Yu du asked

"Just tonight" Zhang Bao’s eyes flashed a tree and then said, "Wait for you to prepare for tonight. This is the burial place of Yan Yan and Liang Jun. After tonight, Liang Guo is my yellow turban insurrectionary army day …"
Fang Yangfeng’s six people also raised a blazing flame in their eyes.
"The general found out that the Yellow Scarf Army stationed in the tiger prison was about more than 200,000."
On the other side of Tiger Prison, five miles away, Chen Yan, Ning Caichen, Chen Yi, Xue Gui, Wang Ze, Pan Yang, Li Yuan and many other military commanders gathered in the camp, and Chen Yan sat in the position of the Lord. An agent came in and reported that this was responsible for spying on the Yellow Scarf Army in Tiger Prison.
"More than 200,000"
Ulrich’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and felt a little abnormal, because during this period, they came all the way except Li Yuan and Ning Caichen, and then Ning Caichen attacked Binyang County and never met the resistance of the Yellow Scarf Army again. It seems that there is no point in fighting with them. Every time they get to the Yellow Scarf Army, they have already retreated early, and even the county town originally occupied by the Yellow Scarf Army has been abandoned. It seems that they are fighting, but now the tiger prison has more than 200,000 troops.
"Can you find out who the leader is?" Chen Yan asked
"I don’t know this genus"
The agent reported that Ulrich was no longer wordy and waved that agent away from this. He expected that now the Tiger Prison Department was occupied by the Yellow Scarf Army. If the leader of the Yellow Scarf Army did not show up, it would be really difficult to find out.
"the general looks like the yellow turban insurrectionary army wants to fight to the death with us." a military commander said.
"This is not just to solve these inverse thieves at one stroke." Wang Ze’s eyes flashed with sharp murder. He and Li Yuan were ambushed by Liu Shi and almost died. Finally, more than 100 people broke out. He had a great hatred and humiliation for the Yellow Scarf Army and wanted blood to wash it.
"Some things are wrong. Some time ago, the Yellow Scarf Army has been fleeing, but now it is suddenly posing as a decisive battle with us. What should be the reason?"
Chen Yi’s knife-shaped eyebrows are setting. During this period, the Yellow Scarf Army has been fleeing and they have not met, but now suddenly the station troops and tiger prisons have made him keenly feel that things may have any changes.
"Whatever his reason, the conspiracy will be shattered before the absolute strength. Can these yellow turban insurrectionary armies resist our soldiers?"
Li Yuan’s eyes are sharp when he comes out.
"I also agree with captain Li that there is a general’s intrigue with the Yellow Scarf Army, but it’s just a gladiator."
Many military commanders nodded in agreement with Li Yuan’s words, and they were confident in the strength of Chen Yan. They firmly believed that Chen Yan, a martial art avatar, could suppress everything.
"Even so, be careful."
Xue Gui is wrinkly to knit the brows wrinkle mouth way, although he also believes in the strength of the lyricist, but he thinks that the Yellow Scarf Army suddenly poses to fight with them, which may have a big problem.
Ulrich face thoughtfully don’t talk frown.
"Xue Gui when did you become timid?" Wang Ze looked at Xue Gui sarcastically and glanced at Ning Caichen’s narration. Ning Caichen’s eyes flashed a cold meaning.
"The battlefield is changing rapidly. Never underestimate an opponent. No wonder you almost lost your army. Haven’t you learned your lesson?"
Xue Gui is not a submissive person. Wang Ze mocked his skills, and he directly retorted.
"You …" Wang Ze was so angry that he pointed his finger at Xue Gui, but he couldn’t tell the narrator. Li Yuan also looked at Xue Gui and Ning Caichen next to him with cold eyes. Although they were ambushed for several times, they broke out, but these days they have been reared their heads in the army. Everything is afraid of a comparison. They almost suffered an ambush, but Ning Caichen made a great victory. Compared with each other, they were directly pushed down for several heads and felt a little reared their heads. Everyone looked at Calais and Ning Caichen Xue Gui didn’t deal with this more.
Xue Gui cold hum directly looked at Wang Ze like a murderer.
Ning Caichen next to don’t talk or do quietly Chen Yi eyes looked at him. Ning Caichen felt eyes and smiled at each other.
"What’s your opinion?"
Suddenly Elwyn looked up and asked Ning Caichen.
"The yellow turban insurrectionary army suddenly stationed troops here and knew that the general was still doing this. There must be some changes in the process, but it is hard to say what the specific changes are, but we have to guard against it. It is always good to be careful."
Ning Caichen thought for a moment and gave a well-behaved answer, because he could not tell what medicine was sold in the gourd of the Yellow Scarf Army, but there was a faint guess in his heart, but it was a bit surprising that he did not say it.
"General, in that case, I don’t think it’s as good as early in the morning. I’ll try to attack the city and have a look."
Huang Zheng next to discuss a way
Ulrich hesitated to make a way-
"The army will rest in the same place tonight and pay close attention to the situation of the tiger prison and attack the city early in the morning!"
Chapter 12 Opening Angle