Lin Cheng, who came in, didn’t know him, but it could be seen that this man had a very high position in this group of people, and the people around him were obviously very afraid of him, but Lin Cheng knew several people who followed him. Several of them came to find fault with the special forces in the Crown Building a few days ago, and two ambushed him on the avenue of Haida last night, but with one exception, these people were either the protagonists or the 30-year-old man who headed in.

The person who came in was Nie Lei, brought by Nie Lei, and handed it to Nie Lei by Ma Ming, the elite of his elite. Nie Lei regretted this person for the first time.
In the Crown Building, seven elite armed police officers were easily defeated and sent to ambush the man, but no one had cleaned up before shooting an arrow at the other side.
Nie Lei was a little annoyed, but just yesterday, I found this guy named Lin Cheng in the dormitory, and a guy in the dormitory just owed his bar thousands of miles and ran away. Brother Gang volunteered an idea to lure the snake out of the hole, and Nie Lei agreed.
Nie Lei is not a good man and a woman. These times, he returned to let Nie Lei accumulate real fire in his heart. Every time, he was vicious. First, he let people hold steel pipes and the result was defeated by Lin Cheng. Later, he took out the bolt and shot Lin Cheng. Or was Lin Cheng cleaned up several people? This time Nie Lei brought the real guy.
Nie Lei brought six guns, respectively, and several retired armed police officers came here today to prepare for cleaning up Lin Cheng.
However, according to what I just said, I called Lin Cheng, but this Lin Cheng was going to come, and he actually rebuffed himself and hung up.
However, according to himself, this Lin Cheng can’t come, but he may come because according to his roommate Niu Fei, Lin Cheng is a very helpful person. In this case, I heard that my friend should come if he is in trouble, but he betrayed him last night. It is impossible for Lin Cheng to feel sleepy and not come.
In fact, this is almost the same as not saying it. I just told my opinion to the boss Nie Lei according to my own understanding.
Although Nie Lei is grumpy, he can do it. The brain of the eldest brother is not slow to respond naturally.
"Did you hide that Niu Fei just now?"
"Boss, hide it."
"Guys are ready? Check check "
I heard the boss Nie Lei order several armed policemen with guns to quickly pull out their guns, pull the bolt out of the cartridge, unload the cartridge, and press the slide-out cartridge into the cartridge.
A few people move in unison, which is obviously how they usually train.
Lin Cheng hid behind a sofa in a remote corner and counted the number of guns according to the sound of pulling the bolt.
"This time, this opponent is very difficult. I think everyone has heard of this man more or less. He can take down seven people coming out of the armed police in a few seconds. It’s obvious that Han’s skill is very good, but it’s faster than a gun. We all know that if he comes later, everyone will play a 100% spirit and pay attention to me. If you have to, you can’t shoot or hurt his life. Then there’s nothing to remember?"
"Remember" is a different answer.
Just after the sound fell, a man came in. "I heard you wanted to see me?" It was Lin Cheng Lin Cheng who took advantage of everyone’s inattention to kung fu to flicker out of the bar and just found it here. Just now Lin Cheng found the second floor from the third floor and finally failed to find Niu Fei on the first floor. Just now, I heard that Gang said that if Niu Fei is hidden, he will not hide in this bar. If he hides in this bar, it is not called hiding at all.
Everyone in the house was very scared when they saw Lin Cheng coming in, because they just talked about the devil and talked about Lin Cheng’s greatness. I didn’t expect Lin Cheng to come in. Nie Lei had seen Lin Cheng at the gate of Crown Building. Nie Lei was in another van. He watched Lin Cheng cleanly knock down his seven right-hand men.
Just put away the gun and six horses pulled out their guns and pointed them at Lin Cheng.
Lin Chenggong didn’t feel nervous at all when he pointed six guns at Nie Lei. He walked to a sofa opposite Nie Lei and sat on it. Nie Lei was also worthy of being rolled in a pile of swords and guns. People who didn’t panic when they pointed six guns at him were even more nervous.
"Are you Lin Cheng?"
"Nie Laoda is good"
"Do you know me?" Nie Lei felt a little surprised that although he had seen Lin Cheng, it was his own situation in the dark. Now Lin Cheng actually knew himself, which really surprised Nie Lei.
"There are not a few people who know you because of Nie Boss’s reputation."
Nie Lei is a little surprised. This Lin Cheng seems to be young, but he doesn’t have stage fright at all. If he can still sit still after hearing his name, then this person is either stupid or bold or has seen the world.
However, Nie Lei couldn’t feel anything from Lin Cheng’s words. Lin Cheng is a bit silly. He is bold and he must have seen the world. It’s hard to say, but seeing him in Kan Kan and talking about it is also a person who has experienced the wind.
