Three days later, I saw a small wooden house with a tall tree, with a dark face and a shout in my mouth, "Grandpa and Xiaomu are back."

As soon as the wooden house creaked open, a man who was as dark as ink and as dry as dry wood came out of it and said coldly, "Don’t make a hullabaloo about and don’t disturb my baby."
Sun Hao gods probe into the wooden house, and just get to the periphery of the wooden house, a strong feeling of yin and cold rushes into my heart and stops before the wooden house.
This sinister smell is like a very strange early warning setting.
Sun Hao will certainly startle him if he wants to force a probe.
At this time, Xiaomu has vomited a dark tongue in front of Grandpa. "I know Grandpa, but Grandpa, you see, I caught another ghost and a dead dog and I can play with you for a while. Hee hee Xiaomu is filial."
Black-faced grandfather looked to the side.
Sun Haoma felt a chill, as if he could freeze himself, and his body flashed by. The strength of the dark-faced grandfather was absolutely beyond the distraction. Once he started, he even had to be careful.
The dark-faced grandfather held back his mouth and said, "Things in the jungle are about to end. Two playthings are dispensable, but there are not many chances to meet a dead dog in the poisoned domain. It can be used to test my toxic ghost. Even if you see more, okay, Xiaomu, you are also going to prepare a big worm. Catch this guy and our goal will be one step closer …"
Say that finish reached a recruit grazing was ingested.
A little black-faced whistler said to Sun Hao, "You stupid ghost, come too. Since Grandpa doesn’t look at you, I will take you with me to relieve boredom."
The black-faced grandfather grabbed the border shepherd and walked inside. He said in a low voice, "Black-faced doesn’t need friends. In addition to the small shepherd in my eyes, there are two kinds of creatures in this world. One is poison, and the other is dead. Mark my words, our black-faced people pursue poison all their lives. If you can’t do it, you will hardly become a real grandfather."
Sun Hao flew up and walked into the cabin behind the black sun shepherd.
Sun Hao just came in and felt the cabin filled with a cold and bloody breath. Without a divine eye, he was slightly surprised.
The cabin is not big outside, but it is quite spacious after coming in. However, after coming in, the scene makes an ordinary monk get goose bumps. There are four or five rows of big barrels filled with all kinds of venom, and many barrels of venom keep bubbling to glug.
There are still many barrels soaked with some ferocious poisons that have been poisoned.
The floor of the wooden house was covered with dark red blood, and a chopping board diagonally opposite the door was also covered with blood, dry blood stripes and different scratches.
Grandfather Heimu came in and naturally pressed the chopping board with one hand, picked up a bloodstained knife in his hand, and began to gesture as if to study where to knife.
Seeing this posture, Sun Hao couldn’t help but move slightly. Once Grandfather Blackwood really started to work on the border grazing, he couldn’t stand by and watch.
Border grazing is cheap, but it’s not good to teach outsiders by yourself.
Grandpa made two strokes with a knife and shook his head. He reached out and picked up a small cup and shook one or two or three barrels of venom. The venom flew into the cup and shook it casually. Grass green emerged from several cups of venom. Grandpa said, "Look carefully at this little shepherd. This necromancer dog is a very ordinary dog, but now I’m going to transform it into a poisonous dog with poison glands, so that you will have an unexpected help in wartime …"
With that, the knife pried open the mouth of the border shepherd dog, divided by three and five, and dug out a dog tooth from the mouth of the border shepherd …
The black-faced grandfather moved quickly, and the border shepherd didn’t react. His teeth had been pulled out, and his mouth could not help but shed black blood.
Sun Hao’s heart moved steadily and silently.
This guy, Bian Mu, has many magical powers, and Sun Hao was very surprised to find that from what angle, Bian Mu turned into a necromancer, and his blood was full of death and his teeth were pulled out without any response.
If the border shepherd is in a normal state, he must have barked at this time.
