Jin Chengfu’s look is as cold as a blade. Looking into the distance, the virtual image is to see through the emptiness of the ages. Behind him are rows and rows of military commanders in the Korean National Army, who are mighty and extraordinary. Each of them has the magical power of half a step of martial arts. This is Jin Chengfu’s height. Generally speaking, it is difficult for practitioners to leave heirs, but Jin Chengfu is an exception. All nine of them are extraordinary in their lives, and their martial arts talents are outstanding. Among them, the dragon and phoenix have always been placed great hopes by him. His nine sons have always been his most satisfied and proud place. But now the

"boom! Boom ….. Boom … "
The earth shook. It was a footstep, but the noise was loud. It came from far away because there were too many people and hundreds of thousands of Jin troops appeared outside the city. The road came here and stopped hundreds of meters away from the city.
"Here they come!"
When the tower saw the appearance of the Jin army, all the soldiers’ faces changed. Except Jin Chengfu, there were a few military commanders. Most Korean soldiers were afraid. They had already surrendered in their hearts. However, Jin Chengfu’s attitude was too tough. Three days ago, the big cleaning demanded that Jin Chengfu surrender, and more than 100,000 people were killed by Jin Chengfu. It was a big cleaning. No one thought that Jin Chengfu would do this. Everyone felt that Jin Chengfu was crazy, but whether Jin Chengfu was crazy or not, it shocked the city people.
"Jin Chengfu!" In the Jin army, it was Zhao Yun who stepped up step by step and finally stood tall and looked at the tower Jin Chengfu. "Three dates have passed. It seems that you have made a choice."
"Are you going to let the whole Koryo die with you?" Zhao Yun looked at others in the city with sharp eyes like a blade. "Do you also want to resist me and die with him?"
"It’s not that we don’t want to die!" "General, we are forced to surrender." "We are willing to surrender when the king of Jin is a martial artist …" "Jin Chengfu forced our general not to kill us …"
Feeling Zhao Yun’s eyes, the horses in the city were shouted out. They were afraid of death. A few days ago, they were afraid of Jin Chengfu, but now they are even more afraid of the state of Jin. Their fear of Jin in their hearts is far greater than that of Jin Chengfu, who will soon die …
"whew! Before … "Jin Chengfu wielded a knife in his left hand and directly cut out a black knife. He didn’t deliberately look for the target, but directly attacked the sound source with a knife. Hundreds of people were directly cut and the earth was split out of a crack more than 100 meters long."
Jin Chengfu didn’t look back at all, but it was a light saying that the quiet people in the city behind him dared to look at Jin Chengfu again. Even Jin Wufu, who was closest to Jin Chengfu, felt a chill. At this moment, they felt that their father was like a different person.
Zhao Yunli calmly looked at this scene without speaking or making moves.
"Aren’t you my opponent coming to die?" Jin Chengfu looked at Zhao Yun’s right hand and Yun Jian pointed to Zhao Yun. "Two years ago, you were not my opponent. Two years later, you are still not my opponent."
"If you are not the Korean Lord, I will kill you like a dog!"
Zhaoyun is not to be outdone, but his face hasn’t changed much, but his tone is tit for tat. Although he is confident in his own strength, he is confident that the giant is afraid of people, even if Jin Chengfu is such an old-fashioned first-class martial art avatar, he also has the confidence to win the battle and slay the other side, but the identity of the other Korean country makes him afraid that once Jin Chengfu moves Korea, the country will move, and Jin Chengfu’s strength will surely soar. At that time, I’m afraid he can’t handle it.
"I can cut you if you are worthy of my father’s fight!"
In the direction of Gao Liguo, someone drinks cold. The man’s knife-shaped eyebrows and eyes are all red armor, and his hair is lux, and his terror is almost equal to the realm of martial arts avatar. This is Jincheng Fudi Jinyang, although his talent is immortal, but Jincheng Fu is the best among them. Nine talents of Jincheng Fu are higher than one.
"Really? Well, why don’t I testify that you are gesticulating?"
A cold sound sounded in heaven and earth for a moment, and everyone felt an extremely powerful breath of terror sweeping across heaven and earth.
Coson Ning!’
Jin Chengfu’s eyes are like knives. He recognized this sound and the master also released his own powerful breath to resist this momentum.
There was a loud noise. There was a mountain collapse outside the city. This momentum was too strong to directly collapse the mountain overhead. The sky suddenly darkened. Dark clouds came in from all directions, with flashes. It was like the virtual reality suddenly twisted to form a huge vortex on the eve of the storm.
Everyone saw the virtual distortion on the top of the head and finally formed a vortex to form a channel leading to the unknown. Then they saw a white figure in the channel, which gradually became clear. It was a person crossing the virtual channel.
