Thank you for your company over the past two years.

Today, after telling the truth, it seems that I have lost something, and the whole person is in a low mood.
Hey … I don’t know what to say. It’s all tears. I’ll keep writing one by one.
From the original 10,000 collection to the present 500,000 collection, from the original tens of thousands of words to the present 3.5 million words.
It’s really my proudest thing in the past two years.
Without your support, there is no birth, and there is no code word for me day and night.
Think about it all the way.
Maybe there will be pain, joy, torture, fear and all kinds of unhappiness.
However, every friendly comment and recommendation will refresh me.
To put it mildly, all friends are spiritual pillars of friends.
I cried, I laughed, I was annoyed, I scolded, I was happy, I put away all my feelings, and everyone held their heads high and moved forward.
I am the same.
In technical terms, the end of a "Gao Chao" means a "Gao Chao"
Chief! Thank you in a thousand words.
The most important thing is don’t forget to support me. Second, "Tian Dao Da Lecturer! ""Tiandao University Lecturer! ""Tiandao University Lecturer! 》
Say the important things three times
Seeing that I am so handsome, everyone will definitely support me, right? Zhe Xiang Qin song
Death message
King’s guide
Su Wei, the first editor-in-chief of Black Rock Criminal Investigation in mystery novel, strongly recommends it!
There is a door in our hearts, which is full of sin. Once it is stimulated, life will be Yongning.
Do you want to know the scene?
I joined a special department to catch criminals and punish evil, and solved many subversive and bizarre incidents. Now I will show you a different world with my pen!
The first chapter onion kill
Crime is sown by law, but you can’t deny that it is spread all over the world because it comes from people’s hearts.
I’ve been through all the criminal cases. Some criminals only challenge to the limit, some regard it as an art, some people are forced to defend themselves, and no one likes idle eggs to push themselves into the abyss. I sympathize with some people and I can’t wait to push some people into the abyss by hand. Even for thousands of reasons, they commit unforgivable crimes and finally can’t escape legal punishment.
All emotions are the root of sin, fear, shame and guilt …
I meditated at my desk for a long time to write these cases, and I didn’t want them to be dusty in history and displayed to everyone to alert the world.
May the living discipline themselves and the dead rest in peace.
Sometimes, maybe if you click on a post and don’t like it, you will get killed if you spray it casually.
In the institute, I told the story that the first murder case was named "Post Bar Vegetable Crazy Case". We should start with the year when I left the police academy. On the eve of graduation, it happened to be when my father fell off the horse. When I didn’t know the world, I chased my back. At that time, I often wondered when I could wear the police myself.
A few years ago, my father was already a senior police inspector, but he insisted on his own opinion and refused to be promoted to a higher position. He still fought in the front line.
Finally, I got my wish and went to the police academy to work hard for four years. Can you imagine the feeling that the example collapsed and became a shadow when I was only one step away from my dream?
I don’t know what crime he committed, but I firmly believe that he was unjustly imprisoned. His father was sentenced to term imprisonment and deprived of political interests for life. At that time, the city was very noisy. I could go to the major crimes unit of the Criminal Investigation Brigade with a paper commission, but it was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.
As the old saying goes, the first day I went to the police station, a large number of citizens recognized that I had criminal genes and surrounded the police station under the banner that I was not qualified to be a good policeman. The deputy patted me on the shoulder. "Work hard and you will have a chance to come back."
I was not assigned to the criminal investigation brigade, but was exiled as a criminal. The traffic police brigade was optimistic and wanted to be a policeman.
On May 3rd, 2009, on the first day of my police career, I was arranged to catch illegal vehicles and squads on Route 4. As soon as a group of veteran traffic policemen set out on motorcycles, a group of good people who had already ambushed appeared in the flash, and the flashing lights kept flashing, asking me what I thought of my father or questioning my motivation to be a traffic policeman was really more crooked than mung bean flies.
I’m a little panicked and trying to stay calm.
"That’s enough!" Veteran traffic policeman Wu Liwei angrily drank a motorcycle and dumped it on the side of the road to protect me. After that, he pointed out to this group of reporters one by one and said strongly, "Keep pestering. Be careful, I will tell you to hinder the public from waiting for the court ticket!" Well, I’m small enough to handle these things inexperience.
The crown kings were particularly quiet and backed out. One of them scolded my father, but his voice was very low, but it still clearly fell into my ear.
My anger is soaring, even if my defense is pale in front of indisputable facts, then solve it by violence. Squeeze half a sentence of nonsense from behind Wu Li and punch him in the face without saying that you are swinging your arm!
My police academy won the runner-up in fighting, and the man was a fighter. His front teeth were broken and his nose was bleeding.
