Dong Zhuo added, "It turned out that my niece was playing the piano, but even I was so sad that I couldn’t stand it." Dong Zhuo didn’t say that there were tears in his eyes. "Is my niece unwilling to marry? If so, she will never be allowed to marry if I am here!"

"Zhongying misunderstood my daughter is miss me this dad" Cai Yong hurriedly laughed.
"Yes, I’m in love with Moon Hee," Wei Zhongdao also said.
Hmm! Instead of talking, Dong Zhuo closed his eyes as if he were enjoying himself, generally immersed in Cai Yanle.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Rob people
The piano is like a cry, and the tune is euphemistic and sad. Love is beyond words, but you don’t lament.
At the end of the song, the two handmaids in the pavilion were already in tears, and even a tear fell from Dong Zhuo’s corner of the living room. I wonder what would happen to people like Dong Zhuo.
"Miss, I’ll marry that Wei Gong for you. I really don’t want you to be upset." Ruyue said, holding her skirts, she forgot the identity of the two men and wanted to exchange Cai Yan for herself.
"Silly girl, how is that possible?" Cai Yan said, "But I really don’t want to marry Wei Zhongdao. I have to beg my father again. I can’t believe that so many people have returned to Taiwan."
Cai Yan really wants this way to make the guests know, and Cai Yong is a famous scholar. If this kind of thing really makes up, the marriage is very likely to be ruined
"Miss, you are still dead. You also know that the master is stubborn. If you are really afraid that the master will marry you," the two handmaids actually helped Cai Yan pay attention to it. It can be said that the music charm is really strong.
"I don’t care, I won’t marry anyway!" Cai Wen-chi’s temper is here, too. Big Jiao roared.
Cai Yan in the kiosk is the same as Cai Yong in today’s wedding trouble living room. Today’s marriage is in trouble. Cai Yong previously saw Dong Zhuo wiping tears, and he was shocked. In his own impression, he had never seen Dong Zhuo shed tears. What happened today?
Dong Zhuo is violent and easy to kill. If such a person tears, even if he touches the taboo pain in his heart, Cai Yan can hit it straight. Dong Zhuo knows that Cai Yan is now accomplished.
"Zhong Ying, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?" Cai Yong asked.
Dong Zhuo looked at Wei Zhongdao with a wide eye and glared at him. Wei Zhongdao stumbled and almost fell to the ground in fear. "I wonder if I did something wrong to make adults so angry?"
"hey! You still pretend to say with me when you are young! Did you force my niece to marry you? I heard it. "Dong Zhuo kicked over the desk and chair in front of him and dragged Wei Zhongdao’s collar like a chicken. The hall was lively and suddenly deserted, and another person dared to speak.
Cai Yong quickly said, "Zhongying, what are you doing? Don’t hurt my son-in-law!"
"Son-in-law? I think you’re an old fool! " Dong Zhuo swore at Cai Yong and Cai Yong didn’t dare to do it immediately. "I have already heard that my niece won’t marry this little one!"
"Who the fuck dares to rob an old brother and woman!" Suddenly a sound came from outside the hall, but not from the hall.
Hmm? Suddenly I remembered a brawl outside and attracted everyone’s attention in the hall. I saw someone running in and said, "My Lord, there are soldiers in Xiliang who are forced to break into the house!"
"what! It’s outrageous to have such a king’s law! " Cai Yong was furious that he should be happy to marry his daughter, but he didn’t know there was so much chaos.
It may be that this incident attracted Dong Zhuo’s attention, and Wei Zhongdao in his hand was also relieved. "I didn’t send anyone. Is it any general who came to make trouble? This must be taught a lesson!"
Cai Yong ran to the front door with his family’s anger. Before a few steps, he saw a young man with a knife and a tiger’s head and broadsword. Or did Li She give Cai Yong a gift in the past? He felt that the young man looked familiar and said, "Who are you?"
Ding Tao laughed ",forget? I also came to Li’s friend Ding Tao yesterday. "
Cai Yong didn’t speak. When he saw the broadsword in Ding Tao’s hand, he knew that Ding Tao didn’t have a good thing here. Waiting for Ding Tao to say Wen Ding Tao didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point and said, "Husband, I came here today with a clear meaning. I hope that husband won’t marry Moon Hee to Wei Zhongdao."
"Why … ah!" Wei Zhongdao was about to speak when Dong Zhuo slammed his fist into the abdomen and screamed and squatted on the ground.
Huh? Ding Tao was very keen to notice this scene. The average man in this meat mountain punched Wei Zhongdao, but Wei Zhongdao didn’t even dare to make an angry expression. Cai Yong didn’t dare to blame even a great man. He wondered in his heart who the man was like this meat mountain. Although Ding Tao followed Dong Zhuo to Guo Si, he was not qualified to see Dong Zhuo. Even if he saw him in the army, he couldn’t see what he looked like. Now he doesn’t know Dong Zhuogen.
"What?" Instead, Cai Yong didn’t want to refuse like that before, but the more this means, the more Cai Yong wants to identify this marriage.
Ding Tao said, "I can’t let Moon Hee marry someone else just because Moon Hee is my brother and a woman involved in Li wants me here." A word of domineering also tells the reason.
