Just now, they watched it from beginning to end. In their view, it was not Ye Tian’s strength, but that Ai Jin was so simple that he happened to bump into Ye Tian’s halberd. In their eyes, Ye Tiangen didn’t do anything, so that his opponents could crush a few at will.

Just as the three guys are heading for Ye Tianwei, the street is about meters away from here. On the other side of the street, a graceful figure stands proudly in the street in the dim moonlight. In front of her, there are three tall figures.
Looking at a purple gauze dress, the lithe and graceful female curve, the huge breasts are quite upturned, the hips are full, and the slender waist exudes an elegant temperament. The bald sweat who leads the three tall figures can’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.
I know what you are going to do, but I won’t allow you to go there. Go home quickly. There are many things that you can’t touch. Don’t ruin your life in vain.
Hearing that charming, crisp, charming sound, bald, sweaty, and grunting, I swallowed my saliva and said, haha, what a delicious woman. Well, I want you to accompany me and have a good time. I’m not going anywhere today.
I want to die and hear the bald man’s words. The purple yarn girl is slender and white in a charming scolding, and her right hand is suddenly sounding. A bright red rose flies and whirls with her white and slender jade hand.
When the purple gauze woman’s right hand tightened, the purplish rose finally stopped rotating and was gently pinched by the purple gauze girl’s slender thumb and middle finger.
Gather the purples and roses together, and gently sniff the roses. The purple gauze girl looks at the three opposite figures and says, You are leaving now. I won’t pursue your verbal fault or refuse to walk.
Listen to the girl’s charming voice. The bald man has been fascinated by beauty. His soul squints at the moonlight. The fairy girl is stupid. Do you want to send me roses? This is really me.
The increase of Tibetan recommendation has slowed down. Well, maybe everyone is on holiday. I hope you can come and see it every day and vote by the way. Please.
In addition, after three or four days of discussion, everyone agreed that Laoyun is now too fast. At this rate, he will leave the new list in less than two weeks, so he will not be able to settle down because of the accumulation of Tibetan popularity.
Although Lao Yun’s 700,000 draft also wants to explode wildly, it can’t be done. I hope everyone can solve Lao Yun.
Here, Laoyun decided to accept friends’ suggestions, and each chapter will be updated from morning till night, and the number of words will be about 5 words. I hope you can continue Laoyun.
The third chapter rumby
Hearing the bald man’s words, the purple gauze girl laughed instead and said charmingly, Oh, do you want my roses?
If you want anything, don’t send it to us. We have to ask the purple gauze girl questions. Three guys called the girl flowers at the same time. That must not be refused, especially if the girl has such a good figure and such an elegant temperament. Although she can’t see her face because of the veil, she can hear it from the sound. This is definitely a beauty.
Looking at three guys who are flirting and drooling, Zisha girl is depressed. Is this something in these smelly men’s heads? Good. Since they want her roses, give them.
Smiling, the girl gently waved her hand, which was tender and tender than the rose, and it was softer than the night when the girl moved.
In the eyes of the three guys, the purple gauze girl waved her right hand and three roses churned towards them, but when she reached out to catch them, she didn’t catch anything. Then the three guys stopped there with their hands on, which meant that the light of life gradually went out.
Look carefully, the three guys have a bright red rose on their foreheads, and the stem of the rose pierced their foreheads deeply. Although it was a blow, it has cut their lives.
In a moment, three roses on the forehead of three big men gradually disappeared, leaving three dark holes, purple and black blood mixed with gray brains.
Glancing coldly at the three bodies, the purple gauze girl suddenly waved the delicate rose in her right hand, and at the moment several pink petals surged in the petals, and the purple gauze girl figure disappeared to the ground strangely.
With the disappearance of the girl, the petals gradually stopped rotating and scattered around the ground, and then they turned into nothing, leaving the three bodies cold and fell on the street.
At the place where the night wind blows, an ancient tree forks several delicate and charming rose petals, and the rose petals gather together like life and condense into a graceful female body. Look carefully, it is the purple gauze girl.
The girl standing in the tree fork looked at the street in the distance, where the four figures fought fiercely and became a sonorous group, which continued for a long time in the night.
At the moment, Ye Tian is in a bitter battle, besieged by three guys. Although Ye Tian is skilled, he is still struggling in the face of continuous attacks from all directions.
In the three sieges, the figure is relatively thin, a thief is fat, an ice warrior, and the guy with a lux beard is a fire warrior. The most important thing is that these three guys are all five-level occupations, and Ye Tian is more than two levels higher.
Speed Ye Tian is not a thief, fast defense, and can’t stop the fire warrior’s onslaught. Plus, the extremely ice warrior’s extremely ice aura is slow, and Ye Tian falls into an absolute disadvantage.
Ye Tian, of course, is very difficult for the other side. It is a tertiary occupation, but Ye Tian’s outbreak of combat power makes them stunned.
Ye Tian has stretched the halberd pole into a one-meter-long Zhan Ji dance and the three guys are in trouble. Now they hope to hold on a little longer and it will all be over when the boss comes.
I feel that three guys are attacking like a wave. Ye God knows they must be waiting for reinforcements. If they go on like this, he will die today.
Although these three guys are more than two orders higher than Ye Tian, it is absolutely easy to end the battle and slaughter all the opponents in two minutes, but the reinforcements from the other side have already arrived in two minutes, right?
With a fierce grind, Ye God knows that without paying any price, it seems that the method defeated them. Thinking about Ye Tian’s strange body, Zhan Ji instantly stabbed him in the throat before the ice warrior could react.
Zhan Ji shot in Ye Tian, driving Zhan Ji backward and slamming the sharp halberd handle. At the end of the halberd, the fire warrior cut the big sword from behind. At the same time, a hazy figure flashed from Ye Tian’s side, and a discerning dagger stabbed in along the waist gap of the armor.
Er, the pain is muffled, and the fire warrior’s sword, which was missed by Ye Tian’s point, roared and chopped from behind Ye Tian.
The thief who just stabbed the dagger into Ye Tian’s waist and abdomen in the snow dull sound was instantly cut into two pieces by the big sword that deviated from the track. What’s wrong with death?
In fact, all this happened as early as Ye Tian’s plan, and Ye Tian had already calculated it before he decided to fight back. Whether it was a power angle or a timing, it was wonderful.
However, the battle didn’t end there. Seeing that his companion had been cut into two pieces by his own sword, the fire warrior couldn’t help but be stunned. In front of Ye Tian, this mistake is unforgivable. Although it is a little stunned, it is enough.
Although a dagger was stabbed in the waist, it prevented Ye Tian from moving his feet and twisting his right hand. Zhan Ji gripped the dagger inserted in his waist and pulled it out instantly. Before the Fire Warrior could react, the Fire Warrior flashed obliquely from behind Ye Tian and the backhand pierced his carotid artery.