Windson vomitted a sigh of relief nai way "I didn’t think I think perfect cover-up was flawed in your eyes"

"Don’t worry, there is a sixth one!" Han Yu gave windson a stick "the sixth is your taste! This also makes me sure that you are the key to Xiaoye. The unique taste of you when you are in love can not hide from me! "
"Please don’t love me, okay?" Lin Feng gave up completely and suddenly said, "No wonder you almost fell into my arms after dancing. It turned out that your heart was teasing me!"
Everyone has a special smell, and Lin Feng is no exception. Some people smell heavy, others smell light, fragrant and smelly. Lin Feng, a practitioner of then Dacheng, absorbs the aura of heaven and earth all the time, and by the way, converges his breath and smell very well. Therefore, his breath and smell are not smelled by ordinary people at ordinary times, except for one specific moment, that is, "love" in Han Yu’s mouth.
Once Lin Feng is "in love", he will give off a strange fragrance, which is a kind of fragrance that only babies usually have. It seems to have a very unique flavor, and for women, there seems to be a light aphrodisiac effect. Most women who have had an affair with Lin Feng say so, and Lin Feng doesn’t know whether this fragrance is a by-product of his natural possession or the practice of mining and mending, but it seems that Lin Feng is too lazy to pay attention to it.
"Xiaoye, I don’t care whether your name is Xiaoye or not, and I don’t care what your real identity is. I want you to come and spend time with me sometimes as before, but that’s all?" Han Yu stared at windson’s eyes and asked seriously
Windson staring at this pretty face with residual tears beautiful woman some delusion.
Such a beautiful, noble and elegant lady gently tells you that you have to spend time with her, that’s all! What would you do?
Lin Feng is not a saint. He can’t turn a blind eye. What’s worse, Han Yu is also a person who makes him feel worried in his heart, so he compromised. "Sister Yu, don’t worry if you want Xiaoye to accompany you!"
Han Yu smiled with satisfaction. A strong woman like her who is rational and has experienced a failed marriage no longer expects to have a perfect lack of love. It is enough for her to have someone she likes who can accompany her occasionally and listen to her patiently!
"How about going to my house?" Han Yu invited again.
"I am honored!" Windson readily laughed
Sun Yaoyang’s eyes popped out when Han Yu, who was holding his arm with new makeup, came to him. He really didn’t expect that Lin Feng was missing for more than half an hour and then turned back. Such a noble and charming mature beauty was eclipsed by those around him.
"Cousin, I walk first one step, ladies, you play slowly! Play heart "windson while talking to Sun Yaoyang quietly made a strange gesture.
Sun Yaoyang gnashed his head immediately after seeing it.
Among those beautiful women, Lin Feng walked out of the bar with Han Yu, feeling very proud. "Haha, 2oo7 Chinese dry red!"
Lin Feng and Han Yu didn’t speak all the way, and both of them seemed to be looking forward to what was coming.
Soon came to Han Yu’s residence in the suburbs. Han Yu immediately jumped into Lin Feng’s arms when she entered the door.
Crazy kissing, leaking! The short journey from the door to the bedroom is full of clothes for two people. Lin Feng’s talons are constantly exploring Han Yu’s plump but elastic charming body, which is raging in the towering peaks, peaks, hips and deep valleys. Every wonderful place has left Lin Feng’s mark.
Wait until windson officially entered that moment. Hanyu’s eyes were blurred and she took off her strength.
The most original and intense line between men and women reached its peak at this moment.
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Chapter seventy-three Hints
One night’s madness didn’t leave much trace on Lin Feng. After waking up in the morning, Lin Feng was still full of energy. Looking at the Iraqi in his arms, Lin Feng couldn’t help feeling deeply for half a year. He wanted to escape from himself, but he still returned to her. Things are always so wonderful. You never think that something will happen at a moment.
Lin Feng quietly admired the beautiful face of China-Korea jade. When she was asleep, her face showed a kind of satisfaction, but a little tired. Her smile was her brow, but she could not conceal her sorrow. What was on her mind?
Han Yu’s eyelids suddenly moved, and she was about to wake up. She gently squeezed Han Yu’s beautiful nose like a bad play, ready to add this wake-up process.
Feeling suffocated, Han Yu almost immediately opened his eyes and pushed Lin Feng’s hand. "I hate lobules. You will be more and more strange!"
"Ha ha" windson satisfiedly chuckle stroking hanyu that delicate cheek didn’t do.
Han Yu turned and pressed her charming body against Lin Fengshen’s face against his chest and said with a sigh, "Xiaoye has you by my side and I feel enriched a lot, you know? I am just a game between you and me, and I can get away at any time, but I didn’t know I can’t live without you until you disappeared for half a year. "
Windson also sighed slightly, but Han Yu’s finger blocked his lips and added, "Don’t worry, Xiaoye, I won’t haunt you, just like I said last night. I want you to come and play with me occasionally."
Windson gave a wry smile "jade elder sister, don’t you think this is very unfair to you? You have no idea who I am! "
Han Yu shook his head and said, "It’s not fair or unfair to talk about feelings, just like yourself. What’s worse, it’s unfair to you if you insist on staying with me all the time. I’m afraid I’m usually so busy that I don’t have much time to stay with you all the time. It’s the most appropriate choice for you and me to meet occasionally like this." Han Yu paused and wrinkled her nose and smiled slyly. "Of course I know who you are. You are lobular!"
Han Yu, the president of a large group, is able to face Han Yu rationally for everything. She doesn’t want to know the true identity of Lin Feng. She just needs to know that Lin Feng is lobular, and she doesn’t want to get involved in other identities. This is the best way for two people to get along at present.
"Yes, I am Xiaoye!" Lin Fengxiao smile is so cheerful. Lin Fengxiao belongs to Qin Xinyu lobule at present, but it belongs to Han Yu. Isn’t that over?
Han Yu also smiled. It was so quiet. She knew that she had beaten Lin Feng’s knot and lobules would never disappear again.
"Sister Yu, I think you have something on your mind. Is there something wrong with your career? Can you tell me?" Although Lin Feng has tied his heart, he still feels guilty about Han Yu and wants to do his best to see if he can help her.