KINOMOTO SAKURA came here to prevent her good friend from collapsing. I didn’t expect Ino to be so slow.

"Ah, I’m white!"
"What do you white every day?"
"Gang Shou’s adult means that even the elder brother Shu Mao rejected us, but we still have our own pursuit of happiness, even if there is no result! Is that what you mean? KINOMOTO SAKURA! "
"Well, I really lost to you two, but I don’t know anything. In my opinion, the people who will get hurt in the end will be you two and will be black and blue."
"No young lady is still young. If she is not frivolous when she is young, she will be worthy of this world?" Patted himself every day that is not full chest said.
Ino seemed to be stunned by her, and she couldn’t say anything. Then her eyes suddenly seemed to understand something and she stopped crying. Her arms wiped her tears at random and raised her head.
"Me, too, even if the death, I will try! Who knows if you don’t try? It’s not my style to decide to give up now! "
Ino changed a lot.
Three generations of crystal balls in Gang Shou’s office reflected the high morale of three girls, which made Gang Shou look askance for a while.
"Little Gang Shou, look at you. You are not as good as these kids!"
"Hum, old man, don’t look who that apprentice is!"
"They have found their own direction in life, but what about you?"
"I don’t want anything that can accompany my brother, grandpa and the old man. It’s enough for me to live like this. I don’t know how much better it is than when I was wandering. What am I not satisfied with? Besides, I can help him now. Isn’t it better? "
"Ah, forget it, I won’t interfere in your affairs. Jiraiya, that bastard, also forget it. I can’t move you when I’m old! By the way, when I came here just now, I heard the secret news that Sasuke had been found. Do you think we should tell Watergate? "
"Brother should have known the news?"
"Well, after all, he is the head of the dark department and I am also an supernumerary!"
"Let the younger brother to deal with it! I think he can still handle this little thing. "
"Since you came back, I haven’t worried as much as before. You have helped me deal with a lot of headaches, and I can have a break. This life is really good."
"Hum, you make excuses for being lazy yourself. If my brother and I didn’t handle a lot of things for you, you wouldn’t know what to do!"
"Ha ha …"
As Gang Shou said, Shu Mao also received a report from the dark side that Sasuke was found near Leiguoyunyin village.
The ferret flashed out from behind Shu Mao. The ferret is now the direct guard of Shu Mao, who is responsible for stopping the water and now recovering, while the rubble was transferred by Shu Mao to protect Xiao Buried An.
Xiao Bury has made a fortune in Konoha Arms. Of course, it should be protected. Plus, she has some business contacts with orochimaru, and orochimaru will arrange people to protect her.
"I heard Sasuke appear in Yunyin Village, where I used to practice with him. Maybe …"
"Do you mean that maybe he will go after the tail?"
"Well, according to my understanding of several of them, I think Sasuke will be the one to deal with the tail knife. I just don’t know what they promised Sasuke!"
"Tell you what, take your six roads with you!"
"It’s still thanks to you, otherwise it’s really not easy for me to raise all this. Honestly, I didn’t think I had such a fate with them!"
There are six people behind the skunk, the ghost shark, the scorpion in the corner of Hidan, and no more hiding!
They are skunk six roads respectively.
Ghost in heaven;
Hidan, Asura Road;
Humanitarian corner capital;
Animals hide in groups;
Hungry ghosts will never cut again;
Hell scorpion!
Scorpion volunteered to become a skunk, while one mako had a special chance to save his consciousness, while others were just dead bodies.
As the ferret’s words and six figures merged into a shadow, he got into the ferret’s shadow and the ferret disappeared in place.
Shu Mao looked at the skunk and muttered in the direction of disappearance.
"Sasuke, please bring him back this time no matter what!"
Walking ahead, the skunk seemed to hear this statement and shook his body and moved on.
"Inform that the war is about to start, and pay close attention to the news in Yunyin Village. Once there is a great change, such as fighting, report back immediately. By the way, inform Mifune, the iron country, to prepare for the talks. The Gokage talks will be held in a few days!"
"Yes!" A figure flashed out from behind Shu Mao again and disappeared again after receiving the order from Shu Mao.
Gang Shou there after receiving the notice from the dark side is also to make radiant with a dignified, half-joking and half-serious said to the three generations.
"The younger brother is going to be real!"
Chapter 292 Five Shadows Talks Preheating
Thanks to the fact that the Shumao Five countries are not as nervous as in the cartoon, on the contrary, they have secretly started a close alliance to deal with the upcoming bijuu War, that is, World War IV!
The news of Shu Mao’s side has just arrived at almost the same time, and his four major national films have received the news of Shu Mao, which is very simple.
"Gokage talks in a few days!"
I love Luofengying Building. Looking at this riddled village, I waved to Kankuro Temari behind me. "War is coming!"
Say that finish carrying gold sand gourd I love Luo jumped directly from the building to the iron country.
"The old man really doesn’t need me to accompany you this time?"
"No Deidara? Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem!"
"Hum, I’m not at ease because of him!"
"Well, let’s go with the teacher. I’ll stay!"
"If not, Deidara will go with me to the loess home and I will give it to you and the black soil!"
"Don’t worry if it’s dad!"
"Well, let’s go!"
Deidara put a huge Bai Niao, and he jumped with Tuying. In a flash, Bai Niao flew out of Yanren Village.
"Shui Ying adults go all the way!" There are a bunch of people on the island behind him.
"Brother, will you take me?" It’s more sad for the viewer than holding Lei Ying’s thigh and crying, but Lei Ying is still motionless.
"If you don’t take this LeiYing adult than an adult, I think no one in this village can control him if …" Said LeiYing hermetic small mine shadow ear.
"Well, I’ll take you out this time, but you can’t leave my sight!"
"Don’t worry, I’m going back to the field this time. I heard that Konoha’s participation in the meeting was their fourth generation, that is, we two brothers suffered a big loss in that year!"
"Well, I also heard about the development of Konoha. We have stopped it by law. Only this Gokage meeting will be organized by them. Besides, your identity is sensitive. I hope nothing big will happen then!"
LeiYing patted his robe and walked to the front.