That vein should be enough …

Wang Xuan pondered, "I wonder if Xianjun has a way to let this world re-record fairy records?"
"Are you a soldier in this field?"
Taoist Bao Guang smiled meaningfully and said, "Everything is possible to resist this causal heaven, but a five-obsidian star stone can please the immortal."
Wang Xuan-as one pleases frowned and continued to ask, "If you want to arrange someone to host the Cave Fairy Hall, I don’t know how much it costs?"
That’s how he deal with it.
If he wants to be just a birthright and a back road, don’t worry about who is exiled by the bucket department. He didn’t say that a cave can’t have two fairy halls.
Road flyover Baoguang’s eyes came with a trace of interest and stared at Wang Xuan’s way: "It’s audacious for you to make such a minor repair, but it’s interesting to think that mortals should interfere in the affairs of heaven. However, it’s impossible for mortals to preside over the Immortal Temple in heaven."
"Not just a kung fu"
Wang Xuan hurriedly told the story of Liu Gong Cao.
"Offend beadle …"
Taoist Bao Guang laughed. "I already know that this is the robbery method that Lao Long helped you to think about. It’s not difficult to do this."
Wang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly handed over, "The Dragon King’s predecessors said that Xianjun is miraculous, but there is one more thing to ask for."
Road flyover Baoguang smiled. "You have a lot of courage in this minor repair. Tell me about it."
Wang Xuan slightly hand way "I wonder if you can credit first …"
The small garden building in the central garden of Marshal’s Mansion crashed and burst.
Wang Xuan’s body shook his head with a wry smile when it flashed into the debris of wood and stone.
He wants to promote the fairy temple first. After all, those exiled heavenly soldiers are expected to arrive soon, but just saying that they are on credit has annoyed the Taoist Bao Guang.
I don’t know what means led him to quit the dreamland.
And the mind is still echoing with the words of Taoist Baoguang. Those who have the opportunity to live in heaven and earth will not be credited if they don’t grab or seize Huitong Sanjie Avenue!
Chapter five hundred and fifty-two Ask meter broken fairy array old dragon with ancient treasures.
Quite a temper …
Wang Xuan corners of the mouth smile.
Although he suffered a dark loss, he was more at ease.
If the Taoist Bao Guang promises him, he will be wary and may be sold by the other party at once.
In this way, it’s better to mark the price. Anyway, he can’t hold those Xingshiling mines, so he might as well find a way out.
Thought of here, Wang Xuan looked in the direction of Kanyuan Mountain …
Liangzhou Wanlongku
"a thousand miles?"
When the old dragon king Carmelo heard this, he immediately snorted, "This fellow who hasn’t seen Bao Guang for thousands of years is still so greedy."
It’s hard to hide the joy in the sound. "But this person has always said that he is most worried about the old loach road in Qingwei Haihe River. Now he can be safely ill with Xiaguang’s escort."
"Don’t be too happy for your predecessors."
Wang Xuan interrupted the old dragon saying, "It’s another matter whether the large array of stars and chessboards in the Kanyuan Mountains is extremely mysterious and it still suppresses a statue of monty."
Say look calm and look at the old dragon king.
He never worried about mining.
Taoist Bao Guang’s transaction is a ghost, and it is an old dragon’s business for the holy Buddha to figure out how to get the spiritual mine for a long time.
One of the advantages of his running errands is that he won’t foolishly take this matter and cause heavy casualties.
The old dragon seems to be in a good mood and doesn’t care if he listens. "Ha ha ha … Don’t worry, it’s just a small array that won’t beat the king."
"The falling star chessboard array is the magic fairy array in the top ten towns of Xuantianting. At first glance, it seems mysterious, but it’s just borrowed the celestial array diagram. Those picket star officials don’t have the ability to follow me into the hole."
Say dragon soul Lei Guang hovering towards the depths of the cave, and all the thunder scattered along the way was gathered.
Wang Xuan looked at the deep cave, his eyes narrowed slightly and his toes broke.
He knew that the old dragon was afraid to show his true identity.
With the rapid fall of Lei Guang Wang Xuan,
Along the way, there are more and more dragon crystal skeletons of various geomagnetism, including the ancestors of the Zhou Dynasty and the remnants of the nine ghost countries, and the monster crystal skeletons of all sizes are not counted.
Wang Xuan now knows many ancient secrets.
For example, this Wanlong Cave was named Luofeng City when it was a big week, but Huangquanling outside Wan Li was once called Taiyuan City.
At the beginning of the great war, there were countless cities like this that were suddenly devastated in the Zhou Dynasty. Some of them were completely fly ash, while others became ancient forbidden areas.
Such as Wanlong Cave, Bones City, Immortal Hall and Tianxu …
Seeing Wang Xuan’s silent dragon king Gamorro sighed, "At that time, when I saw the disciples dying and angry, I made a move to kill the fairy treasure, the thunder and fire beads, and even cut several ancient immortals in the ghost country."
"Unexpectedly, the soldiers of the Thunder Department who picketed the south courtyard of the Star Officer suddenly came to Wang unprepared, and the broken fairy treasure was knocked down here, which brought trouble to this mortal city."
It’s a fairy treasure. No wonder it can form a geomagnetic dragon crystal …
Wang Xuan didn’t say anything comforting, but followed the dragon soul carefully to avoid the crystal skeleton and half a column of incense and finally landed.
"This place is deep enough …"
Wang Xuan said with some surprise