Peacock has the power of science and technology. It is the talisman of the wise. Although it grows metal the day after tomorrow, its ability is limited. Lin momo must be careful to save Monica. At least it is the second galaxy. Will it be simple for the mistress and widow to take measures?

Of course, Lin momo can’t wait to make more drugs, which is very challenging for pharmacists and will give Monica a sense of accomplishment when she returns to normal.
I have to say that the moon and stars have a subtle influence on Lin momo’s pharmaceutical field. If you want to achieve something, you must make yourself crazy. If you don’t have an extreme psychology, you should not be a pharmacist.
Pharmacists are a sad profession, and many fields of pharmacy have been beaten by their predecessors. They have to constantly find new fields and overcome difficulties in order to lead their rapid growth.
Everything in the universe can be used as medicine. However, it is difficult to prepare drugs to kill powerful enemies. For example, taking out a drug may be a way to untie the knot 3,000 years ago, but after several generations of research, the antidote has been flying all over the sky. This is also the reason why Moon is interested in catalytic drugs. By unlocking a powerful drug, more drugs can be found.
Peacock showed the screen and said, "Look at these cells. They are extremely nourished. Ms. Monica is rising rapidly, but her body will become a little bloated because of the high cell reproduction rate."
Lin momo didn’t speak. He was watching with deep eyes. The more he looked, the more surprised he felt. He couldn’t help but wrinkle up his eyebrows.
Since the secluded eye absorbed the green energy of the stone tire produced by the ghost ancient king, it has become green all over the body. The direct benefit is that it can be seen from macro to micro to analyze the blood sample more deeply, which can be said to be a piece of cake.
"Brilliant double this bastard, she actually Monica this dangerous agent isn’t she ugly enough? Hey! " Lin momo already knows the root cause, and the brilliant double has become what it is today. Forcibly encouraging the repair of terrible potions has hurt herself enough, and she has to harm Monica. This old woman is really a poisonous woman.
Lin momo just wanted to get up and go to Yan Shuang Fang, but he sat down again and looked at the blood sample analysis map.
"No, Yan Shuang doesn’t have this kind of medicine source, but the polluting agent for Monica should take trace elements from her own blood, that is to say, Monica is not so bad. What do I think the red storm of this medicine makes the catalytic agent have some connection? On the problem cell mitochondria "Lin momo suddenly jump to the front of the screen calculus he want to compare their blood samples.
After more than ten hours’ calculation, Lin momo shook his head and smiled bitterly. After all, it is not a brilliant double blood sample, so the backward push back method gives an accurate qualitative description, but there are some subtle connections between the medicinal properties of the two drugs.
"It’s terrible. If Yan Shuang has been exposed to catalytic agents for a long time, who is to blame behind this? Morgan? Or someone else? I wonder what Xiao Qiang asked Phantom of the Opera to do in the Second Galaxy? When the time comes, it may be necessary to have a showdown with Yan Shuang. "Lin momo keeps thinking about it in his heart and always feels confused in the fog.
Jack quickly gets ready for the Phantom of the Crystal. The price is very low. If he doesn’t seize this opportunity, he will be stupid.
Lin momo invited Jenny and Pearl Krabs to board the ship regardless of Jack’s idea. On the fifth day, he left the mirage and flew to the wormhole before noon.
"It’s outrageous to turn my two daughters away while I’m in a meeting? At least leave me one! Two unfilial daughters and old fathers, whether you are forcing me to regenerate a few! " Jack roared angrily and called the ninth secret. Recently, the two of them became close friends.
Secret No.9 walked into the office smiling. She knew that the boss needed a woman to appease him, which might be a good start.
The first volume of glory! Ten years about Chapter 424 Card
It will be bumpy to cross the wormhole, but the anchor of Phantom has a miraculous effect and almost no blowing power. Three star cruise ships enter the third galaxy.
Lin momo went to the deck to look up at the stars. With the continuous expansion of human footprints, there may be the fourth and fifth galaxies in the future. The public area outside the real boundary is the future territory. Some big chaebol have already started immigration matters.
Although those planets with abundant natural resources were destroyed beyond recognition by the Zerg, they can recover after decades of cultivation after driving away the Zerg.
There is a strange phenomenon in human society. Since the beginning of the interstellar migration era, everyone struggled to raise children, especially when the second and third galaxies were explored, every family member was extremely prosperous. Many experts and scholars said that the prosperity of human beings could not be separated from the speed of reproduction, and perhaps one day the population base could really surpass the Zerg.
"The boss finally came back." Connor shook his fat body and hugged Lin Sisuo. He was obsessed with michel platini, the star thief. He wanted to find a chance to go back to his lair and have a look.
Next to Cui Hetang, he bowed his head. He has grown one meter and seven heads. The tall young man’s head is still bare and barren.
Cui Hetang thought in his heart that "returning to the third galaxy this time may help the master get revenge, but the enemy is very strong unless the Phantom of the Opera is moved."
The Li crew like to wander, and they are full of excitement about being able to actually enter human territory.
Jenny and Payne are kind-hearted gentlemen patting Yunyun’s shoulder to describe this star to their lover. Edward’s third galaxy is also a minor celebrity. I don’t know what the family has become since it didn’t come back for several years.
Pei Lin didn’t come to the deck for ten days and ten nights, and finally overcame a difficulty. Now she is lying in the captain’s cabin and sleeping soundly.
"Everyone has a goal, and the planet SK937 will fly to the field according to the best route and then rest." Lin momo Yingwu ordered that if all goes well, he could resist the planet SK937 for more than two months.
"Good progress"
Let’s go all out to tidy up the ship. The wormholes in the third galaxy are relatively rare. This place belongs to barren stars, and humans can easily drive away the Zerg.
