At this time, the two people are already flustered. Not only is the clothes broken, but even the fluctuation of spiritual force is greatly reduced. It seems that the injury is not light. The fire pao sees that the two people are injured and laugh. "Give the token quickly and you can die! Ha ha ha! "

After hearing the words of fire Pao, Bai Tong Gexu, who was already in a mess, showed anger in his eyes. The two men looked at each other and then both made a huge roar. Then he turned from a person into two monsters. Bai Tong seemed to be a dragon like Meng Qi, but he was a one-horned jade with blue scales.
And Gexu became a four-legged snake with its tail cut off. Meng Qi had heard that Gexu inherited the blood of a dragon by kissing it instead of the blood of a real dragon.
After the two men showed their true colors, the momentum immediately increased. Just now, the injury seemed to be much better, and then Bai Tong Gexu rushed to the fire.
And the fire pao fire blazing to see two people show their true colors coldly say with smile "don’t have you will change? Old also changes! " Say that finish the body is rapidly expanding.
Then he became a giant flame, and there was a faint flow of magma. This is the original body of the Fireman, and they came from the magma. It is said that the vitality of the Fireman is the most powerful creature except the Suzaku clan.
Because the main fire clan has not run out of magma, then the fire clan will not die, while the high-ranking fire clan needs a drop of magma and then returns to the birthplace of the fire clan, so it will come back to life.
The Suzaku clan is even more horrible, among which the Suzaku King Phoenix is dead, but it will be reborn when the time comes.
It turned into a giant magma, and the fire was blazing, waving the magma whip extending from their bodies, and it also rushed towards Bai Tong Ge Xu. The two sides fell into a fierce battle again.
But after all, Bai Tong Ge Xu was injured first, even though he didn’t fall into the wind together, but gradually the impact of the injury appeared
The fire pao is crazy to shake the whip and then laugh wildly. "Beat you to death!"
But at a side swept array fire Yan at this time is more in the spirit, he knew that by this time LongGu left that one is sure to show up.
Sure enough, just when Bai Tong Gexu was about to stay up, a wave of psychic force that made the fire Yan palpitation came from a place not far from their fighting place.
Fire Yan face a white this kind of fluctuation in a few decades ago, he once experienced a he also attended the demon conference, but at that time he Xiu Yuan is not as strong as it is now.
But that time, they were beaten to death after this fluctuation, and almost ran out of the last drop of magma.
This is the unique field of the four major races of the body demon race! How come… Didn’t Long Xiaotian in Longgu get promoted to baby? How can a guy with a dragon crystal appear again? !
Suddenly, a figure appeared in Huo Yan’s mind, the guy who came through the white clouds before the entrance …
Thinking of this, Huo Yan quickly shouted, "Fire Pao, fire blazing, retreat quickly!"
And the fire pao fire blazing after feeling the horrible smell also knows that it is wrong or wants to recede, but Bai Tong Ge Xu knows that Meng Qi is going to make moves when he feels this momentum.
How can it be possible for the two people to retreat easily? Bai Tong Ge Xu used his last bit of strength and then got entangled in the fire.
At this time, a blue field is to wrap the fire and Bai Tong Ge Xu, and the center of this field is Meng Qi dressed in a blue brocade.
Chapter DiErWuSi I mean I am proud
Chapter DiErWuSi I mean I am proud
You know Meng Qi, this is a water field. Even if there is no deliberate attack on fire and fire, fire and water can’t match each other by nature. They immediately changed from magma giants to human beings, so that they won’t even be hurt if they stay inside.
However, although Meng Qi didn’t dispatch the power to deal with the blazing flames, he mobilized the spirit of water to heal Bai Tong Gexu.
See a lot of water spirit constantly gathered in Bai Tong Ge Xu’s scarred body, and then Bai Tong Ge Xu’s wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Of course, this is cured of skin trauma, but there is no way to supplement their mental energy consumption. At this time, Bai Tong Gexu knew that the overall situation was set, that is, he restored his body and then helped him to heal at ease in Meng Qi.
And Meng Qi smiled, and then with a wave of his hand, the two men were wrapped up in a water polo, which was displayed by Meng Qi to reassure them to heal.
Then there was a wave of fire, and the two were also besieged by a water polo. After all this, Meng Qicai turned to look at the fire outside the field and said with a smile, "What do you want to hand over the token for your people now or just run away?"
Fire Yan looked at Meng Qi with an expression on his face, and the situation was worse than he thought. He thought that if Meng Qi was a middle-order or low-order wood field or a gold field, then with his practice, he would have a new secret and perhaps a hard work.
But this guy is in the water field, so his unique skill has been greatly restrained, and now that the fire is raging and in his hands, he is a bit of a boat.
Don’t really want to throw fire pao fire blazing two people leave? Fire Yan face became rain or shine.
And Meng Qi saw the fire Yan didn’t respond at all. Yang said, "Hurry up and choose either World War I or hand over the token or leave on your own. You should know that I won’t be too fast after I display my field. If you want to escape, I can’t stop you, but your people can …"
Well, Meng Qi knows that he is despicable. The hostage threatens the guy opposite, but Meng Qi is not an idiot. When and why not? Mean is mean. He doesn’t care anyway.
