A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise!

How many people envy Lin Feng’s lucky nemesis Long Yi is definitely a man who thinks he is better than Lin Feng. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of brothers and women around Lin Feng who are willing to work hard. A woman is even more beautiful than a beautiful spoony who died at Lin Feng with bitterness and left the ice phoenix. At this time, the cave is full of fish and water, and the Wulin ice beauty Liu Ernian.
Lin Feng got up and the ship exploded. At that moment, those memories that have been bothering Lin Feng were connected in an incredible way.
Knowing the news, all the people in the prefecture sighed repeatedly, not only because Lin Feng felt sorry for his death, but also because there was no step for Lin Feng to take, such as doing the Taiping House case, such as continuing? No one knows
"Qi Daren?"
"Lin daren’s country is precious, but he is worthy of being distinguished. According to Qi Tai, he will immediately return to the capital to report to Shengbao and then send a capable person to investigate the case."
Jitai has long been discouraged, and with the deepening of the Taiping House case, the crisis around him has also multiplied, especially when it comes to the power of the capital. The complexity in officialdom is the most clear. Many times, the truth is often cruel, enough is enough, and it is also the official life.
"No, brother Lin can’t just die in vain." Tang Niu was the first to disagree with the little people. Although he didn’t say anything, it can be seen from his expression that he didn’t want to leave the investigation for so long. Going back now is tantamount to giving up everything.
"Be sure to find out the adult revenge for those people, even if it is to rush to Taiping House again." Windson’s contradiction between the two camps instantly highlights that one side is a good brother who follows Windson’s experience of life and death, and the other side is a dangerous one who follows Zhu Yunwen to investigate the capital city. At this time, it is natural to be together.
In front of the cave, there was a baked fish in the fire, and there was a burst of fragrance in the mouth. Liu Ernian snuggled up to Lin Feng’s arms and enjoyed the sweet love at this time. Lin Feng’s injury was better. Most of them stayed here for more than a day. Is it because they were too busy enjoying men and women and forgot to get down to business?
"I wish I could be still at this moment, so I can never leave." Liu Ernian became a complete little woman at this time
"The furthest distance in the world is not separation, but that person is so strange by your side."
Lin Feng said that he picked a fire and Liu Ernian sat up with big eyes and looked at Lin Feng. "If you can say that Er Nian is willing to put everything and stay here with Er Nian?"
"Maybe! Windson still has a few major events unfinished. It is the same everywhere if you want to control your own destiny. "
"ErNian is white"
"Can you guess what I want now?" Windson’s eyes fell on Liu Ernian’s plump breasts. There seems to be something to do in this wilderness.
"Ernian can’t guess"
Liu Ernian bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at Lin Feng’s eyes. As the whole body became hotter, she couldn’t help but sit directly with her legs apart.
The two bodies in the cave have been entangled for a long time and refused to part. "When will Brother Lin go back?"
"Ernian doesn’t want to stay here all the time?"
"Of course, I don’t want to be influenced by such selfishness. Those brothers must also wait for us to go back."
Lin Feng nodded. "What will happen to others if Lin Feng really dies?"
"Don’t talk nonsense." The slender fingers blocked Lin Feng’s mouth, and the eyes showed all tenderness. I watched my men’s bodies overlap with each other and forgot the cold, darkness and fear at this moment.
"It’s just a hypothesis!"
"Tang Niu will go crazy and go to the trough to help people get revenge. It should not be too messy to have Li Hu and their children."
Windson nodded "JiTai will say little report from taiping mansion to return to Beijing"
"wouldn’t that be a waste of effort!" Liu Ernian’s brow wrinkled slightly. "Brother Lin is so sure that Lord Qi will leave rather than continue to check?"
"After a night attack on the state capital, Jitai has already moved his mind. If it weren’t for Lin Feng’s insistence on the Taiping House case, it would eventually end in a dead end. It was just a few small flies that hurt. Eventually, the big tiger still hid in the dark. Once we left each other, it would be more fierce, and the suffering would be the people."
"Fly tiger?"