Jin Chengfu’s pupil contraction looked at the channel, which was amazing. It was difficult for him to break it with realistic force, but the other party directly crossed thousands of miles to make the channel. This strength is that the general giants can’t do it. Jin Chengfu changed color behind him, and everyone in Korea has already held their breath.
"boom! ….. boomed! "
Finally, the figure came out of the virtual channel, but it had disastrous consequences. There was a terrible momentum coming out of the figure, like a mountain pressing down from the shape, and the original breath was released to resist the breath. Jin Chengfu’s body stumbled directly. This powerful momentum shocked the breath, and a little purplish blood spilled from his mouth. Most of the buildings and walls in the city behind him collapsed directly in an instant!
In the distance, the Jin army shouted and looked at the figures appearing in the virtual space. The people with hot eyes were none other than Ning Caichen, the Lord of the State of Jin, who built the State of Jin. In just two years, the State of Jin changed its position from a weak country to a top power all day long. In the hearts of these soldiers of the State of Jin, Ning Caichen is the enemy, and they have an almost blind worship.
Most of the buildings in the city collapsed, and most of the towers collapsed. Ning Caichen stood in a white suit and looked like a statue of the Emperor of Heaven. His momentum, the earth and the mountains and rivers would collapse
"It’s him. It’s him. He’s coming again!" Some people in the ruins stumbled up and looked at Ning Caichen in the void, but his face was desperate
"Coson Ning Ning came in. Are we finished?"
The whole city people are desperate. They look at the empty space like the Emperor of Heaven. Ning Caichen looks at the surrounding area. It has turned into most ruins. The heart of the city has sunk. The enemy is too strong. The roots are insurmountable. The mountains are like resisting some people’s despair. Some people sit and cuddle with each other and cry together …
It’s a fact that Ning Caichen doesn’t look like that kind of murderer. On the contrary, it’s more like a statue of a fallen fairy. White clothes are better than snow, and the messy black hair in the elegant wind adds a bit of ethereal temperament
Coson Ning!’
Jin Chengfu figure foaming at the mouth and looking at Coson Ning’s eyes are crimson. At this moment, all hatred comes to mind. Two years ago, his father Jin Muyun died, and his favorite love gold exhibition was beheaded face to face. Today, the other party even made him close to national subjugation, hatred and pushing together. Jin Chengfu’s face became ferocious.
Jin Wu and Jinyang people stood up from the sky at night behind Jin Chengfu.
"After two years, you still haven’t made any progress."
Ning Caichen white fluttering eyes calmly looked at Jincheng Fu as a statue of a high god overlooking mortals.
God is love, and so is Ning Caichen at this moment.
Chapter 511 The demise
This is an ancient city in the capital of Korea for nearly 10,000 years, but at this moment, most of it turned into ruins. The buildings collapsed and the walls collapsed. In the ruins, some people whined, some people hugged each other and cried. In a pool of blood, some people frantically searched for the buried people in the ruins, and there were their relatives …
This scene is caused by Ning Caichen alone. He looks at this scene with indifference. Gu Jingbo looks like a cold-blooded executioner. He is not a lover, but sometimes he chooses love because he doesn’t want to be a crying person in this group of ruins.
If you fall behind, you will be beaten. If you stand on the top of the mountain, you can overlook the world. If you can’t make it to the top of the mountain, that person can struggle in misery. That person struggled in his previous life. This life is even more so. China’s 5,000-year-old earth is extremely bright, and the Han and Tang dynasties are magnificent. Ten thousand countries have come to the DPRK. You are welcome to say that China is definitely the oldest and brilliant nation on the earth. It is called a ceremonial state, but as another example,
At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the so-called glory and etiquette before the foreign invasion of foreign guns and cannons were nothing but trampled on. It was a period of blood, tears, black history, compatriots struggling and crying in blood and fire, but they had pity for their pain, but it only encouraged the aggressors’ arrogance and joy
Ning Caichen never held any extreme thoughts about the black history after the last years of the Qing Dynasty, nor did he report any extreme democracy. He didn’t hate Japan as much as those patriots. It seems that no one has ever been right or wrong in the war because of your cowardice. You deserve to be beaten because of your cowardice and ability!
The law of the jungle is the eternal truth in the world. If the nation was strong and bullied by foreign enemies, Ning Caichen never complained and didn’t want to complain. Because it was the weak who showed weakness, he would complain and hate others. You can blame yourself for being cold-blooded.
If you want to stop struggling in pain and don’t want to be bullied, let yourself be the top person in the food chain, just like the United States was called the world police for the first time, but if you can be the world police, who wouldn’t want to be the world police for the first time? Ning Caichen has fantasized about the rise of China more than once, being a little tougher on the outside, and how dare the Philippines slap in the face and shoot to death …
The world is two extreme strong people overlooking the pain and whining of the weak; The weak can cry in pain and struggle!
Ning Caichen chose to be the former of these two people.