Just now, Meng Qi, who changed from a flaming fire to a magma giant, also understood that these three people are the biggest enemies in this qualifying.
To Meng Qi, I was also worried that the weak period after the display field was not as serious as before, but if I met this strong enemy, it would be run.
Now these people are the fire people, which makes Meng Qi’s worries dissipate. Now Meng Qi has been trapped in the other party’s two-person theory. Whether the guy who has not been caught by himself is big or fleeing is very beneficial to Meng Qi.
If he chooses to throw these two men away, Meng Qi believes that even if he can deal with three people of the other races alone with his extraordinary magical powers, the speed of collecting tokens is definitely not his own.
And if he chooses to fight Meng Qi, he is not afraid of him. Although Meng Qi’s field now is not as strong as it was at the beginning, he can slay the infant brother, but it is still in a situation of infant adversary for the infant period.
Plus Meng Qi’s hands can still be silenced. If that guy chooses to fight, Meng Qi is welcome.
And Meng Qi, who has hostages in his hand, may be able to fight without fighting, that is, directly fighting without bloodshed.
And the fire Yan after thinking twice also feel even throw fire Pao fire blazing two people receive token speed is absolutely not fast, but he is unwilling to hand over the token directly.
The fire Yan said a sullen, "Don’t LongGu people will be hostage threat to people? Dare I fight honestly! " Speaking of the back, the fire Yan body emits a very amazing momentum.
Meng Qilai is to want to direct the hostage to force the fire Yan to hand over the token, but look at the amazing momentum of the fire Yan. Meng Qi is moved.
You know, he was promoted to the middle stage of then today, and at the same time, he was controlled by the snake evolution dragon, and he could not be as satisfied as he was together
Now Meng Qi needs a battle that can make him do his best, because only in this way can he quickly master his physical growth in the battle.
And although the former battle is not easy, there is no such thing that can make Meng Qili display his opponent, and now the fire Yan rises from this momentum. Meng Qi can feel it and let himself display it.
However, Meng Qi insidious smile can beat a dozen …
"Want to open the first world war? No problem, but I have a few conditions. If you don’t promise, then this matter will be settled. "Meng Qi said to the fire Yan with a relaxed look on his face.
Fire Yan just said so because my heart was unwilling. I didn’t expect Meng Qi to promise because he wouldn’t promise the other party’s request if he changed his position and took over the wind.
The fire Yan is quite happy, but Meng Qi has several conditions to make him alert. What conditions will it be? Fire Yan looked at Meng Qi and asked, "Is it a condition?"
Meng Qi smiled and said, "The condition is simple: hand over all your tokens, and then I’ll release you two people to take us in a fair fight."
Hand over all tokens? Fire Yan frowned. You know, if Meng Qi releases fire, Pao will be on fire. If he has no scruples, it is not without a chance.
Thought of here, a sneer at the fire Yan heart is too confident in yourself, and sometimes it’s not good. If he tries his best to beat this guy, then the tokens have all returned to his own hands.
In fact, up to now, the fire-fighting Yan or Meng Qi is just a low-order dragon crystal, but at most it is a medium-order dragon crystal. If it weren’t for the high-order dragon crystal, the fire Yan thought that he would not fail.
The fire Yan is to throw two tokens to Meng Qiran and say, "All right, let my people out!"
The two tokens flew into the field of Meng Qi with a uh guano. Meng Qi looked at the two tokens and put them in his bag.
After all this, Meng Qi is the one who grinned at the fire. "Let them out as soon as you wait for a horse." Although Meng Qi has tried to be careful not to laugh too hard and expose his true thoughts, the fire Yan still feels a little wrong when he sees Meng Qi’s meaningful smile.
Meng Qi aimed at the trapped water polo after putting away the token, and then the two water polo violently moved, but the violent shaking was very short and stopped for about a few seconds.
Then Meng Qi threw the two water polo toward the outside, and the water polo was broken in the field of Meng Qi, and then the fire Pao was blazing and fell to the fire Yan.
But the fire Yan feels something is wrong. Just now, two people have been put in, and they are not so fragile. Now there is no spirit force to make the trip?
Fire Yan is one leng is the reaction to come over. This is surely Meng Qi cheating, so even if fire Yan wants to escape with two people, it is impossible.
And after the fire pao fell to the ground, Bai Tong Ge Xu also came out from the field of Meng Qi, but the energy of the two people looked good. It seems that staying in the field of Meng Qi for such a while has restored most of the injuries.
After they appeared, they didn’t immediately heal, but paid attention to falling to the ground while healing. When they saw this, their hearts sank and they swore, "Scumbag!"
Meng Qi has always had the cheek to be a city wall, but where will he care? These two sentences are to gather the field and prepare for the coming war, because if you don’t gather the field, Meng Qigen can move the field freely and slowly.
Meng Qi will narrow the field to his whole body, but only after one meter is stopped. This level will not affect his actions.
Then Meng Qicai looked at the fire Yan and said with a smile, "If I have released your people, can you prepare for the’ open’ World War I now?"