemies, the retreat was blocked by comrades-in-arms, and the black cavalry always had a commanding presence. After Livio was captured alive, it was a mess. For a while, the heads of the black cavalry divisions accurately gave orders to their subordinates, while the black cavalry were killed by special forces in the crowded melee. The most powerful troops in the rebel army vanished in this inexplicable chaos.
After half an hour of fierce fighting, in front of the central commander’s camp in Borus, a soldier flying horse with blood rushed to Borus’s front and knelt down, saying, "My Lord, the Black Cavalry Corps was annihilated by the enemy."