"Hum, a second young master of Du family in the district, is it difficult for you to occupy the realm of cultivating immortals and successfully ascend the realm with this strength around you?" Liu jun cold hum a said

"The five-element holy Sect is willing to spend so much money to send you to the immortal world. It seems that the five-element holy Sect is ambitious, but can you succeed in cultivating the immortal world?"
Du Qi stable mind despise way
Nowadays, the number of immortals in the world is more than 100, and the Five-element Saint Sect has entered the Jade House Xuanjie with such fanfare. Such a movement will inevitably inspire the rest of the alliance to follow. Even if the Heaven Sect loses to the Five-element Saint Sect, I am afraid the final benefit will not fall to the Five-element Saint Sect.
"Since I dare to kill the door to nature is absolutely sure! Give you a choice to fly back to the celestial world, otherwise don’t blame me for bullying the weak! "
Liu jun overbearing said
Liu Junxiu is indeed qualified to be so arrogant.
He can step into the realm of immortals just one step away, and his strength is immeasurable. Even if Du Qi is also an immortal realm, I’m afraid it’s not Liu Jun who recruits the enemy several times.
Just then Xia Qi suddenly looked low and drank himself out.
He just keenly felt that there seemed to be a lot of earth breath outside the entrance of the Jade House Xuanjie. He knew that this must be followed by the five elements of holy cases, and several major leagues immediately thought of leading the five elements of holy cases to several major league hiding places.
"Want to go in front of me?"
However, Xia Qi has a good idea, but it is more difficult to act.
A big hand fell from the sky, and the breath of terror swept out like crushing heaven and earth, and Xia Qiren, who wanted to escape, was directly blocked from the Jade House Xuanjie to get out.
"How horrible!"
Xia Qi low shout a face is very ugly.
He underestimated Liu Jun’s strength!
Like Du Qi, Liu Jun is the same as the fairy realm. Even the fairy peak realm is strong and limited. However, at this time, Liu Jun shot Xia Qi and realized that he was wrong.
Liu Jun is definitely different from ordinary fairy peaks. He is overbearing and violent, sweeping all momentum and confidence. What makes Xia Qi even more horrified is that Liu Jun has absolute control over his every strength.
Just now, the instantaneous explosive force was terrible and frightening, and Xia Qiren was stopped at one stroke!
But just stop Xia Qiren this breath will completely dissipate as if just to not Liu Junren.
His attack like this can lead to Armageddon arrival, and he has to soar to the celestial world. However, because of his exquisite control, he has already converged his breath without responding to Armageddon.
His strength can be said to be no different from that in the celestial world!
"Xia Qi hurry to find a way to evacuate! This Liu Jun is well-known in the celestial world. It is the five elements of the holy clan that cultivate a genius. Now it seems that it is really terrible that we can evacuate by fighting against it. "
Du Qi took a deep breath and said to Xia Qiyin from fright
At this time, Du Qishen has no confidence to support in the hands of Liu Jun even though there are treasures given by family elders. He thought of running for his life for the first time.
Xia Qi somberly town soldier platform suspended front ShaQi rolling tightly staring at Liu Jun.
At this time, I want to evacuate, and I can’t come. Liu Jun’s strength is too strong. It takes a lot of money to evacuate under his nose.
What’s more, there are more than 20 immortals eyeing up the five elements of the holy cases. I’m afraid that even individuals who pay a high price will never be able to evacuate safely from here.
The only vitality of the eye is to break through to the entrance of Yujia Xuanjie and draw out the immortals of several major leagues!
"When the Moon is waiting for you to try to stop Liu Jun for a moment, we will rush to the entrance for the first time, where the rest of the immortals are lying in ambush."
Xia Qiyin solemnly told Gu Yue at the same time.
At this time, Gu Yue’s strength has become the most powerful among a group of people.
"Very well, I will also urge the elders in the clan to give me treasures to fight for a way out. It is best to let the five-element holy Sect and several major leagues kill each other!"
Du Qi eyes also flashed a light ruthlessly way
Xia Qi binge drinking a first shot.
The vision suddenly appears, and a vision with the power of the earth can entangle several immortals for a short time and let them get away.
Among them, the blood dragon and the variation Lingshi dragon directly killed Liu Jun, not asking for being able to hurt Liu Jun, but asking for being able to delay Liu Jun for a moment.
"You dare to deal with the five elements of holy people after practicing my five elements of holy secrets!"
At a glance, Liu Jun saw that Xia Qi’s cultivation was impressively the highest method of the five elements of the Holy Sect, and a violent binge drinking flashed in his eyes, which actually killed Xia Qi directly.
He was burly, his arms shook gently, and he swept ShaQi rolling blood dragon like a mountain, and then his big hand changed like an eagle claw and grabbed it at LingShi Dragon.
If Lingshi Shenlong is caught by Liu Jun, I’m afraid this vision will directly return to weakness, and I don’t know how much it will make Xia Qi’s strength drop a lot.
But at this time, Gu Yue finally shot.
The evil fairy palace is soaring, and the palace is full of blood and light, and it is suppressed with a poor and vicious atmosphere, as if the devil came and slaughtered heaven and earth.
Even though Liu Jun’s strength is outstanding, it is shocking to see that the evil fairy hall is so awesome. He gave up the dragon body of Lingshi and shook his hand, wearing a pair of gloves, silver light and a punch to rush out to the evil fairy hall.
The fist-printed silver awn Yao met the evil fairy hall with terrible power. At the moment, the fist-printed evil fairy hall collided with everything that exploded and roared, and the mysterious world of Jade House trembled as if it were about to collapse.
The silver fist seal was cracked by the evil fairy hall in one fell swoop, and Liu Jun was also uncomfortable. His face was white and he stepped back several steps to crack the valleys.
"Break through!"
Liu Jun’s retreat from the evil fairy temple will also consume a Gu Yue’s complexion is white and he has no more power. At this time, Du Qi’s high drink has dimmed a lot of yellow flags in Du Qi’s hands
Du Qi’s face was red, and he waved the yellow flag to blow the wind, and suddenly a yellow light broke, and Bianwei was able to blaster forward.
A five-line-saint’s ordinary fairy desires to stop being hit by this yellow awn, and suddenly his body was shattered and completely killed, and that yellow awn didn’t even stop.
"Let’s go!"
Du Qi lead dashed out along the yellow awn to break a passage.
"Leave it for me!"
However, Liu Jun was really hard to regret that the Immortal Hall was forced to retreat, but he soon reacted to see that the elders of the Du Qi clan were pouring Wei Neng treasures and breaking a passage, and they were about to leave. Immediately, they broke out again. A pair of silver gloves were gently introduced, and two dragons rushed out.
The two dragons are very similar in silver. At this time, the silver awn flashes from the gloves, and the ferocity is even worse than the blood dragon and the spirit stone dragon.
"Heterogeneous dragons!"
Du Qi was a sluggish low shout a.
Although these are two dragons, they are no less silvery than the dragon. The scales and swords are hard to hurt. At this time, the speed of rushing out is shocking. The angle of the dragon on the top of the head is even sharper. It is directly to penetrate Xia Qi and his party.
"The mountains are suppressed!"
True fairyland boundary mountain cultivation is a soil attribute. At this time, the avatar saw the silver dragon roll to binge drink, and two peaks appeared in front of the two dragons to suppress it.
Unfortunately, these two mountains are majestic, but they are vulnerable to the collision of two dragons, and they are directly impacted and cracked. Two dragons pass through the two mountains.