"Well, don’t flatter each other. Let’s get down to business." Wang Jinghua woke up early when he saw it.

When I came to a technology company, it was not because I had any joint business to talk about, but because there were spare places here. Wang Jinghua originally wanted to find an office building in the urban area and rent it for a few hundred square meters, but according to Chen Bo’s idea, the local rent was high and far from enough.
The Qixing Huatuan near Wangjing was jointly established by the original state-owned seven factories, 76 factories, 77 factories, 71 factories, 797 factories and 79 factories. After the reorganization, the whole company bought many original abandoned factories.
Moreover, the well-planned factory area has a huge cast-in-place structure and skylight, which is rare in other factories. Many Bauhaus-style buildings were designed and built in the early 19 th century, which made a greater play, and the rent was much cheaper than that in the urban area
The whole park is not unified with large factories, large and medium-sized buildings. The whole area is close to 60,000 square meters, and now only a small part is idle. Besides, Qixinghua really doesn’t know how to get rid of these if it weren’t for Chen Bo’s lease intention.
"Is this too big?" Wang Jinghua asked, looking at the large factory building close to 500 square meters, and it certainly needs to be renovated again, and it also needs a lot.
"Big? I’m still too young! " Chen Bo said, "We can keep the original industrial style foundation here, and then carry out artistic design and decoration. Our artist posters and trophy booths should be hung on the reception room, corporate culture display and partition wall on the first floor." Chen Bo told them while watching, such as planning Li Xueer, which was written in small letters.
"On the second floor, there are more meeting rooms, physical training rooms and rehearsal rooms, and a professional studio artist is needed to take photos."
"shouldn’t those magazine companies ask photographers to take photos?" Li Xueer asked curiously when he heard this
"Every artist needs to package the photos you send to his crew, newspapers and advertisers. They must conform to the perfect image. Newspapers and magazines just shoot a group of photos that conform to their theme. Even if the newspaper sends out the press release photos, we must review them before publishing the artist’s image. It is very important to sign several well-known photographers to take charge of the artist’s shooting. We also need a makeup to design the image that conforms to the positioning for each artist."
"ah! I didn’t expect there to be so much learning here. I just need to take some nice photos. "Li Xueer’s mouth was very simple, but I didn’t expect Chen Bo to become so complicated here.
"Since being a company requires professionalism, we must pursue details and be perfect in all aspects, and there are still many things missing. We also need a singer rehearsal room here, which needs independence or it will be too noisy here."
"Well … Yes," Li Xueer nodded and recorded it quickly.
"Isn’t that a bit big?" Wang Jinghua doesn’t think it’s bad, but she thinks it’s a little high.
"Don’t worry I floret! If you invest, you will get a return. Count me in! " Chen Bo comforted her by saying that there is no return without spending.
After an afternoon’s consideration, I finally rented a 1-flat single-storey house plus a 3-flat single-storey house to make a music rehearsal room and a simple recording studio. After all, I haven’t officially set foot in the record industry yet, so I need to record a demo, and I don’t need a high-end professional recording studio. In addition, I also rented a 1-flat Sashido in the former industrial zone. It’s still a bit partial here, so I can’t always go out for dinner.
Every flat rent is 4 cents, and the monthly rent of 14 flat places will be 161 years, and the rent will be in the early 20 thousand. It is very cheap to earn a field rent by randomly drawing an artist’s commission. Chen Bo directly signed a five-year contract. He originally wanted to sign a longer one, and it would be better to have ten or twenty years. However, he knew that in a few years, this place would become a hot spot in China. How many artists gathered in this company, and this place would immediately rise a lot.
Moreover, Chen Bo also plans to separate the music after the antenna cable industry is stable, and this piece will set up a stronghold, one in the south and the other in the north. Now it is a pit before, and the rent will rise to the sky one month later, which is much higher than the current year.
Looking for a decoration company to make a plan, it is not impossible to do these jobs well if they are handed over to Wang Jinghua, but they may not be made in the style of Chen Bo, and now Wang Jinghua has her own job to do, which is recruitment.
Wang Jinghua now has several artist contracts, such as Chen Daoming, Hu Bin, Cheng Gan, Li Bing, etc. Everyone has to have an assistant, and it takes a certain running-in period for makeup, image design, planning and publicity, and company outreach departments to set up. This is another self-made project after Skynet.