This runner-up in fighting has no water at all. The top ten police schools in China jointly hold a fighting competition every year. In the first two years, the school competition of our police school was directly entered into the semi-finals by pass in the third year, and in the final in the fourth year, when competing for the championship, it was finally defeated by the opponent because of physical exhaustion.
There was a commotion among the reporters.
I smiled, "I am proud to have such a father!" "
Everyone, including Wu Li, was dumbfounded and soon dispersed. Only when I knocked people down with one punch, I didn’t care to raise my legs directly and kick them and say, "If you don’t roll, you’ll be careful. Can’t you really get up?"
He glanced at me with a look of resentment, got up and ran away.
"Xiaoyu, you are really a heifer sitting in a nun!"
Wu Li lit a cigarette on a motorcycle and said, "Oh, it’s good to be young. There is a lot of competition among newspapers and magazines. Many journalists have attracted attention or made a special effort to take things out of context. In a short time, you will have to report it or add red and bold. That kind of estimated punishment can’t escape. Besides the influence of your father’s incident, I’m afraid a generation of police officers will wander if you take office in Tiannan City."
I have nothing to regret when I listen to the teachings silently. Wu Li asked, "Do you want to entrust another city?"
"If I don’t change my ability, my father will reverse his conviction and take him out of prison." I clenched my fist and confirmed my father’s connections. He has been a policeman for many years, and many former colleagues have been promoted. The major ministries and agencies and city bureaus want to go to other places to be police officers, but I don’t want to.
On the first day, the work was boring and posted a note to two illegal parking dealers.
The next morning, when I went to the traffic police brigade to report, I was called to the office by sir Jiang, the boss. His face was like I owed him money, so he threw over some newspapers and magazines and picked them up to have a look at our boy! Actually, I told Wu Li that the headline was obscene, saying that it was thick and big. "The father’s business seriously injured the reporter because of a disagreement in the street" and "Is the recidivist proud of this father?" I also attached a picture of my fist and the reporter falling to the ground and moaning.
Sir Jiang said with a black face, "See?"
I nodded.
Sir Jiang didn’t intend to explain the opportunity to me. He was so angry that he grabbed the newspaper and shredded it into a ball and then put it in the trash can. "Is it okay if the social influence is too great and you decide to suspend your job for one month?"
"Then hand over your police card."
I walked out of the office, looked up and looked around. Many people came to comfort me. I hummed Xu Wei’s "Travel" and walked out of the traffic police brigade. Suddenly, it rang. It was Feng Shu.
Feng Shuhe Bashan prison warden’s father was sentenced by Feng Shuhan, and I said I wanted to visit him. He said it was best not to hang up when I was lost. Feng Shu said that his father had something for him to bring me, and that sentence was not long before seven words, "Mountain Ling Mountain is another mountain."
I racked my brains and didn’t figure out what it meant, so I asked about my father’s recent situation. Feng Shu said that he would let Lao Ling have a good life. Hang up and walk down the street. My thoughts are flying. I think of shopping when I was a child, riding my father’s neck and holding little wood blade …
I don’t know how far I left. Someone pushed my thigh. I was shocked. I stabilized my mind to see clearly. What a fresh and lovely little loli!
Her mouth was slightly angry with grandma Zhang, and she said, "Tell me, is sunny painting beautiful?" She held a corner of the paper in her little hand and raised it at me. The little girl’s teeth haven’t been lined up or developed, and her "brother" is called ""
I crouched down and took over her painting. I looked at this crayon drawing. The picture was very rough. There was a sleeping man in the painting. In the dream, the black turtle had ten green strip objects in his hand. The man had a calendar before his bed. A red circle was made that day.
Little Lori has a rich imagination. I touched her little head and said, "What’s your name?"
"clear heart"
I have repeated this name several times.
The little girl seems to be afraid that I don’t understand. She touched her chest and pouted and said, "Well, I said it would be sunny even in a storm. Wan Li" It turned out to be sunny. I smiled and asked, "Sunny, then why are you talking to your big brother?"
"I don’t look at my heart because I’m big." My heart is clear and my arms are open. "
In an instant, I was killed by seconds. Men refused a girl’s request for coquetry and said, "You haven’t told me that the painting is beautiful."
"Great painting." I praised it. Although it was rough, it was very vivid because of a little girl’s hand.
There are a lot of abducted children these days. I’m worried that my little girl will get lost after saying goodbye, so I ask her where she lives.
Xin Qing pointed to a hotel not far away and said that was her home. I said I wanted to send her back.
"Well … well," Qing Qing was disappointed and wrinkled Joan’s nose a little reluctant. "Playing Qing Qing when you are not in your heart will coax your heart."
I didn’t realize that my heart was previously occupied by haze. With this episode, the whole person was much lighter. I took a taxi and explained my home address. I leaned back in my seat and fell asleep unconsciously.
Suddenly the taxi braked suddenly!