Nie Lei’s evaluation of Lin Cheng is a little high in his heart, but it’s no use for me to be a master. Nie Lei is a very vicious person in his bones, and he can immediately turn his back on people if he doesn’t follow his wishes.
With so many guns pointed at Lin Cheng, he spoke slowly and without panic. "Doesn’t Nie Boss make a cup of tea?"
Lin Chengduan’s teacup is leisurely drinking tea. Six gunmen behind Nie Lei have been aiming their guns at Lin Cheng. No one dares to take the guns back without the boss Nie Lei’s command.
"I heard that Boss Nie tied up a friend in my dormitory?"
"It should be said that please is more correct. How much did that little one owe us?"
One side just respectfully answered "thousand"
"thousands? Pay back the money and you can go naturally. "
"You call him and I’ll pay him back."
Nie Lei waved to the person who had just left. "Nie Boss, let’s settle our grievances today. What do you think?"
Nie Lei’s eyes instantly focused on Lin Cheng. "What’s the matter?"
"Hehe, I’m still a student. Nie Boss has been famous in Jianghu for a long time. My natural law confronts Nie Boss’s huge forces." Lin Chengbian said that Nie Leibian nodded and became famous for many years. Don’t say that a student is a prominent person in Qingdao. Who won’t let himself score three points? Although this student can fight well, can he be invulnerable if he can fight again? Still don’t bend to play yin Wei.
Lin Cheng changed the topic "but I also rely on it, not facing Nie Laoda."
Here NieLeiNie boss laughed "way? Then in your current situation, do you think of a way for me to see? "
"Then I’m afraid I’ll offend Nie Boss?"
"Haha, why don’t you tell me about your method?"
"I rely on my skill. I not only have enough confidence to go out, but also can instantly take Nie Boss’s life."
As soon as Lin Cheng said this sentence, six gunmen behind Nie Lei stretched out their slightly bent arms and pointed their guns at Lin Cheng.
"Ha ha, my life is here. You can try to get it." Nie Lei’s boss position is not inherited. It comes from the bottom gangsters. Nie Lei’s bravery is outrageous and knowledgeable. He doesn’t recognize that in this situation where six guns are pointed at him, what can he do with himself?
Lin Cheng also has confidence in this situation. Lin Cheng has met many times without saying that six guns are pointing at the situation. Lin Chengdu can make scars in lightning speed, not to mention six guns at present.
Although the owners of these six guns are all from the army, it is not necessarily the pistol marksmanship when the army comes out. Fortunately, playing pistols in the army is all officer-level figures. Soldiers are mainly rifles. Even army officers want to play pistols well, it is not easy. At best, they know more about the insurance and gun skills than ordinary people. Lin Cheng dares to bet on these people’s pistol marksmanship.
In fact, the most important thing is that Lin Cheng has confidence in his posture and is pointed at by a gun. Although the gap between Lin Cheng’s speed and bullets is too big, it is still no problem to pull the trigger faster.
Lin Cheng said that not only Nie Lei but also six gunmen and more than twenty younger brothers around Nie Lei all laughed.
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Lin Chenggong laughed at everyone, and this time suddenly moved instantaneously across four or five meters, stretched out his hand and took advantage of Nie Lei’s net to turn around and block Nie Lei from the front.
At this time, the six gunmen didn’t react until they turned their guns and pointed at Lin Cheng Nie Lei behind him. He was more than one meter tall and burly, and blocked a one-meter seven-Lin Cheng. None of the six gunmen dared to move. The Lin Cheng, who was in front of his boss, didn’t even show the slightest behind him. Besides, the gun is not a joke. It’s no small matter that no boss really spoke and no one dared to make a move.
"Nie boss, do you think I have the strength to take your life?"
Nie Lei also recovered from the instant shock, followed by laughing. "I underestimated my brother. My life is here. You can take it."
Nie Lei nodded at the gunmen when he finished, which means Lin Cheng must not let him leave alive if he wants to start work.
"Ha ha, Nie Boss is joking. I’m telling you that I have the strength to fight for a larger foe. I’m a student. Naturally, I dare not fight hard with Nie Boss." Lin Cheng said this and slowly put a button on Nie Lei’s neck and then turned back and sat back on the sofa.
Lin Chengsong buckle his neck hand Nie Lei and some can’t believe it. Can’t believe Lin Chenggong let himself go like this? After all, I was really going to shoot Lin Cheng when I was a bolt, and I didn’t turn around and sit on the sofa until Lin Cheng sat back on the sofa.