Chapter sixty-five How big is the gap in life?
Li Xueer is following Chen Bo’s busy schedule to deal with the decoration of the factory buildings here, etc. At the same time, Chen Bo also wants to take the opportunity to examine her ability. If it can be finished, she can be trained as Wang Jinghua’s deputy to help her share the workload. There are still many artists after staring at her sister’s piece of meat without a sense of accomplishment.
After a few days of secretly observing Li Xueer’s work, he is methodical and very discerning, which is very similar to Xin. The only difference is that Li Xueer is passionate and passionate, and Xin is relatively convergent, which makes people ignore her feelings and is always cold.
One south and one north, two women are breathing a continent. Why is the gap between being a man so big?
"What are your plans for your future?" Chen Bo looked at Li Xueer Road, which was busy reviewing the design drawings of the decoration company.
Li Xueer looked up and said without thinking, "I want to help my sister become a big star. If I can go to Hollywood for development, I will be satisfied!"
"Your ability to be a green leaf and push your sister to that position will certainly be a problem, but it’s nothing if you can be a star agent well. If you win more stars like floret, you can show your ability." Chen Bo said earnestly.
"But what about my sister? At the beginning, my sister worked hard to make money. I went to college and my adoptive parents didn’t have me without her! " It is not hard to hear the deep feelings of sisters from her words.
Chen Bo said, "You are wrong not to let you leave your sister. You have more resources to push your sister to a higher position. I will give you a bigger platform after you study hard with floret."
Li Xueer thought about it, and he said, yes, there is nothing without resources and no matter how much effort. Only when you become stronger can you push your sister to a higher position, so he nodded and agreed with Chen Boyi.
The company has bought two nanny cars, one brother and one sister. It is normal that there is a difference in treatment. It is this difference that can promote the competitive psychology of artists. In addition, there is a Buick GL commercial car company car and Wang Jinghua is equipped with an Audi artist. The boss of the company also needs packaging to keep up appearances.
The company has realized that the renovation will take about a month to complete at the earliest. These problems can be done according to the drawings. Chen Bo certainly can’t continue to manage and explain his details. He has to hurry back and entrust the company management to Wang Jinghua. He also took the time to chat with her about Li Xueer. Talents still need to be cultivated
The workers and artists in the company will not meet for the first time as the boss, so it’s better to keep a low profile. Two people will know about the boss of Xinghe Pickup Culture Company.
Arriving at the lounge of the Capital Airport, an acquaintance came face to face and gave him a big bear hug. Was it because he rushed to kun yang to meet again or because he was too busy to get together after drinking in a bar?
Kun yang complained, "You are too boring to leave without telling me!"
Chen Bo said, "I’ve been so busy recently that I won’t bother you until you have signed a bamboo culture record contract and are preparing a new song."
Kun yang somberly eyes still have some wet took Chen Bo hand way "Chen you are my benefactor! If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how long the music road would last! Thank you so much! "
"melodramatic is not privately, we are friends, you or brother Kun, I or your brother in public, that’s for others to see! I don’t want the music world to lose such a superstar! " Chen Bo lamented a kun yang thick chest laughed
Yang Kun said, "That’s very kind of you to thank floret for buying that song back. Just wait for my good news. I didn’t know you were leaving today if she didn’t tell me today!"
"The day after tomorrow, it’s not like I’m not coming to Yanjing. Don’t be such a pussy! Go back and sing well. I have to make money by exploiting you. "
The two gentlemen also performed a parting drama at the airport. I didn’t expect that one man was quite melodramatic when he looked at it. It was almost time for Chen Bocai to say goodbye to him, seize the security check and board the flight back to Lingnan.
The plane landed at the airport instead of the security airport of Pengcheng Special Economic Zone, but at Jiaying State Airport in the northeast of Lingnan Province. After landing, it directly boarded the plane and went to Xingning, a county-level city in Jiaying State.
Chen Bo’s travel-stained cart suitcase came to the bar of a small Internet cafe in the city and asked, "Hello, I want to find a webmaster named Li Xingping. Do you know if he is?"
The little girl at the front desk spoke in a strong Hakka dialect without looking up, but she spoke quickly. Chen Bo didn’t understand Hakka, so she repeated it again and asked her to speak slowly.
