Hui-er cries lightly for pain.

Xiuchang’s white hands were covered with mottled scars, and his fingers were bloodstained with blood. Some nails were turned back to reveal the red shredded pork inside.
Suddenly, a rage and cold breath filled the Songshan Sect and its party.
The sky is still high in the sun, but at the moment, the Songshan Sect is as uncomfortable as being in an ice cave, and their hands and feet are numb and pale; Their confrontation with Hengshan Paidi seems unaffected and they are still eager to try.
Eyes shot out angry fireworks. Zhao Yang showed dark fangs like an enraged beast.
"Who’s bullying me? Women have the guts to come out!"
Chapter 24 【 Zhao Yang possessed 】
Form a defensive sword array! "
Clock town eyebrows jump know that the situation is not good, and the younger brother behind him is waiting for the enemy.
Seek nothing but self-protection.
Zhao Yang’s look change seems to have affected the surrounding temperature changes, which made Zhong Zhen feel desperate. How can Zhao Yang make such rapid progress in a few days?
Is today the anniversary of our death?
Raging Zhao Yang is not only a surge in combat power, but also unreasonable.
Never provoke Zhao Yang, never push Zhao Yang to the wall.
Clock town at this time to remember 6 Parker earnestly warned before he left.
The first sunshine on a bright sunny day was bathed in the Songshan Sect in Zhaohui, but it was as cold as ice.
The Hengshan Mountain Road is only five people standing side by side, and the Hengshan Mountain Gate at the crossing of the mountain is like a bell town with two arms, and others are detained in a hasty topographic exhibition, but it is even more difficult to display their swords.
Get up the courage to squeeze out an ugly smile in Zhong Town. "Zhao Yang, teacher younger brother, this is a misunderstanding. Isn’t it ridiculous to be a roommate of Wuyue Sword Sect? Brother and others came here this time to visit the younger brother. "
The right hand stretched out a sword in Hengshan’s brother’s hand next to it, and he couldn’t grasp that the broken fly was falling on Zhao Yang’s palm, shaking shock wave at will and bearing the brunt of the clock town, but he felt the biting cold.
There was a commotion at the crossing of the mountain. What is this kung fu that is so powerful?
Take a picture!
Zhong Zhen’s throat is dry, and his heart suddenly vibrates like being struck by a heavy hammer, and his heart is trembling and his guts are splitting.
How can this Zhao Yang reach this state!
"It’s a price to pay for hitting my woman!"
Word for word
Like ten thousand pounds of boulders rammed on Hengshan Mountain Road.
Like twelve muffled thunder from the top of the mountain.
The shock made Songshan’s brother feel scared and the gv 10 fell.
The reverberation in my ears roared.
There was darkness in front of my eyes.
As depressing as an unattainable god.
As bloodthirsty and cruel as walking out of hell to kill God.
Xielijian Zhao Yang