Tourmaline, of course, is white, and they are proud of their concerns.

Who let them deliberately give him a hard time, trying to attract their sister’s attention
serve sb right
Of course, just keep these thoughts in your heart. tourmaline is not stupid enough to say it.
Bailingxian is a middleman and a white man who can see clearly.
Shame in my heart and sweat in my head. She really thinks the present situation is weird.
In order to bring everyone’s attention to the usual track.
Bailingxian took the initiative to check Chai Wanying’s pregnancy again.
Chai Wanying already knew that she was pregnant. It was Bai Lingxian who first found out and she told tourmaline.
Of course, I believe in her medical skills
Jia Bailing Xian is full of aura, attractive, dignified and beautiful, which can give people a good feeling at a glance.
Chai Wanying is, of course, more willing to be close to her.
After hearing her request, she nodded without thinking, because she really wanted to know her physical condition today
It would be better if Bailing knew how many children she was pregnant with.
Subconsciously Chai Wanying still hopes to have multiple births.
In this way, the boss and his brothers will be in good health.
But such an idea is just hope after all.
I don’t know what my body is like until Lark checks it out for her.
So two women threw three men in the living room and they walked upstairs.
In front of the building, Chai Wanying looked back at tourmaline and the three of them.
Take a light photo of tourmaline, entertain the guests well, and don’t let sex do it.
Sister tourmaline nai du du, don’t worry, I won’t bully them. They are worse than me in everything, and they bully me.
Chai Wanying knew that tourmaline wouldn’t lie to her. Tourmaline couldn’t. After hearing this sentence, she immediately turned her attention to Ghost Green Road Ning.
I’m really sorry about what happened before, gentlemen. I neglected the two of you to sit in the living room for a while. After Miss Bailing gave me a physical examination, I’ll go to town to buy fresh vegetables. tourmaline is still young, gentlemen.
Chai Wanying hasn’t finished yet.
Ghost green can’t help laughing heartily.
Mrs. Wan Ying, just let Bailing go. We are friends of tourmaline. We won’t bully him.
Madame doesn’t trust us?
Chai Wanying’s face turned red and she felt that if she was a heart, it would be chaotic. When people were guests in their own homes, they gave them expired milk for their first breakfast.
It’s enough that people are not angry.
Now I have to wonder if they will bully tourmaline.
If they were in Luning, they would be angry if their position was not good.
Smell speech ashamed to look at them and then follow lark floor.
Not to mention what these three men will discuss together.
Just say it’s in the second floor of Bailing’s temporary residence
Bailingxian Lingli thoughtfully explored Chai Wanying’s body again and finally showed a reassuring smile.
Madam, I’m not worried about your health. Everything is fine now, but I’m a little short of blood.
Lark said, and got up and walked to the next to the room frame.
Now there is a little Hua Teng next to that one, and some exquisite bottles and jars are placed on the surface.
Bailing took two exquisite jade bottles from there.