This is the origin of Yutianyuan Lingguang Yutian.

This source is indecisive here, raging in the thunder and slowly enduring the tempering of the sky.
Time passed quickly and overnight.
This thunderbolt is still raging, and this virtual light suddenly shines.
This is the light of wisdom and this is also the light of evolution.
A particle appears to slowly converge into a Yuan Shen, who is exactly the same as Yu Tian.
Suddenly, the purple gas appears, which constitutes a palace, which is wrapped in the imperial palace.
Yuan Shen ascended into the purple mansion. Maybe there is no purple mansion in the world, but this is the realm created by Imperial Heaven.
Bones appear, and flesh and blood also appear.
In less than a quarter of an hour, the royal sky was damaged again
"The fourth turn is completed!"
In a word, it’s earth-shattering
This is the earth several times after the fourth turn.
I don’t know how many times the body is suffering, and this chaotic gas doesn’t know how many times it is expanding.
Imperial heaven looked at the sky full of thunder, which was about to dissipate.
Yu Tian gulped "swallow!"
This dark cloud that covers the sky is instantly swallowed up by the royal sky and turned into royal energy.
This fourth turn has been earth-shattering and wants to enter the imagination of the fifth root-turning method.
Every time is a life evolution, which consumes energy, which is unimaginable. If you want to enter the fifth turn less, it is not enough to concentrate energy roots with Yutian now.
Thought of here, Imperial Heaven longed for the divine source for the first time. Perhaps this is the Nine-turn Xuangong!
Chapter 377 Rob the emperor by
Zi Shan is silent
The virtual pole weapon was dumbfounded.
These extreme weapons are staring at the center of the imperial palace, and there is a kind of entanglement that I really want to curse.
This Tai Huang Jian’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, "This’ Tai Huang Jing’ is the foundation of the Great Xia Dynasty. It will never be outside!"
Tai Huang Jian said that he ignored the Imperial Heaven at all.
The function of "Nine Turning Xuans" created by Imperial Heaven is enough to devour several ancient classics and improve oneself. If you devour yourself like this, you may not be able to compare with the Nine Turning Xuans in the wild world.
That’s right. Imperial Heaven stares at these sacred places of extreme weapons. These guys are all following the Great Emperor in the war. Naturally, they know that the Great Emperor created his own ancient scriptures.
But these guys just don’t finish watching the sky!
Yu Tian chuckled and said faintly, "Zhu Xian Jian array!"
Where is the sudden silence? Where is the fairy sword array soaring?
Four swords emit vast light, and four shrines are faintly presented in the light.
Four dolls of different sizes are the spirit of the four swords of Zhu Xian.
These four organs play in the spirit deficiency.
The black gold dragon tripod wrapped by the four swords of Zhu Xian only emits a light at the moment, and this light is dying, which is the spiritual palace of the black gold dragon tripod.
Tai Huang Jian exclaimed, "This is how the dragon tripod was swallowed up!"
Jiu Litu "was swallowed up by these four swords, otherwise how could these four swords appear!"
These extreme weapons, the Divine Mansion, were stunned and stared at the four swords of Zhu Xian, showing a faint sadness.
This can destroy the shrine, but also can devour the four swords of the shrine. These guys are scared!
Imperial heaven chuckled at this only black gold dragon tripod.
Suddenly, a tiny sword pill appears. This is the black gold dragon sword. This sword is just a sword pill. At this moment, the black sword dragon sword falls directly to the black gold dragon tripod.
"Swallow it!"
The excitement of the small black and gold sword slowly devours this black and gold dragon tripod.
Phoenix furnace appeared, and the black gold dragon tripod and black gold dragon sword were put into the medium-dark flame for quenching, so that the black gold dragon sword slowly swallowed and strengthened itself.
Hengyu furnace was horrified. "This is a quasi-emperor-restoring device that is actually mixed with burning blood and red gold from the furnace!"
Hengyu furnace feels like phoenix furnace, and knows how Imperial Heaven can control itself.
With a flick of a hand, "Hengyu Furnace, come here!"
Hengyu furnace instantly turned into streamer and appeared in front of Imperial Heaven. When Hengyu furnace could not resist refining the emperor, the Phoenix furnace was integrated into Hengyu furnace and Imperial Heaven was also controlled by Hengyu furnace.
At this moment, the Imperial Palace of Hengyu Furnace saw that Yutian threw a piece of phoenix blood red gold the size of a human head into the furnace to "refine!"
It is said by the Emperor that this coveted unique material of the Emperor is now directly turned into a sword.
Not only that, Yutian took out a chaotic stone, but the essence of the chaotic stone was lost, but it was also a magical material.
Chaos stone is also slowly transformed into an Excalibur in Hengyu furnace.
This weird scene is not what Hengyu Shendi wants to do, but it is controlled by the Imperial Heaven.
Yutian looked at these extreme weapons with his hands behind his back again. "Hand over the Emperor’s Scripture!"
At the moment, these extreme weapons are somewhat silent. The four swords of Zhu Xian can destroy themselves and devour these guys. It really needs a good thought.