Liu Ernian pouted for a moment to find out what these words mean in Lin Feng’s words. "Dangtu county magistrate and dead state capital are all flies. Once they find the benefits, they immediately rush to push the people to the wall like vampires. The manipulation behind these people is a big tiger. What Lin Feng has to do is to fight tigers."
"It turns out that no matter how fierce the tiger is, it can’t escape the good hunter."
Windson responded, "Not everyone is willing to take this risk and hang it high, especially the suffering of the people in the Taiping Mansion in officialdom is just a pity for the little prince. Once he returns to Beijing, he will soon forget all about it."
"In this case, don’t go back immediately to stop the little prince from returning to Beijing?" Liu Ernian quickly moved her legs from Lin Fengshen.
"Don’t worry, since someone wants windson to die, just die again."
Playing dead, this trick, Lin Fengguo, can really have an unexpected effect. The officials of the Taiping House must be careful of each other everywhere. They want to get rid of Lin Fengguo several times, so it is more certain that there is a big problem here. At this time, Zhu Yunwen and his party choose to return to Beijing, which is also a good choice. Don’t worry about it, but they can make a big splash.
Knowing that the state lights are on and Zhu Yunwen’s frown is completely out of mind at this moment. Lin Feng’s death will disrupt the Taiping government trip after all the plans are finished. The little prince also has a purpose to stabilize the situation in Taifu. When Zhu Biao dies, the whole Taifu mourning a piece of former Taimen staff has been shaken, so going to Zhu Biao to build power all his life will be completely disintegrated.
"What else can you do?"
Zhu Yunwen look around everyone eyes rested on windson belongs to the camp, although the number of people is small, the strength is extremely strong, and the weak soldiers want to have a person to come out to replace windson at the moment.
Tang Niu Yi’s face turned into black and purple Li Hu, and Lu Jun was located on both sides of Tang Niu, worried that the impulse would cause great disaster
"Although Lord Lin fell into the water and disappeared, he didn’t find the adult’s body along the way, so it’s not too impatient to give up from Taiping House!" Small before upon said
"Having said that, there is a time limit for everything. The situation in Taiping House is unstable for many days. Qi Tai’s move is also considered by the little prince and his heart."
At this time, no one can tell who will be implicated in the Taiping House case. Since there are six people in Beijing, it is unknown whether Qitai, the Ministry of Military Affairs, is also involved. If it is in such a hurry, it is reasonable.
Jitai Cong got up and replied, Zhu Yunwen motioning with his hand, "It’s no longer necessary to fight for Qi’s adult to return to Beijing with the king. If Lin’s adult stays here safely, the case of Taiping House will be entrusted to Lin Feng for investigation. If the king is unfortunately killed, he should play the emperor."
"It’s not a fart to raise a reward when people are dead."
"Tang Niu!"
Li Hu grabbed Tang Niu’s arm and Zhu Yunwen glanced at his face slightly ugly. After all, when he was a royal family, he had to maintain the dignity and status of the royal family. This Tang Niu was too rough and was upset because of Lin Feng’s accident at this time
"Tang guard mood Wang Ke understands that Guo Jiangjun went to Lin’s residence to find out the case with books and letters, and gave it to the king to bring it back to Beijing as a token of his appreciation."
"Master Xie Xiaowang"
Guo knew that it was not long before he took people to rush to Lin Feng’s residence, but he didn’t see Lin Feng find those letters from Zhizhou.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Dark aqueduct help
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Zhu Yunwen took over some impressions that he had seen that day, and indeed Guo Xiao found letters from Lin Fengfang, as Jitai said, all of which were written by dangtu county and the dead Zhizhou government, and recorded in detail every account of grain transferred from Kufu.
"Can Guo Jiangjun find out?"
"At the end of the month, I have ordered people to find these three times!"
"Don’t you think Lord Lin brought him!"
Zhu Yunwen finished handing over the evidence to Jitai. Someone took the baggage and carefully packed it this time. That’s what the Taiping government finally got. If all these are lost, it’s really hard to get back to Beijing. How many courtiers are waiting to see Taifu jokes?
"dangtu county order such as resettlement?"