Since the quarter-final of the Champions League in 2223, AC Milan and Changsheng have been fighting each other endlessly. Four seasons ago, they played two games in the Champions League each season, and later they developed into Changsheng playing in Italy.

Although Changsheng experienced a class storm in Rome, he didn’t have it with AC Milan.
Up to now, in the history of confrontation between Changsheng and AC Milan, Changsheng has an absolute advantage.
This makes AC Milan fans particularly unhappy every time they see Chang Sheng’s smile.
But winning always ignores the thoughts of those hostile fans.
He goes his own way. What does he want to do if the other person doesn’t like it?
In the twentieth minute, the home team AC Milan took the lead in scoring.
The goal was inzaghi.
The fox in the restricted area made a clever steal in front of the door and broke the goal of Handanovic.
At the San Siro Stadium, there was a loud shout and a deafening cheer, which made the lover return that AC Milan had won the game.
But in fact, the game lasted only two minutes …
The video broadcast gave Changsheng a close-up
In front of the camera, AC Milan fans shouted at his face, "Go back to Rome, damn China! Milan is not that place for you! "
"Now you have seen us badly? Milan will definitely kick your team! "
"You don’t want to take advantage of the San Siro again! Don’t try to steal victory from here! "
AC Milan fans are in a good mood when they look at the score and scold these words again.
But the joy of these AC Milan fans did not last long.
Seven minutes later, in the 27th minute, modric suddenly started shooting in the penalty area, and the football drew a wonderful arc, bypassing the goalkeeper Dida’s fingers and flying into the goal.
"luka modric! ! !” The commentator shouted "Lazio young midfielder core! He has an excellent long-range shot, and now this long-range shot has penetrated the AC Milan defense! AC Milan is seven minutes ahead … Look at his performance in Lazio. I don’t think any Lazio fans will miss leaving vilani any more … Now it seems that the winner will resolutely give up vilani? Because he has luka modric! This makes him afraid! "
After the goal, modric turned and ran to the sidelines, and then directly dived and slid on the turf.
Other teammates rushed to hold him down.
Lazio players are celebrating at the San Siro Stadium.
BGM is AC for this scene. Milan fans are a little furious. Shh.
At halftime, the two sides finally tied at 11.
After modric scored, the rhythm slowed down again.
Because Ancelotti felt that the game could not be played like this, it was AC Milan who was unlucky in the end.
Fast-paced is just what the winners want.
Win because of chaos.
Actually, we should slow down the pace after AC Milan leads with the advanced goal.
However, Carlo Ancelotti didn’t do this at that time, which led Lazio to take the opportunity to equalize the score.
After the rhythm is full, the effect is obvious. AC Milan’s defense is more stable, and Lazio’s quick attack is not so easy to be penetrated.
Lazio didn’t score until the half-time
Ancelotti is satisfied.
He was satisfied that he didn’t make any adjustments at halftime and continued to play lazio at half-time.
However, Lazio suddenly changed from a docile Mianyang to a fierce tiger at half-time.
At half-time, they didn’t do much about the slow pace of AC Milan.
But at half-time, AC Milan was still the same, but Lazio suddenly became active.
They take the initiative to control the ball, attack and seek opportunities.
When they took the initiative, the rhythm of the game fell to them, and AC Milan could no longer keep calm and obedient in this stormy offensive …
They had to dance with Lazio rhythm. Lazio kept accelerating, accelerating and accelerating, and they couldn’t stop.