The girl just looked up and said, "He’s off today. Come back tomorrow!" Then he bowed his head and knocked on the keyboard. Chen Bo took a look. Hey, what about QQ online chat?
Chen Bohao found a small hotel nearby and asked for two rooms for one night. However, with public health and bathing, he was not arrogant and used to the rich brother. Of course, he didn’t expect to take a good rest and came to the Internet cafe the next day.
This time, I finally met Li Xingping, who is about the same age as Chen Bo, with a thin figure. In some popular words, she is definitely a diaosi.
Li Xingping didn’t know the stranger who spoke fluent Mandarin before him at the moment and asked curiously, "Who are you? What do you want from me? "
Chen Bo said, "I know you. You’re Captain ha123. Why don’t we have a word?"
Li Xingping was shocked at this time that he was doing something online. No one knew about it, including his colleagues, his parents, family and friends, but this stranger actually knew that it wouldn’t be sent by the public security machine, right? He needs to spend six or seven hours every day checking the websites that need to be included, and his mental pressure is also very great.
So he asked cautiously, "Are you the Public Security Bureau?"
Chen Bo quickly took out his business card and handed it to him. "I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m the CEO of Skynet, so I came to talk to you about this network for fear that I couldn’t make it clear in the email."
Li Xingping surprised avenue "are you Chen Bo? Is it the battle of the three gates and the cannon? "
"Yes, I am, but this name of Chen Cannon is overrated." Chen Bo felt his nose and admitted the nickname "Chen Cannon" and replied sheepishly, "Then let’s find a place to talk?"
Just now, Li Xing Pingyin has attracted the attention of many people in Internet cafes, so it is better to find a quiet place.
Li Xing said hello to the bar and went out with Chen Bo. Xingning is a small county. The upgraded city is not as developed as the coastal cities, and there is no good place for leisure. Finally, we followed the Chinese habit and found a small restaurant to order some local specialties and chat over dinner.
Chen Bo said with a teacup, "I am very interested in your network. First, I will give you a sum of money, and then you can enjoy the future benefits. Second, you will come with me to Pengcheng and we will work together."
The sudden surprise made Li Xingping feel like a dream. He has been to the farthest place since he was a child, namely Yangcheng, the capital of Jiaying Prefecture, and Pengcheng, a special economic zone. Although not far away, he has never been there.
Ha123, this website has a simple homepage. At the beginning, it was also because most people who came to Internet cafes couldn’t surf the Internet and couldn’t remember those complicated websites. He searched all the websites that he usually visited together and made a link. ha123 thought that any outlet could be reached directly.
Moreover, he didn’t know that this website could make money, and he didn’t know that this webpage could actually make money until an email was sent to him this year to collect money from the website.
He made a few thousand dollars in half a year, which still made him very happy. Although the Internet winter arrived in half a year, there was still an email to him hoping that he could include it, but no one was willing to pay for it, and no one knew what he had done.
"How much can you give me?" Li Xingping hesitated and asked
"If you want to sell the Internet, I will give you 30,000 yuan. If you are willing to talk to me, I will give you 20,000 yuan. I will take 60% of the shares and give you 40%. You don’t need to worry about the funds, venues and personnel of the company."
30 thousand! I didn’t expect this small net to sell for 30 thousand. How much is a 12-square-meter commercial house in this small place? 50 thousand! It’s enough for him to buy six suites. If he nods, he will earn 30 thousand, but if he is asked to give up this network, he is really reluctant.
Li Xingping thought for a moment and replied, "I have never been to a big city like Pengcheng. I prefer to stay in a small place like Xingning. I don’t know if I can adapt to it when I go there, and I don’t know what I can do. I am still used to being alone."
"So you mean to sell the net and give up considerable profits in the future?" Chen Bo asked that he still values Li Xingping more than the Internet. He can make another one in minutes, but it is hard to find talents. Not everyone can have the idea.
Li Xingping’s technology may not be so good, but he has no sense of smell for ordinary people, whether it’s ha123 or later the hot qq164399 game, which makes him rich. It is said that his humble little net can get big income instead.
Although his vision is not high, his thinking pattern is not big, and he can’t do that kind of tall production and projects, but he has recruited many stupid netizens as a producer.
Chapter sixty-six Throw a stone and ask the way