Cai Yong was really surprised. "What are you kidding? When did Moon Hee become a Li Xiaoyou woman? Don’t blame me for talking nonsense here." An awe-inspiring righteousness from Cai Yong’s body enveloped the whole visitor hall.
Ding Tao smiled. "What I said is absolutely false. If Ruofu really wants to be rude to me, I don’t mind. Anyway, I must take Moon Hee away today!"
"Hey, hey, interesting" Dong Zhuo did not observe the development silently before, especially when he heard that Ding Tao was a brother and a woman came, her eyes showed her appreciation for Ding Tao, and even she was ready to take a step back.
Cai Yong was angry. "I didn’t treat you very well in Li Xiaoyou’s face. If you are like this, I will really shoot!"
Ding Tao unmoved broadsword hilt severely stamped hard bluestone ground and immediately cracked. It seems that hilt was severely inserted into bluestone. The meaning is self-evident and laughed. "Husband doesn’t have to persuade me that my mind is as firm as my husband. If my husband really wants to start work, I’d better change my family. My integrity is not right for me."
Integrity is an ability of great scholars. It is not enough to harm ordinary human roots against those filth of heaven and earth, such as ghosts and monsters.
"Hum, you know a lot." Cai Yong snorted. He really took this hundred foot soldiers to Ding Tao now.
The hundreds of foot soldiers were specially sought by Ding Tao for Guo Si. When Guo Si heard that Ding Tao was a help brother, he immediately gave Ding Tao more than 100 elite soldiers of Xiliang, all of whom were first-class top-level government guards, but how could these guards be elite soldiers of Xiliang? Their opponents were instantly put down by these soldiers.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-four Changes
"Uncle Ding Tao!" A female happy shouting in the hair-trigger confrontation, Wen-chi, dressed in a red-hot new dress, came running excitedly and said, "Uncle Ding Tao, you’ve come to save me! I’m not coming yet. I’m going to run away from marriage. "
"F * * king! What are you talking about! " Cai Yong a pull the Wen-chi angrily shouted.
Cai Yan quickly pleaded, "Dad, I really don’t want to marry Wei Gong. I already have someone I like."
Cai Yong fumed, "Did he say that he really likes Li Xiaoyou for you?"
Er, Cai Yan didn’t answer. She said that she already had a crush on someone. It was a dodge. After Cai Yong said this, she was just about to blurt out the word "I don’t like it" and I didn’t know it, but I swallowed it hard.
"What the hell is going on? How did you become a Li Xiaoyou woman? "
"ah? I became a bad uncle woman? " After one leng, Wen-chi didn’t expect that Cai Yong would suddenly come to such a panic and look at Ding Tao. Ding Tao blinked at Wen-chi at the right time, and I don’t know if Wen-chi was white.
"Well, this is the case." Cai Yan coughed two lies. "A few months ago, I blamed my uncle … Li’s brother privately settled for life." In the discourse, Li directly changed from a bad uncle to Li’s brother.
Cai Yong immediately jumped up and shouted, "I don’t know anything!"
Cai Yan said, "Brother Li came to Luoyang on business alone, stayed for a few days and left. I met Brother Li in a piano room, and we decided to discuss for life at first sight, and then we will marry my father later! You will be us! "
"no! Li Xiaoyou is much older than you. "Cai Yong refused without thinking.
"Dad! Are you being too unreasonable? Brother Wei Gong Li is generally older than me. What can I do if I can marry Wei Gong? I can’t marry Brother Li, "said Cai Yan with a pout.
Cai Yong said, "That’s no good. Wei Gong is a young talent at a young age. How can Li Xiaoyou be happy with Wei Gong when you follow him?"
Cai Yan retorted, "Everyone doesn’t know that Wei Gong depends on his family. If he is an ordinary poor brother, he is also called a young talent. On the contrary, Li’s brother was also awarded by the Lingdi, and his future is limitless."
"That also not line! ……”
"What can’t! ……”
No one expected that a wedding would change like this. First, someone robbed the bride, and now it is directly a debate.
The father and daughter had a heated debate, and Cai Yan was also throwing caution to the wind. His happiness was simply firepower, which made Cai Yong, a contemporary scholar, unable to resist. Finally, he said, "Li Xiaoyou, how can I marry you? Isn’t this a mess of Confucian ethics?"
Having said so much, there is also this sentence that is Cai Yong’s truth. Others have said so much as perfunctory words. If you think about it carefully, Li She is really very good, and Cai Yong is also very satisfied. Otherwise, she would not have been intimate with Li She. Now Li She wants to take her daughter. Isn’t this a mess?
In fact, these are all Cai Yong’s thoughts. Li She never took herself to the same height as Cai Yong to talk about her peers. This is out of a kind of respect in her heart. She didn’t call Cai Yong a younger generation, but Cai Yong just asked Li Xiaoyou to say that Cai Yong made a fuss for himself.
Cai Yan’s heart was like a mirror and immediately knew that this was his father’s heart. He immediately laughed. "When did Li’s brother and dad become brothers? Every time he treated himself as a junior."
"Ha ha ha! I am white! " Before Cai Yong spoke, he laughed out a mountain of meat and walked beside Cai Yong, patted Cai Yong on the shoulder and said, "Bo Yi! Why are you still so confused! This is a romantic concubine. Do you have the heart to break them up? Don’t you think about my niece’s happiness when she marries this shit? " Said here also kicked still cover your belly squatting in weizhong way