Wang Xuan saw in the cave that the wild gods manipulated the stolen Liujia gods to control the army, but the ghosts were able to walk on clouds, which was the method.

Now, the collapse of tight encirclement’s large array and the riots triggered a storm, and the Wanshan army in Lei Yun suddenly suffered.
Small monsters who have the ability to control flying insects and monsters scream and fall like dense raindrops in the gale.
Seeing that the war situation was reversed in an instant, Youjia’s second child was angry and spilled Huiyuan’s two lieutenants.
Air billow swelled up his black robe and showed his true identity with the explosion.
The second child of this family is also eccentric. Although he is dressed in a majestic black dragon armor, he is tall and thin with long hair and blue face like a demon.
His right and left hands each hold a ghost axe, and the green light surges, which makes people dizzy. Facing the two lieutenants, it is like a storm.
Two lieutenant dare not melee hurriedly royal sword to resist.
I heard it tinkling and roaring, and two extraordinary flying swords were split in a blink of an eye, and the stars were dim.
At that time, the two lieutenants were in danger.
Although the two ghost immortals in Jubaoge are willing to help, they have limited means, but they have to constantly cope with the harassment of Wanshan masters.
They wondered where Wang Xuan, who had just shown great power, had gone.
"Little thief wants to die!"
At this moment is dealing with two lieutenant especially home second suddenly a roar.
See the colorful light shining in the valley.
Wang Xuan is suspended in the cold hands of the middle face, dragging a golden seal, which is the magic weapon of the second child of Youjia, Pojun Seal.
This magic weapon is also extraordinary. It is shrouded in five-color robbery light, but the light is scratching, but it wants to take out Wang Xuan’s palm
However, at this time, Wang Xuan was caught by a Machamp, and the power to break free was getting smaller and smaller
"Give me my magic weapon!"
Especially home second nasty also ignore two lieutenant toward Wang Xuan straight away.
Just then, a figure fell from the sky wrapped in a strong wind.
The newcomer is Lian Fei, commander of Guihai Camp.
He’s covered in blood at the moment, and his arm, Qing Wu, is black and has purulent blood, which obviously hurts a lot.
And behind the day, especially the boss of the family is also chasing after the clothes are broken and the face is livid.
One of the two cave owners was injured and lost half his arm, while the other showed a huge worm shape and fell from it without a breath.
Cheap flying speed cuts through the sky at the same time, the sword condenses and kills people.
Especially home second heart in a surprised without baby hurriedly raised ghost head axe to resist.