Moreover, Sun Hao also found that the border shepherd seemed to kick at his dog’s paw casually, but in fact he just signaled himself not to touch.
In that case, let the black-faced grandfather do it.
So Sun Hao’s jaw-dropping, miserable career of middle border herding began.
Chapter DiYiSan Touch dragon monthly ticket in place
(In January, I asked for a ticket and promised that the monthly ticket and overtime department would be in place, and then I went in to work overtime today.)
The tooth extraction and tail cutting are very serious, and the black-faced grandfather explained to the black-day shepherd, but at the same time, he unloaded the border shepherd and loaded some messy venom. The dead dog with the reputation of bearing arms will become a powerful poisoned dog.
Border grazing didn’t respond at all and let it be given casually.
Sun Hao did find that although the border shepherd was dressed up sadly, it should be shielded from the senses, and this guy should have nothing to do with it. After completing the modification, it is still firmly as a real necromancer.
Black-faced grandfather looked at Bian Mu’s hands, high-fived him, slapped him in the ass, and insidious smile burst into bursts. "Hey, hey, the newly poisoned dog is equipped with my strongest three kinds of poisonous wood, which can often surprise people when fighting. Okay, Xiaomu, you can test its toxicity …"
In the dark, Xiaomu caught a few small poisons and went to test the toxicity of Bianmu with great interest.
After half a ring, Xiao Mu laughed in the dark. "Grandpa seems that this dead poison dog didn’t poison a …"
Blackwood was surprised and said, "How is that possible?"
I ran over and found that all poisons were alive and well, and none of them were killed by poisoned dogs. After half a ring, Blackwood looked at Bian Mu’s mouth with dark eyes and said, "It’s strange that a dead dog can unconsciously assimilate my venom and weaken it. No wonder there are some strange things in the poison domain. Xiaomu this time you really found a good thing for Grandpa …"
Scratching their hands and holding a knife, the black-faced grandfather got busy again.
Sun Hao is completely at ease and quietly watching.
The magic border shepherd gave a great surprise to the black-faced grandfather. He made all kinds of toxin arrays in ten martial arts, and the results were the same. The toxicity disappeared after a while when the border shepherd was automatically downgraded.
Unexpectedly, the accident stimulated the black-faced grandfather’s research nature, one big and one small, and two grass-poisoning people forgot that Sun Hao had carried out a serious and passionate experiment all day around how to concoct and modify border grazing and how to make the dead dog belt never decay.
Grass poison people are not the kui is a variety of means to play with poison ancestors, which makes Sun Hao a little scared on the sidelines. I feel that these two guys are too hard. If it weren’t for the border shepherd to change his necromancer, it is estimated that he would have been crippled.
The belly was broken, the dirty parts were cut, and some of them were put into different venom to study the anti-venom performance.
The dog leg was broken and pulled a small piece of leg bone, so it was taken to study the broken dog leg, but it was very brave to take a tough poisonous branch to install it
The research process has been going on for more than a month. Sun Hao felt the enthusiasm of grass poison people for poison, and he also saw various kinds of torture, which can be called the top ten torture in the monk world
Sun Hao is also very fond of grazing on the border. This guy likes to make a fuss at ordinary times, but at the critical moment, he still can’t resist it. Sun Hao saw it with his own eyes, and a piece of Tintin was cut off. It can actually resist Sun Hao’s expression.
For a month, the modification of border grazing is still slow, and the black-faced grandfather is angry and begins to do his trick.
Sun Hao saw
After a series of formulas, the black-faced grandfather climbed out of the dark nostrils with two white scorpions. Grandfather murmured very solemnly and took a jade cup from the tail of the jade scorpion and carefully dropped it into a cup of grass-green venom and began to shake.
I have been floating quietly and watching Sun Hao’s heart tighten slightly when he saw Xiaoyu scorpion for no reason. This is a powerful poison that is enough to deter himself. This should be the poisonous spirit of the black-faced grandfather.