"Damon, come to the clinic." Momo Lin turned to the phantom of the cabin, which is a good thing, but the number of people who form a fleet is still a little thin.
"What can I do for the captain?" Damon is very young. He is not as strong as Subaba, but there is no denying that he is a beautiful man from the perspective of human aesthetics
"Ha ha sit" Lin momo pointed to the side position Harley also magnetic bed rest two people vaguely heard snoring.
"Harley elder brother ok? This has been sleeping for many days. "Da Damon looked at the hospital bed through the light blue light film.
"It doesn’t matter that Harley is in a stable state and needs to be cultivated for a while. Da Damon, you are very brave in the battle and can mobilize the enthusiasm of the crew, which makes me satisfied. When I brought you out, I once said that I would let glory accompany your team forever." Lin Sisuo raised his hand slightly and suddenly took a box cover from the corner and opened it.
"Hey, it’s not …" Da Damon looked at Lin momo, some doubting the captain’s intention.
"Da Damon, I have never counted this cosmic wonder into my private property. It belongs to the Force family. It is time for it to be returned to its original owner." Lin momo smiled easily.
Lin momo invited Rada Damon to join the clan when the clan was in the crater, and secretly made some small means for the clan elders to "cure" their great-grandchildren and take out the crystal nucleus of their ancestors’ center of the earth as a diagnosis.
The captain of the Phantom of the Opera feels guilty for doing such a disgraceful thing. You know, the crew of the Li family must be sincere when they work hard for their brothers. Otherwise, who will fight with Lin momo?
"Captain, I don’t know what you mean." Da Damon scratched his head. Lin Sisuo is a human warrior and a great hero against risks in his mind. It is his honor to join the Phantom of the Opera.
"Take the geocentric crystal nucleus well. It is a C-class cosmic wonder. You should be fully prepared to make the D-class star cruise ship rise to the C-class. I’m wondering if you can lead a star cruise ship." Lin momo said that he had decided for a long time that he needed a fleet with at least five star cruise ships.
"How is that possible? Hengbo Shuren doesn’t recognize us? " Damon stared at the captain’s words, which were too shocking.
"Ha ha is that true? Morgan owns Jianyan Elf Jill owns Geling. Of course, Elves are human branches, but are you really a captain? " Lin momo opened a screen.
As soon as Damon looked at the screen, his eyes were attracted. He was an aristocrat in the Li clan. The aristocrats had the energy to learn human culture. After joining the Phantom of the Opera, Damon preferred to learn. He relied on strong spiritual strength to learn knowledge, and his horizons naturally relaxed a lot.
"Captain, can you do this?" Damon thinks Lin momo is a bit whimsical, and no one has ever been crazy enough to do so.
"I said yes, you can do it. I don’t know if Morgan people are recognized by the constant wave tree people in this way. The charm son has a group of think tanks to give advice. Although those think tanks may not answer three sentences, there will always be some constant wave tree species that have not sprouted after grinding for a long time. That is to say, the star cruise ship still stays at the E-class stage and hits the hull to the level to confirm that it is about to be destroyed. The captain of the ship abandoned the ship and fled. The hull drifted for more than seven days and there was no material and energy maintenance. At this time, you need to get out of the core cabin. It is necessary for the core cabin to accept the energy brought by you, so congratulations, you will be the first captain in the history of the powerful family. "Lin momo spoke in great detail that the powerful family is a very weak race. Since the Morgans have already taken control of the star cruise ship, is it necessary for Da Damon to become the captain?
Damon is now tongue-tied, and his brain is a little twisted. You know, even the most powerful people are not so lucky.
Lin momo looked serious and warned, "Da Damon can try this method once. I don’t have the financial resources to let you pick and choose. This is a series of artificial coincidences that lead to opportunities, but I hope you will keep it a secret forever and forget about this method."
Damon’s brain is quick, captain. It’s because he doesn’t want to bear the blame. Letting aliens possess star cruises will inevitably cause a lot of criticism.
"Captain, what should I answer if others have questions?" Da Damon is an ambitious young man. He really wants to be a captain and start a new chapter in the Li family.
"It’s easy to solve. Just say that the old captain accidentally won the ultimate limit of the star cruise ship and was rescued by you. It’s too early for you to get the promise when his life is dying. You should take back the geocentric crystal nucleus first." Lin momo has said enough that the star cruise ship is a human defense line. If the clan has a second ship to the Phantom of the Opera in the future, they will not let each other go.
There is an old saying, "If it is not our race, our hearts will be different." Lin momo really weighs Damon, but only in the small circle around him instead of benefiting the whole clan.
Phantom of the opera, Zeus, blood reward, all the way back to the third galaxy, a few days ago, it was calm, and on the seventh day, something happened, and the wormhole ahead actually set up a card.
"What’s the matter? Is there a war ahead of the warlords?" Lin momo feels puzzling. Now warlords are fighting for territory, and it is also fashionable to adopt star cruises out of bounds. The winner of the galaxy fights to occupy new territory. However, some poor star fields come out and "Mountain King" still pulls some warships to fight in the middle of the war.
In fact, the third galaxy occasionally appears this phenomenon, otherwise how can it be called barren land? But Lin momo road is blocked in front, and he can’t come if he changes course.
"Uncle captain is not a warlord! It’s the warlord who forced the ship to rush to Botha Star to destroy it. Suddenly, a dozen powerful monsters asked the passing ships to help. "Charming son held out a jade finger and clicked on the screen.
Sure enough, a man dressed in a military guy published an impassioned description of the local warlords who paid a heavy price to protect the people’s safety, while the administrative stars took care of themselves and found their own way.
"Bota star? Look at the map position whether we are in the same direction "Lin momo don’t want to meddle in this pile, but he immediately wanted to find a semi-Morgan variant for research.