On the high travel rate, I saw Li Chongjiu’s eyebrows screwed up in front of me and shot the new color.

Life is breathing. If this man sees through his suspicious plan and meets him in twos and threes, he will die. When Li Chongjiu suddenly rubs himself up, he violently splits out a knife.
High travel rate is caught between Scylla and Charybdis. He wants to retreat to the corner, but Li Chongjiu stormed in front of him, and the other side’s knife method is not high, but it is imposing. His eyes and eyebrows showed a decisive position.
The person who can have such eyes must be a decisive generation. How can a small mountain thief appear? It is this stupefaction that the knife in his hand is severely chopped by the other party.
"High travel rate!"
"High travel rate!"
A few Sui soldiers shouted for help.
"Not good! I fell for it. "
The high travel rate suddenly realized this and was about to retreat when he came over. The mountain thief took advantage of the situation and broke his right rib and entered!
This high travel rate raised his eyes to Li Chongjiu and shouted, "The thief actually cheated someone!"
Li Chongjiu didn’t answer, but went into the step of slashing backhand.
The iron plate screeched and rubbed, and the weak part of the opponent’s armor was marked by a sharp knife.
Blood gushes a knife to know life!
"Who else is going to die!"
Li Chongjiu brandished a knife and drank several Sui Jun. Seeing that Li Chongjiu was covered in blood, he was horrible and killed Gao Lvlv. Where did he dare to yell and turn around and run?
"We won by being less in charge."
Beside the famous thief, his feet collapsed and he sat down to the ground. At this moment, Li Chongjiu was sweating heavily and panting. The other side’s Wushu was far better than that of him. Every moment was almost a life breath. If he didn’t finally catch a little gap and cheat his opponent, his life would be confessed.
When Li Chongjiu dragged up his long knife and said to the famous thief, "Go quickly and retreat to Juyi Hall."
"Report to the county magistrate Gao Brigade that he was killed."
"What?" The Yin magistrate’s eyes flashed and he said, "Gao Tan’s martial arts skills are not inferior to mine. How could he be killed?"
"I was killed chasing that mountain thief shooter."
Yin county magistrate suddenly floated past the watchtower in front of him and looked at the mountain thief himself.
I was deeply impressed by each other’s self-defined appearance among the thieves. I didn’t expect each other to be so powerful that they even killed their own right-hand man.
"Vertical Ann dare to fold my generals!" Yin county magistrate furious drink a way back to the left and right, saying, "There is nothing to fear about these 7,000 mountain thieves. Only this mountain thief archer can’t be neglected. Let’s go to this person, take them alive or slay me."
"It’s a county magistrate"
Yin county magistrate knows that it’s all right if he is an ordinary group leader, but the team’s positive travel rate is drawn from the eagle’s eagle mansion. If the team’s positive travel rate is damaged, he may be impeached. Only by saving Li Zhiwan can he make amends.
Thought of here, Yin county magistrate replied, "I have searched all the surrounding houses, but I haven’t found Li Sanniang yet. It must be a fake Juyi Hall."
At this point, he pointed his hand at Juyi Hall and said, "Order the brothers not to leave me any hands to storm Juyi Hall. Mountain thieves are desperate."
When Li Chongjiu broke into Juyi Hall, there were six mountain thieves guarding it.
"Take charge of less, take charge of four, and all the brothers are gone, leaving us a few."
Li Chongjiu heard that Li Hu had gone when the bottom of my heart was wide, and at this time all the thieves around him suddenly shouted and killed Li Chongjiu, whose face changed.
At this time, a mountain thief leaned out of the window and said, "The officers and men who are less in charge began to attack."
"Be less in charge!"
"Don’t take charge, you go first and we’ll break up."
"Take care of our family after getting out of trouble."
There are several mountain thieves who are shouting out the moment of life and death, and everyone is arrogant.
Li Chongjiu looked at a few people and said this with a smile. "Thank you brothers, you can rest assured that Li Chongjiu will not lose one person."
One of the thieves was a little older and said, "It’s not the time to be less in charge."
Li Chongjiu also thinks that when people change their kindness, there will always be a reward when they don’t ask for anything in return.
Li Chongjiu said with a smile, "It’s not that I don’t appreciate everyone’s kindness. I’ll bury dry wood and kerosene near Juyi Hall and we’ll light it now."
"Don’t be a master. We’ll use the cover of the fire to get out of trouble later."
All the mountain thieves gave birth to the idea of rescue when they heard it.
The old mountain thief said happily, "It’s a great plan to be less in charge. The officers and men have flatly hid in the gathering hall and burned together, but they didn’t expect that we had escaped."
The man said, "Everyone looked at the swarming officers and men and laughed."
Li Chongjiu will hand a recruit when several mountain thieves came to Juyi Hall and set fire to all sides.
Due to the early pouring of kerosene and a large amount of firewood piled up, a large Juyi Hall house suddenly caught fire on all sides.
The fire rolled over!
Li Chongjiu Mountain Thieves came out from the secret passage, and there were burning fires on all sides behind them, while in front of them was an upright cliff.
They saw that a rope hung low in front of the cliff and went straight to a cave on the top of the mountain that was almost invisible.
That’s the way to escape. Everyone was shocked to see this.
When Li Chongjiu ordered a mountain thief to climb the rope and commanded all the mountain thieves to cut a fire escape near him, he was burned by a fire at close range.
"put out the fire!"
"The county magistrate ordered the adults to put out the fire immediately!"
Listening to the officers and men rushing to Juyi Hall anxiously to put out the fire, Li Chongjiu and all the mountain thieves laughed.
The smoke is confused, and the fire dragon in Juyi Hall rushes straight for nine days. The black smoke is masking the figure of the mountain thief climbing the rope.